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 Information required for online contractor portal 

Control of Contractors at Glasgow Airport are now using a new system for inductions and booking works in (We no longer do induction on-site). Everyone who comes to the site to carry out work or anyone booking jobs will be required to provide their email address, a selfie and their job title via the attached form. All applications will be replied to from the new system Onelook/Safepermit. Once you receive an email back you will need to complete the online induction and complete the questions before a new contractor pass will be issued.

If you are just booking a job in all that is required is an email address, so access to the system can be given to complete a work authorisation request and/or permits. The 3-day notification period still applies.

An email address, selfie, Company & job title are required for anyone coming to work on-site and for anyone to book in work just an email address is required. The 3-day notification period still applies.

Further information on Safe Permit Requirements can be accessed here.

Conditions of use

The Conditions of Use document details the terms and conditions that apply to flights operating at the airport.

The document includes:

  • Definition of terminology
  • Operational conditions
  • Payment terms
  • Data requirements
  • Schedule of charges for:
    • Landing
    • Departing passengers
    • Parking
    • Peak/Off-peak
    • Noise and weight categories
    • Rebates

Glasgow Airport Conditions of Use
Glasgow Airport Sundry Charges
AGS Airports IT Services Rate Card

For general enquiries about Glasgow Airport please complete our contact us form.


Commercial property

Did you know that the property team at Glasgow Airport manages a diverse property portfolio?

This includes offices, airside support facilities, airline lounges, warehouses, airline desks, ground handling accommodation, fuel facilities, crew reporting centres and aircraft hangars.

Effective management of the property portfolio is vital to the operation of the airport, with our customers heavily reliant on the availability of accommodation and our quality of management.

Why Glasgow Airport?

There are numerous benefits to locating your business at Glasgow Airport, many unique to our fantastic location just 7 miles from Glasgow city centre:

  • Lease flexibility
  • On-site customer-focused property management
  • Dedicated on-site support
  • A corporate address instantly recognisable worldwide
  • Access to customers and business partners 24 hours a day
  • Access to key airport operations 24 hours a day
  • Access to food outlets and shops 24 hours a day
  • Access to utilities & services designed to keep a major airport running 24 hours a day
  • Comprehensive transport links
  • Hotels on campus

If you would like further information, please email:

Accommodation to let

Why not contact us to find out what we can offer you? We have space available in our Administration office block and also within the pre & post security areas of the terminal.

We can offer serviced office accommodation on an all-inclusive basis so that means your rates and utility bills are included in the cost. For many smaller companies and organisations, this is a very cost-effective arrangement as not all office accommodation is leased on an all-inclusive basis.

If you would like further information about what airport property is currently available, please email:

We would be delighted to show you round and answer all your questions. Glasgow Airport isn’t just an airport – it’s a great place for doing business. 

Airside Operations

We are responsible for providing all airside users a safe and efficient experience, if your company has any requirement to operate airside at Glasgow then you will come into contact with us.

Airside Driving Permits

If your company requires to have drivers operating in the airside areas of Glasgow Airport this page is for you.

Here you can download all the application forms and instructions that you require along with frequently updated airside maps (you must ensure that all of your vehicles carry this map at all times when airside), the forms include the main application form, a medical questionnaire and certificate that requires to be completed by a medical professional such as occupational health or a doctor, a DVLA consent form.

Only when your fully completed application pack has been returned to us via email or post, can we supply you with course times and dates.

Please read the application pack carefully and ensure that the applicant, the medical professional and you as the sponsor have completed the forms, they must be signed and dated.


Crane applications are managed through our Control of Contractors process, please refer to their section within this page for more details.

Instructions & Maps (Please read thoroughly)

Driver permit instructions   (PDF 147KB) 

Course details   (PDF 219KB) 

Rev O Apron Area Map  (PDF 3MB)  

Rev L Airfield Area Map  (PDF 2.5MB) 

DVLA D796 Consent Form   (PDF 63KB)

DVLA D906 Information fair processing declaration form (PDF 162 KB)

Forms that require full completion
  Airside Driver Application  (PDF 223KB)
  Airside Medical Application   (PDF 440KB)
  DVLA D796 Consent Form   (PDF 63KB)

We would encourage you to return the Application, Medical Declaration and the DVLA form D796 via email, as this will minimize paper waste and ensure a faster response time following our verification. Please return your scanned application documents to

Course dates will only be supplied following verification of all of the above documentation, any errors, omissions or unsigned documents will not be processed until fully completed.

It is advisable therefore that your driver training and medicals are planned well in advance to avoid any disruption to your business needs.


Control of contractors

This notice is directed at all external companies or Airport business partners, who as Contractors, engage or plan to engage in any work activity on Glasgow Airport Limited premises

Important information for Contractors working at Glasgow Airport Limited

It is particularly aimed at company individuals who are responsible for organising labor to attend the airport for breakdowns, maintenance and service visits for example.

It also sets out the processes to be adopted before, during and after your visit to the airport. Therefore, could all of our external companies and business partners please ensure that the attached information and guidance are read and understood and that the appropriate application forms are used for notification back to us before your company’s involvement in any work activity at Glasgow Airport Limited.

This is more important when any Contractor activity is required to be done out with our normal business hours of Monday to Friday between 0800 and 1600hrs and timely pre-notification is needed to enable us to organise, plan and facilitate your visit here.

General contact information

Glasgow Airport Limited
Control of Contractors Office
Engineering Department
Arran Avenue
PA3 2SG 

T: +44 (0)141 848 4295 / 4866
F: +44 (0)141 848 4946 / 4301
E: M: +44 (0)7795 301415
E: M: +44 (0)7770 736577 

 Contractor Code of Practice (4.5MB PDF)

Application forms

 Contractor Task Assessment Form (44KB DOC)

This form is to be used in support of your own Company’s risk assessments and method statements together with the appropriate insurance documentation.

 Application for Contractor ID Pass Form (43KB DOC)

All contractors employed to carry out works on the Airport premises must be in possession of a valid Contractor ID Pass issued by Glasgow Airport Engineering Department. A 30 minute booking slot must be made for the issue of these passes following a health and safety induction session. This is normally done during our normal business hours.

 Out of Hours Work Notification Form (35KB DOC)

Any contractor working outwith our normal business hours which are Monday to Friday between 0800 and 1600 will be required to pre-notify us of their intention to attend out of normal hours working.

Application for permit forms

 Application for Fire Alarm Isolation (30KB DOC) 3 days notice required

Required when working on any fire alarm system or if the work involves the creation of dusty atmospheres such as disturbing ceiling tiles, hot works or physical impact.

 Application for Hot Work Permit (34KB DOC) 3 days notice required

Any work activity which causes heat, sparks, flames or smoke and which includes any welding, brazing and grinding will require a hot work permit.

 Application for Crane Operations Permit (57KB DOC) 30 days notice required

As of 31st May 2021 companies and contractors who require to operate cranes and lifting equipment within 10 nautical mile of Glasgow Airport Limited and at heights of more than 10 metres or that of surrounding structures or trees must in the first instance notify the CAA and complete the online Crane Notification Form (DAP1924).  The CAA will then notify the airport. We will check whether the crane falls within our area for safeguarding and if it does, carry out an assessment. In some circumstances, a more detailed assessment will be required and could extend the time taken to grant a permit. A charge will be required in this case, the cost of which will be determined on a case by case basis.

The CAA recommends initial contact using the notification at least eight weeks before the erection of the crane.

The CAA also recognises that there are times when very little notice is given to the crane user therefore additional notification timescales have been created as follows:

1.PLANNED LONG-TERM PROJECTS: Notification to be sent to the CAA at least eight weeks (40 working days) before the erection of the crane. The CAA will then identify parties that may be affected by the crane and inform the crane user and affected parties about the next steps.

2.AD-HOC PROJECTS: Notification to be sent to the CAA not later than 5 working days in advance. The CAA will then identify parties that may be affected by the crane and inform the crane user and the affected parties about the next steps.

3.UNFORESEEN AND URGENT PROJECTS: If there is an unforeseen and urgent requirement to erect a crane within 5 working days from the notification, the crane user is required to contact Glasgow Airport by completing a crane permit application form and emailing it to . The CAA Crane Notification Form (DAP1924)  form must then be completed and submitted to the CAA as soon as possible and advise that Glasgow Airport has been contacted and the reason for less than 5 working days’ notice.

Note if the crane is operating further than the 6km range of Glasgow Airport, the notification form should still be submitted to the CAA, who will process such notifications at the earliest opportunity.

Please be aware any crane erected without a positive response received from the CAA or Glasgow Airport may be considered a hazard to air navigation and such a crane operates at the crane user’s risk of endangering the safety of an aircraft.

 Application for Services Clearance Permit (56KB DOC) 5 days notice required

For any work that involves excavation, piling, drilling or any other work activity that penetrates into the ground surface.

 Application for Fire Barrier Re-instatement (53KB DOC) 3 days notice required

For any work which requires openings to be formed for services through fire walls or barriers. Fire barriers and compartmentation zones must not be breached without the Airport’s approval

Further information and guidance

 Control of Contractors Registration Procedures (234KB PDF)

This document sets out the procedures to be adopted for all contractors who intend to visit or work here.

 Control of Contractors Office Location Map (248KB JPEG)

All contractors are required to report here for registration procedures, safety inductions, Contractor ID Pass issues and for any Permits to Work.

 Insurance Requirements (34KB PDF)

Contractors must submit appropriate Third Party Liability insurance documentation to cover the areas where they will be working. For Airport Landside areas, a minimum of GBP10m indemnity is required. For Airport Airside internal areas a minimum of GBP20m and for Airport Airside external areas, a minimum of GBP50m indemnity would be required.


At Glasgow Airport, our procurement team works with suppliers to deliver maximum value in the procurement of all goods and services, while ensuring that the highest possible standards are maintained.

Our Procurement Policy

Glasgow Airport adopts a clear, concise and fair contracting policy.

Standard PO terms and conditions (PDF 141KB)
Revised 12 March 2021 

Contact Procurement

For supplier enquiries, please contact:

Procurement Department
Glasgow Airport
Erskine Court
St Andrew’s Drive

For invoicing or payment issues, please contact:

Airlines & tour operators

If you are considering expanding flights and looking at Scotland as your next network point, Glasgow Airport would be happy to discuss the incentives we have available to encourage you to fly from/to Glasgow. 

At Glasgow Airport we believe in a true, longterm partnership with our airlines and tour operators. This helps both partners to grow the route network and develop at apace that is right for the market accompanied by a bespoke incentive package and dedicated marketing support. 

To discuss your plans please contact Steven Marshall via email:

Advertising at the airport

Advertising at Glasgow Airport is a sound investment offering high footfall combined with high dwell time - your adverts will really stand out. 
The airport provides a totally unique environment for advertisers to reach an affluent and influential audience. Offering high dwell time, impactful advertising opportunities and a captive audience who are in a receptive mindset, airport advertising is an effective and powerful communications platform. Having a presence at the airport offers brands associations with internationality and prestige, but most importantly provides access to some of the most important and hard to reach audiences from around the globe.
There are advertising opportunities at Glasgow Airport to suit all campaign aims and budgets. Ranging from high impact large format sites to campaign 6 sheets and pan airport digital screens. There are also unique promotional spaces within the terminal for passenger engagement with your products. 


If you would like more information or to enquire about advertising with global, please visit the advertise page on their website.

Key stats

  • The most influential 10% of the population are 4x more likely to be found at the airport
  • Key decision makers are 76% more likely to be found at the airport
  • 83% of global frequent travellers feel brands advertised at the airport are prestigious


Travel Trade

Are you a travel agent looking for some information about the airport?

E-mail with any questions you have about the airport, including parking and lounge access. 

Glasgow Airport