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For the latest travel advice surrounding COVID19 please visit our dedicated COVID19 page

COVID19: Travel Advice


Arriving at Glasgow Airport

Welcome to Glasgow, we trust you had a pleasant flight. Remember that we offer several services and facilities at the airport for anything you might need.

For onward travel information please see here.



Please follow the signs and make your way to the baggage reclaim area via passport-border control (UK Border Force). Have your passport and all relevant documents ready – this will help speed up the process and reduce the amount of time you have to queue.

If you have items to declare

  • Please go to the Customs red point.

If you have nothing to declare

  • If your journey started in a European Union country, use the blue exit.
  • If your journey began outside the European Union, use the green exit.


We advise that you check the validity of your passport before travelling. Your passport must not expire during your visit to the United Kingdom. Please do this well in advance of your date of travel so you have time to renew it if the expiry date occurs during your stay in the United Kingdom.


Baggage Reclaim

Please follow the signs and make your way to baggage reclaim areas. This is after border control (UK Border Force) if you are arriving on an international flight. 

Can’t find your baggage?

We sincerely hope that your baggage arrives without any issues but sometimes passengers’ property does go astray.

Thankfully this is rare however if you find that your baggage has not arrived, please speak to a member of staff from the handling agent for your airline, they will be on hand to help you at the service desk in each facility.

Use the table below to select your airline can call the relevant handling agent. 


If you need to temporarily store your luggage, Glasgow Airport offers a storage area for up to 3 months.

Airport services

Connecting Flights

If you are transferring between international flights or from an international to a domestic flight you might be able to have your baggage transported through to your final destination. 

You will need to clear customs and Immigration (UK Border Force) before connecting to your next flight.


Leaving the Airport

It’s time to start the next part of your journey. Why not explore our Visit Glasgow guide to find out more about the city. 

Glasgow Airport enjoys a privileged position on the west coast of Scotland, approximately 8 miles from Glasgow city centre, and prides itself on its fast, efficient, and friendly service.

It is the only airport in Scotland with direct motorway access and is well served by public transport.

For more information about onward travel, use the link below:

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