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With a maritime history that encompasses everything from the Mayflower to the Titanic, Southampton rests on a busily illustrious heritage. But the Hampshire city is far from stuck in the past – its cruise terminal means it still draws some four million visitors a year, and a lively events calendar gives it a spirited edge. Since the turn of the millennium, retail developments like the colossal West Quay have also made it a draw for shoppers.

Medieval memories

Henry V’s armies departed from Southampton en route to Agincourt, and despite the bomb damage that the city incurred over WWII, it remains somewhere with a still evident Middle Ages heritage. On a short break to Southampton from Glasgow Airport, try and take the time to visit the Medieval Merchant’s House (58 French Street), which has some great period furnishings, or embark on a comprehensive walk of the OldTown. It has more than 90 listed buildings.

An isle apart

You don’t have to sail far from Southampton to find somewhere appealing to disembark. The Isle of Wight sits around 5km off the coast and offers traditional bucket-and-spade charm alongside a more on-trend feel – as well as its music festivals, there’s also a growing number of funky accommodation options. Tom’s Eco Lodge (Tapnell Farm, Newport Road), as an example, offers great glamping. And if you’re after rugged coastal scenery? The southern shoreline is stunning.

Big attractions

Southampton’s SeaCity Museum (Havelock Road) is a state-of-the-art attraction that gives the full lowdown on the city’s story – there’s an affecting exhibition on how profound an impact the Titanic’s fate had on the local population – while a short distance out of town is Beaulieu (pronounced Bew-ley), home to the National Motor Museum. It showcases everything from Donald Campbell’s Bluebird to Harry Potter’s flying Ford Anglia.

Activities in Southampton

Flight Schedule

Flights departing from Glasgow to Southampton

Dep Arr To Airline No. M T W T F S S Dates
06:40 08:15 SOU Flybe BE881 01/04/19-18/02/20
07:00 08:35 SOU Flybe BE881 11/02/19-30/03/19
09:45 11:20 SOU Flybe BE885 06/04/19-18/05/19
10:20 11:55 SOU Flybe BE885 17/02/19-24/03/19
10:25 12:00 SOU Flybe BE885 13/10/19-20/10/19
10:30 12:05 SOU Flybe BE883 11/02/19-29/03/19
10:35 12:10 SOU Flybe BE885 31/03/19-18/02/20
13:15 14:50 SOU Flybe BE887 11/02/19-25/03/19
14:45 16:20 SOU Flybe BE889 31/03/19-18/02/20
14:50 16:25 SOU Flybe BE891 16/02/19-30/03/19
14:55 16:30 SOU Flybe BE891 11/02/19-29/03/19
16:15 17:50 SOU Flybe BE887 14/02/19-29/03/19
16:20 17:55 SOU Flybe BE893 17/02/19-24/03/19
17:55 19:30 SOU Flybe BE897 17/02/19-24/03/19
18:35 20:10 SOU Flybe BE893 31/03/19-18/02/20
18:35 20:10 SOU Flybe BE897 11/02/19-29/03/19
20:15 21:50 SOU Flybe BE899 17/02/19-24/03/19

Flights departing from Southampton to Glasgow

Dep Arr From Airline No. M T W T F S S Dates
08:40 10:15 SOU Flybe BE882 01/04/19-18/02/20
09:00 10:30 SOU Flybe BE882 11/02/19-30/03/19
11:20 12:50 SOU Flybe BE886 11/02/19-25/03/19
11:45 13:20 SOU Flybe BE886 06/04/19-18/05/19
12:20 13:50 SOU Flybe BE886 17/02/19-24/03/19
12:35 14:10 SOU Flybe BE886 01/04/19-18/02/20
12:40 14:10 SOU Flybe BE884 11/02/19-29/03/19
12:45 14:20 SOU Flybe BE886 31/03/19-19/05/19
13:10 14:45 SOU Flybe BE886 26/05/19-20/10/19
14:20 15:50 SOU Flybe BE886 14/02/19-29/03/19
14:25 15:55 SOU Flybe BE890 17/02/19-24/03/19
16:50 18:20 SOU Flybe BE892 16/02/19-30/03/19
17:00 18:30 SOU Flybe BE892 11/02/19-29/03/19
17:05 18:40 SOU Flybe BE890 31/03/19-18/02/20
18:20 19:50 SOU Flybe BE896 17/02/19-24/03/19
20:15 21:45 SOU Flybe BE898 17/02/19-24/03/19
20:35 22:05 SOU Flybe BE898 11/02/19-29/03/19
20:35 22:10 SOU Flybe BE894 31/03/19-18/02/20

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