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London City

London City

London City

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Travelling in & around London

Located in the heart of London, London City Airport is the perfect destination to fly to if you are looking to reach the hustle and bustle of the City in no more than 30 minutes. There are multiple transport links that connect London City Airport with Greater London, however, if you are planning on travelling a lot around the city centre an Oyster Card may be of great interest. You can simply top up the balance of your Oyster Card for hassle-free travel around the city. Simply tap your card when you enter trains and buses in the London area and tap again as you leave to pay. This makes travelling around the UK’s capital quicker and more convenient than ever before!

Attractions for everyone

London has something to offer everyone whether you are looking to go sightseeing, learn about the history of this fascinating city, entertain the family, explore an array of mouth-watering restaurants or take in a panoramic view as you overlook the city sipping on an assortment of cocktails. There really is something to suit everyone’s requirements!  

Why not visit the Tower of London with the Crown Jewels Exhibition and visit this iconic building that is a distinct part of British history. Built-in 1086 have the chance to explore this fascinating site which used to serve as a palace, fortress and prison. Take in the alluring beauty of the Crown Jewels of the British monarchy, witness the site where multiple executions took place over hundreds of years, as well as being able to roam about the inside of this impressive tower and fundamental part of Britain’s antiquity.

Alternatively, roam about 326 acres in the basking summer sunshine at Kew Gardens which gives access to 3 art galleries, a walkway high up in the treetops where you’ll have the opportunity to experience 10 climate zones and an exotic rainforest as you wander through the Princess of Wales Conservatory and even discover Kew Palace on site that has been home to members of the royal family for centuries.  As London’s Largest World Heritage site and easily accessible within Greater London it’s the perfect day out for all the family.

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Activities in London City

Flight Schedule

Flights departing to London City

Dep Arr To Airline No. M T W T F S S Dates
06:30 08:05 LCY British Airways BA8721 27/03/23-29/03/24
08:40 10:10 LCY British Airways BA8723 30/10/23-28/03/24
08:50 10:20 LCY British Airways BA8723 27/03/23-27/10/23
09:50 11:20 LCY British Airways BA8723 01/05/23-28/08/23
10:45 12:15 LCY British Airways BA8723 12/05/23-22/09/23
11:05 12:35 LCY British Airways BA8721 28/05/23-10/09/23
12:10 13:40 LCY British Airways BA8721 26/12/23-26/12/23
12:30 14:00 LCY British Airways BA8721 29/10/23-29/10/23
13:20 14:50 LCY British Airways BA8729 31/03/23-27/10/23
14:05 15:40 LCY British Airways BA8727 17/12/23-24/03/24
14:10 15:40 LCY British Airways BA8727 02/04/23-22/10/23
14:55 16:25 LCY British Airways BA8725 27/03/23-23/10/23
15:40 17:10 LCY British Airways BA8729 23/04/23-22/10/23
15:40 17:10 LCY British Airways BA8725 12/05/23-22/09/23
16:15 17:45 LCY British Airways BA8725 28/03/23-29/03/24
17:10 18:45 LCY British Airways BA8729 29/10/23-10/12/23
17:20 18:50 LCY British Airways BA8727 30/10/23-29/03/24
17:25 19:00 LCY British Airways BA8727 27/03/23-27/10/23
17:40 19:15 LCY British Airways BA8727 29/03/23-29/03/23
18:55 20:25 LCY British Airways BA8729 27/03/23-29/03/24
20:15 21:35 LCY British Airways BA8739 27/03/23-29/03/24

Flights arriving from London City

Dep Arr From Airline No. M T W T F S S Dates
06:45 08:05 LCY British Airways BA8720 30/10/23-28/03/24
06:55 08:15 LCY British Airways BA8720 27/03/23-27/10/23
08:40 10:00 LCY British Airways BA8720 12/05/23-22/09/23
13:00 14:20 LCY British Airways BA8722 27/03/23-23/10/23
13:45 15:05 LCY British Airways BA8722 12/05/23-22/09/23
14:20 15:40 LCY British Airways BA8722 28/03/23-29/03/24
15:30 16:45 LCY British Airways BA8726 30/10/23-29/03/24
15:30 16:50 LCY British Airways BA8726 27/03/23-27/10/23
15:45 17:05 LCY British Airways BA8726 29/03/23-29/03/23
17:00 18:20 LCY British Airways BA8724 27/03/23-29/03/24
18:20 19:40 LCY British Airways BA8728 27/03/23-29/03/24
19:35 20:55 LCY British Airways BA8730 27/03/23-27/10/23
19:45 21:05 LCY British Airways BA8730 29/03/23-22/10/23
20:00 21:15 LCY British Airways BA8730 29/10/23-24/03/24
20:25 21:45 LCY British Airways BA8740 21/04/23-27/10/23
20:30 21:45 LCY British Airways BA8730 30/10/23-29/03/24

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