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London Luton

London Luton

London Luton

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Easy Access to the heart of the UK’s capital

At the heart of the city, London Luton airport is the perfect destination to fly to for business passengers or anyone needing quick and easy access to central London. Travel from London Luton airport to the city centre in as little as 24 minutes. With direct train available from Luton Airport Parkway and to Blackfriars, Thameslink, Farringdon, and St. Pancras International the average train journey is around 40 minutes, and there are direct trains every 10 minutes on average at peak times. Get where you need to quickly and easily from this well-situated airport.

Make the most of your Airport experience with Luton’s Aspire Executive Lounge

Whether you are travelling for business or pleasure treat yourself to luxurious travel and take advantage of the Executive Lounge at Luton Airport and enjoy pre-flight comfort and relaxation. With brilliant benefits such as fast, free Wi-Fi, chilled champagne and prosecco, complimentary hot food, snacks and soft drinks, shower facilities (available at an additional cost), highly modern snooze-pods to take a pre-flight nap if you are waiting to make a connection, mobile charging pods and unwinding armchairs, start your journey in comfort and style.

A view of the City from Above

Take in panoramic and breath-taking views of this magnificent city from the 72nd floor of The Shard where you can enjoy a 360-degree view over the lively city below and dazzling skyline and even have the chance to experience stepping out onto Western Europe’s highest viewing platform where you can take in the city from a range of up to 40 miles.  With a variety of high tech media displays and exhibits learn about London’s exciting history or sit back, relax and appreciate the views over a glass of bubbly from the stylish champagne bar

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Flight Schedule

Flights departing to London Luton

Dep Arr To Airline No. M T W T F S S Dates
07:05 08:20 LTN easyJet EZY66 13/09/21-12/10/21
08:30 09:45 LTN easyJet EZY66 15/09/21-29/09/21
08:50 10:05 LTN easyJet EZY66 04/10/21-11/10/21
09:10 10:25 LTN easyJet EZY66 06/10/21-13/10/21
09:20 10:35 LTN easyJet EZY66 16/09/21-30/09/21
10:05 11:25 LTN easyJet EZY72 19/09/21-03/10/21
10:05 11:25 LTN easyJet EZY72 10/10/21-10/10/21
10:45 12:00 LTN easyJet EZY72 13/09/21-27/09/21
10:55 12:05 LTN easyJet EZY64 07/10/21-07/10/21
11:00 12:15 LTN easyJet EZY64 01/10/21-08/10/21
12:40 13:55 LTN easyJet EZY72 04/10/21-11/10/21
15:45 17:00 LTN easyJet EZY76 19/09/21-10/10/21
17:20 18:35 LTN easyJet EZY76 17/09/21-08/10/21
20:40 21:55 LTN easyJet EZY78 19/09/21-10/10/21
20:50 22:05 LTN easyJet EZY78 13/09/21-11/10/21
20:50 22:05 LTN easyJet EZY78 14/09/21-12/10/21
21:00 22:15 LTN easyJet EZY78 16/09/21-06/10/21
21:00 22:15 LTN easyJet EZY78 15/09/21-13/10/21

Flights arriving from London Luton

Dep Arr From Airline No. M T W T F S S Dates
07:00 08:20 LTN easyJet EZY67 04/10/21-11/10/21
08:50 10:10 LTN easyJet EZY67 13/09/21-12/10/21
10:15 11:35 LTN easyJet EZY67 15/09/21-29/09/21
10:55 12:10 LTN easyJet EZY71 04/10/21-11/10/21
10:55 12:15 LTN easyJet EZY67 06/10/21-13/10/21
11:05 12:25 LTN easyJet EZY67 16/09/21-30/09/21
11:55 13:20 LTN easyJet EZY71 19/09/21-03/10/21
11:55 13:20 LTN easyJet EZY71 10/10/21-10/10/21
12:30 13:45 LTN easyJet EZY71 13/09/21-27/09/21
12:35 13:50 LTN easyJet EZY65 07/10/21-07/10/21
12:45 13:55 LTN easyJet EZY65 01/10/21-08/10/21
13:55 15:15 LTN easyJet EZY75 19/09/21-10/10/21
15:35 16:50 LTN easyJet EZY75 17/09/21-08/10/21
18:50 20:10 LTN easyJet EZY77 19/09/21-10/10/21
19:00 20:20 LTN easyJet EZY77 17/09/21-24/09/21
19:00 20:20 LTN easyJet EZY77 14/09/21-12/10/21
19:05 20:20 LTN easyJet EZY77 13/09/21-11/10/21
19:10 20:30 LTN easyJet EZY77 16/09/21-06/10/21
19:10 20:30 LTN easyJet EZY77 15/09/21-13/10/21

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