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Glasgow Airport Consultative Committee

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Glasgow Airport Consultative Committee

Welcome to the webpage of the Glasgow Airport Consultative Committee (GACC).

The following gives more information about the GACC, its history, current leadership, meeting dates and how to make contact with us.



About the GACC

The Glasgow Airport Consultative Committee provides a regular forum for the management of the airport to discuss matters related to its operation and explain future developments.

Every major commercial airport in the UK is required under civil aviation law to have a recognised means of consultation with the communities affected by their operations.

Our membership and interests have changed over the years and our agendas have become more complex and varied to reflect developments in the aviation industry and the continued growth of the airport.

While the consultative committee has no executive powers within the airport management structure, it works with the management of the airport in an advisory and consultative capacity, providing a forum for discussion on a wide range of issues and representation of the views of its stakeholders. This has resulted over the years in improvements being made in proposals from the management to the benefit of all users of the airport.

These range from the impact of noise arising from operations on the airfield to the role of the airport in the economic development of the region. Current issues include the proposed airspace review - on which the GACC has been consulted several times in relation to the process and reasoning - and passenger surface access to and from the airport. The GACC is always keen to hear from interested individuals and organisations in relation to other matters where the consultative committee could play a role.

The GACC meets four times each year usually in January, April, July and October. Membership includes representation from the local authorities that fall under the airport’s flightpath, Scottish travel trade associations, chambers of commerce and passenger interest groups.


A Brief History of the GACC

The Glasgow Airport Consultative Committee has a long and distinguished history. It was formed in 1975 following the sale of the airport by Glasgow City Council to British Airports Authority (BAA).

David Wardley was appointed as the GACC’s first chairman at this time. In 1979 Jack Richmond was named chairman and led the consultative committee until his well-earned retirement in January 2018 when David Flint then took over as Chairman.

The GACC leadership meets annually with the leadership of other consultative committees from airports across the UK to consider and discuss industry-wide issues.


Current GACC Leadership

Each UK consultative committee is led by an independent chair. The GACC’s current chair is Professor David Flint, Commercial Law Consultant at Scottish law firm Inksters, and Visiting Professor of Law at Creighton University, Omaha, Nebraska.

Chartered engineer and Director in Estates at the Houses of Parliament, Donald Grant is the GACC’s deputy chairman. Donald is also a Trustee of the Consumers’ Association Which?


List of Committee Members

David Flint Chairman CC
Donald Grant Vice Chairman CC
Jennifer Stewart Secretary CC
Alan Reid Jet 2 - AOC Chairman
Alex Grant Passenger Representative
Councillor Calum Smith East Dunbarton Council
Councillor Jim Patterson Renfrewshire Council
Councillor David Wilson Inverclyde Council
Councillor Ian Shonny Paterson Argyll & Bute Council
Jim McNally STP
Councillor John Anderson South Lanarkshire Council
Inspector Brian Field Police Scotland
Maurice Corry Passenger Representative
Christopher Myers NATS
Roddie Macphee ABTA
Councillor Stephen Dornan Glasgow City Council
Councillor Daniel Lenny West Dunbarton Council
Councillor William Goldie North Lanarkshire Council
Stephen Cruickshank Renfrewshire Access Panel
Chris Connelly Chaplain - Glasgow Airport
Alan Glen Scottish Passenger Agents Association

Meeting Dates for 2024

Dates of following meetings:

Monday 22 January 2024

Monday 22 April 2024
Meeting Agenda

Monday 22 July 2024

Monday 21 October 2024


Meeting Minutes


Contact the GACC

If you would like to get in touch with the Glasgow Airport Consultative Committee please use the contact form below.

Glasgow Airport