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It’s easy to write Ibiza off as a place purely for partygoers but as the unspoilt north and the UNESCO-listed architecture of capital Ibiza Town prove, there’s more to the ‘White Island’ than brilliant bars and white sandy beaches.


From Samantha Cameron to Jade Jagger and Kate Moss, the list of Ibiza’s famous fans is a long and growing one. See and be seen at The Jockey Club on Ses Salinas Beach, a favourite with A-list visitors during the day. Other hotspots include Es Cavallet Beach, where you’ll find El Chiringuito and the upmarket Blue Marlin, and Santa Eularia’s hedonistic Nikki Beach. Elsewhere, Es Vedrà, a rocky outcrop shrouded in myth and legend, has also proved popular with starry visitors, among them, P Diddy.

Historic charms

A world away from the flesh pots of San Antonio, IbizaTown is a quaint little burgh, awash with pretty old churches and upmarket boutiques. Nicest of all, however, is the Dalt Vila or OldTown, which has its roots in the 16th century, winding cobbled streets and a fine set of pirate-repelling medieval walls. The cathedral and castle, both located in the highest part of town, are also well worth a look.

Back to nature in Formentera

Ibiza’s sister island is an altogether wilder affair, in the natural sense of the word. Home to an array of white sandy beaches and sparklingly clean seas, the isle has a pretty harbour town, La Savina, and a set of ancient salt pans that have become a haven for wildlife. Bikes can be hired at the harbour and are perfect exploring Formentera’s rocky hinterland. A word of warning: most of the island’s beaches are nudist-friendly, although you can keep your clothes on should you prefer.

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Activities in Ibiza

Flight Schedule

Flights departing to Ibiza

Dep Arr To Airline No. M T W T F S S Dates
06:00 10:00 IBZ TUI Airways TOM1300 03/05/23-24/01/24
06:15 10:25 IBZ LS119 01/05/23-25/09/23
06:25 10:25 IBZ TUI Airways TOM1608 06/05/23-21/10/23
07:05 11:15 IBZ LS119 07/05/23-22/10/23
07:10 11:20 IBZ LS119 06/05/23-21/10/23
07:40 11:50 IBZ LS119 03/05/23-18/10/23
15:10 19:20 IBZ LS119 03/04/23-24/04/23
16:00 20:10 IBZ LS119 07/04/23-19/05/23
17:10 21:20 IBZ LS119 20/06/23-18/07/23

Flights arriving from Ibiza

Dep Arr From Airline No. M T W T F S S Dates
11:00 13:00 IBZ TUI Airways TOM1301 03/05/23-24/01/24
11:20 13:30 IBZ LS120 01/05/23-25/09/23
11:40 13:40 IBZ TUI Airways TOM1609 06/05/23-21/10/23
12:05 14:15 IBZ LS120 06/05/23-22/10/23
12:10 14:20 IBZ LS120 15/06/23-13/07/23
12:35 14:45 IBZ LS120 26/05/23-22/09/23
12:40 14:50 IBZ LS120 03/05/23-18/10/23
20:10 22:20 IBZ LS120 10/04/23-24/04/23
20:55 23:05 IBZ LS120 07/04/23-19/05/23
22:15 00:25 IBZ LS120 20/06/23-18/07/23

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