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Cultural beacon, political hotbed, nightlife mecca – the Czech capital is many things to many people. Discover one of the world’s most seductive cities on a short break to Prague from Glasgow Airport. Fly direct year round with Jet2.com and from November 2024 with easyJet.

Cultural icons

Prague’s Old Town is so crowded with architectural masterpieces and iconic sights that it can leave first-time visitors feeling a tad overwhelmed. Be sure to squeeze in a visit to the instantly recognisable Týn Church (Staroměstské náměstí), with its twin Gothic towers. The Astronomical Clock and Jan Hus Statue in the Old Town Square are also must-sees. Just outside the city’s historic core, the heavily graffitied John Lennon wall (Velkopřevorské náměstí) is a more recent addition to Prague’s cultural tapestry.    

Let the music play on

When Mozart feared that the people of Vienna would find his latest opera, Don Giovanni, too challenging, he chose instead to premiere it in Prague. Since then the city has been at the cutting edge of classical music, showcasing talented local composers such as Antonín Dvořák and Bedřich Smetana as well as the international greats. Its world-class venues include the Rudolfinum (Alšovo nábřeží 12), Prague State Opera House (Wilsonova 4), Municipal House (náměstí Republiky 5) and National Theatre (Národní třída 2), but there are dozens of smaller and more eclectic concert halls to discover as well. 

Get quaffing

Gone are the days when Prague’s rock-bottom prices and zingy nightlife scene made it Europe’s number one stag do destination. The city has matured culturally – but while the tackiest bars may have had their day, the quality of the beer and the cutting-edge nature of the clubs remain constant. Start your night at microbrewery U Medvídků (Na Perštýně 7), which produces some of the strongest – and most sippable – lager in the country. Classy cocktail joint Hemingway (Karolíny Světlé 26) is an alternative for non-beer drinks, while the industrial-style Cross Club (Plynární 23, Holešovice) is the place of the moment to party.

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Activities in Prague

Flight Schedule

Flights departing to Prague

Dep Arr To Airline No. M T W T F S S Dates
06:10 09:25 PRG EasyJet EZY3179 30/11/24-07/12/24
07:00 10:15 PRG EasyJet EZY3179 07/11/24-17/07/25
07:40 11:10 PRG Jet2.com LS153 27/10/24-27/10/24
08:00 11:30 PRG Jet2.com LS153 05/12/24-27/02/25
08:15 11:45 PRG Jet2.com LS153 03/10/24-15/05/25
14:40 18:10 PRG Jet2.com LS153 12/01/25-09/02/25
15:05 18:35 PRG Jet2.com LS153 31/10/24-27/03/25
15:30 18:45 PRG EasyJet EZY3179 03/12/24-10/12/24
16:20 19:50 PRG Jet2.com LS153 03/11/24-23/03/25
16:55 20:10 PRG EasyJet EZY3179 10/11/24-13/07/25
17:50 21:20 PRG Jet2.com LS153 27/04/25-18/05/25

Flights arriving from Prague

Dep Arr From Airline No. M T W T F S S Dates
09:55 11:30 PRG EasyJet EZY3180 30/11/24-07/12/24
10:55 12:30 PRG EasyJet EZY3180 07/11/24-17/07/25
12:00 13:40 PRG Jet2.com LS154 27/10/24-27/10/24
12:20 14:00 PRG Jet2.com LS154 05/12/24-27/02/25
12:35 14:05 PRG Jet2.com LS154 03/10/24-15/05/25
18:55 20:35 PRG Jet2.com LS154 12/01/25-09/02/25
19:15 20:50 PRG EasyJet EZY3180 03/12/24-10/12/24
19:25 21:05 PRG Jet2.com LS154 31/10/24-27/03/25
20:35 22:15 PRG Jet2.com LS154 03/11/24-23/03/25
20:40 22:15 PRG EasyJet EZY3180 10/11/24-13/07/25
22:10 23:40 PRG Jet2.com LS154 27/04/25-18/05/25

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