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Palma de Mallorca

Palma de Mallorca

Palma de Mallorca

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From city breaks in historic Palma, to lazy beach days, party holidays and culinary getaways; whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find it in Mallorca. It’s the biggest of the Mediterranean’s picture-perfect Balearic Islands and it has a lot to offer.

The island of Mallorca is more than somewhere to spend your days by the beach or pool. Mallorca’s calm and clear waters have long been attracting budding sailors and experienced seafarers. Looking to stay on dry land? Each year, thousands of cyclists take to the island’s spectacular mountain routes. Road cyclists have been flocking in record numbers, making the most of the pleasant climate for endurance training in breathtaking scenery and to take part in organised events that scale the rugged shorelines.

Plenty of vibrant festivals take place too, including the spectacular Nit del Foc. It happens yearly on 23rd June, with huge firework displays lighting the skies on the eve of the Feast Day of Saint John the Baptist. Most small towns and villages host their own regular fairs or festivals, so it’s worth heading off the beaten track. Whatever the season, you’ll likely stumble on celebrations of delicious food, upbeat music and friendly faces.

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Historic City Breaks

Palma, the island’s capital, is 25-minutes from Palma de Mallorca Airport. Visitors looking to spend their holiday taking in stunning cathedrals, historic churches, basilicas and castles, rather than spending time on the beach, should make the city their base. If you’re on a beach break and are looking to mix up your holiday, a day trip to the city will be a welcome change. The city’s bustling harbour and mix of gothic and contemporary architecture will give you a real taster of this important Mediterranean port city founded in 124 BC.

Palma’s main sights include the beautiful Plaça d'Espanya and the gothic La Seu cathedral. The Old City, with its narrow streets, museums and galleries. Banys Àrabs with its Ca'n Fontirroig garden full of swaying palms, prickly cacti and 11th century buildings, are also well worth an afternoon of your time.

Those who don’t mind a little exertion whilst on holiday should head up to the 14th century Castell de Bellver. It’s a 3 km walk to the fortress on the hilltop, but it’s worth the effort for a stunning view of the city and shimmering bay below.

Relaxing Beach Getaways

With plenty of sheltered coves and lengthy stretches of sand, you’ll quickly find the perfect beach(es) for you. The months between March and May are ideal for chilled-out holidays, when the warm temperatures and refreshing sea breeze mean a day on a sun lounger will be the only thing you’ll want to do. If the kids are in tow, you’ll be able to arrange activities to keep them occupied, whilst most of the main beach resorts are perfect for evenings spent with friends and family.

There are 262 beaches on the island, ranging from secluded rocky coves to stretches lined with hotels, shops, bars, and restaurants. Popular sandy spots include Cala Formentor to the north-west, Illetas 20-minutes west of Palma, and Port de Pollença at the island’s northern tip. If you’re staying in a resort with a beautiful beach you might choose to stay there, whilst hiring a car and exploring secluded beaches a little further afield is a great way to spend a whole day.

Party All The Time

If you want to party with friends, Magaluf is calling. Just 30-minutes away from the airport, you’ll be sipping cocktails or drinking cool beers by the seafront before you know it. The lively resort is full of energy, and with its English bars and clubs attracting renowned DJs, you’ll never want to leave.

Take a walk down the main street and you’ll mingle with big groups letting their hair down as they make their way from bar to bar, perhaps ending their night at BCM Dance Planet – the biggest nightclub on the island.

Make sure to look at what’s on before you travel if you want tickets to one of the island’s many summer pool parties. Spending a night in the city? Palma has enough nightlife to keep the keenest of party animals happy, including plenty of cool late-night clubs and bars.

An Active Holiday

The pleasant weather and constant sea breeze mean the island has long been a popular sailing destination. There’s 550 km of hidden bays and coves perfect for beginner or advanced sailors, with Cala Figuera and Cala d‘Or, Portocolom on the east coast, and the Bahia de Palma (Bay of Palma) to the south of the city, offering still seas and plenty of space to moor vessels.

Mallorca is now the go-to European destination for cyclists. At 9.4 km in length with a 7% average gradient over a 668 m elevation gain, Sa Calobra is one of the island’s toughest climbs. That’s why it’s a favourite of Team Sky, who use Mallorca for winter training. Thousands of UK riders have followed suit, making the most of the mountainous terrain by taking part in organised trips, endurance camps, or sportives.

Mallorca’s got it all – 12 months of sunshine, quaint towns, city life, and – of course – beaches galore. Start planning your trip from Glasgow. 

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