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Hotel Extras

Ensuring that your holidays are appropriately protected is one of our main priorities. That's why we have partnered with Holiday Extras so you can get a travel insurance quote to protect you before and whilst you are travelling. Holiday Extras Cover Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and has been independently rated 5-stars by Defaqto.

For more information or to obtain a quote, please go to their website - click the link below or call them on 0800 083 3551 to speak to a friendly advisor. Please quote AX848 upon calling.

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Conditions of use

The Conditions of Use document details the terms and conditions that apply to flights operating at the airport.

The document includes:

  • Definition of terminology
  • Operational conditions
  • Payment terms
  • Data requirements
  • Schedule of charges for:
    • Landing
    • Departing passengers
    • Parking
    • Peak/Off-peak
    • Noise and weight categories
    • Rebates

AGS Airports IT Service Rate Card 2024
Glasgow Airport Conditions of Use 2024
Glasgow Airport Sundry Charges 2024


Commercial property

Did you know that the property team at Glasgow Airport manages a diverse property portfolio?

This includes offices, airside support facilities, airline lounges, warehouses, airline desks, ground handling accommodation, fuel facilities, crew reporting centres and aircraft hangars.

Effective management of the property portfolio is vital to the operation of the airport, with our customers heavily reliant on the availability of accommodation and our quality of management.

Why Glasgow Airport?

There are numerous benefits to locating your business at Glasgow Airport, many unique to our fantastic location just 7 miles from Glasgow city centre:

  • Lease flexibility
  • On-site customer-focused property management
  • Dedicated on-site support
  • A corporate address instantly recognisable worldwide
  • Access to customers and business partners 24 hours a day
  • Access to key airport operations 24 hours a day
  • Access to food outlets and shops 24 hours a day
  • Access to utilities & services designed to keep a major airport running 24 hours a day
  • Comprehensive transport links
  • Hotels on campus

If you would like further information, please email: glasgowproperty@glasgowairport.com

Accommodation to let

Why not contact us to find out what we can offer you? We have space available in our Administration office block and also within the pre & post security areas of the terminal.

We can offer serviced office accommodation on an all-inclusive basis so that means your rates and utility bills are included in the cost. For many smaller companies and organisations, this is a very cost-effective arrangement as not all office accommodation is leased on an all-inclusive basis.

If you would like further information about what airport property is currently available, please email: glasgowproperty@glasgowairport.com

We would be delighted to show you round and answer all your questions. Glasgow Airport isn’t just an airport – it’s a great place for doing business. 

Airside Operations

We are responsible for providing all airside users a safe and efficient experience, if your company has any requirement to operate airside at Glasgow then you will come into contact with us.

Airside Driving Permits

If your company requires to have drivers operating in the airside areas of Glasgow Airport this page is for you.

Here you can download all the application forms and instructions that you require along with frequently updated airside maps (you must ensure that all of your vehicles carry this map at all times when airside), the forms include the main application form, a medical questionnaire and certificate that requires to be completed by a medical professional such as occupational health or a doctor, a DVLA consent form.

Only when your fully completed application pack has been returned to us via email or post, can we supply you with course times and dates.

Please read the application pack carefully and ensure that the applicant, the medical professional and you as the sponsor have completed the forms, they must be signed and dated.


Crane applications are managed through our Control of Contractors process, please refer to their section within this page for more details.

Instructions & Maps (Please read thoroughly)

Driver permit instructions   (PDF 147KB) 

Course details   (PDF 219KB) 

GLA-OPS-0002 (REV P) Apron Area Map (PDF 5.7MB)  

GLA-OPS-0001 (REV P) Airfield Map  (PDF 13.1MB) 

DVLA D796 Consent Form   (PDF 63KB)

DVLA D906 Information fair processing declaration form (PDF 162 KB)

Forms that require full completion
  Airside Driver Application  (PDF 223KB)
  Airside Medical Application   (PDF 440KB)
  DVLA D796 Consent Form   (PDF 63KB)

We would encourage you to return the Application, Medical Declaration and the DVLA form D796 via email, as this will minimize paper waste and ensure a faster response time following our verification. Please return your scanned application documents to airside_operations@glasgowairport.com

Course dates will only be supplied following verification of all of the above documentation, any errors, omissions or unsigned documents will not be processed until fully completed.

It is advisable therefore that your driver training and medicals are planned well in advance to avoid any disruption to your business needs.

Email: airside_operations@glasgowairport.com

Control of contractors

All contractors visiting Glasgow Airport to carry out works must be in possession of a valid contractors pass.  To obtain a pass, please contact the Contractors Registration Unit (controlofcontractors@glasgowairport.com) and request a form for completion Safe Permit Requirements form can be accessed here.  On receipt of information requested, a link will be sent to enable Contractors to carry out an online induction. Once this has been completed, contractor pass will be created for collection from CRU.

To advise that you intend visiting GLAL to carry out works, a works authorisation request should be completed via our Safe Permit system.  Please note a 3 day notification period applies (the only exception being emergency or urgent works).  To complete a works authorisation request please email CRU and a link will be issued.  A Risk Assessment and Method Statement (RAMS) must be submitted for approval specific to the works being undertaken.  A generic RAMS is not acceptable.

Further information and guidance

Please complete a contractors out of hours form should there be a requirement to carry out works outwith normal working hours.  This form should be completed and returned to controlofcontractors@glasgowairport.com

Control of Contractors Office Location Map (248KB JPEG)

All contractors are required to report to the C of C Office to login before going to site & logout after works.

Insurance Requirements (34KB PDF)

Contractors must submit appropriate Third-Party Liability insurance documentation to cover the areas where they will be working. For Airport Landside areas, a minimum of GBP10m indemnity is required. For Airport Airside internal areas a minimum of GBP20m and for Airport Airside external areas, a minimum of GBP50m indemnity would be required.

Glasgow Airport Asset Management Policy (48.4KB PDF)

Asset Management Information and requirements.


At Glasgow Airport, our procurement team works with suppliers to deliver maximum value in the procurement of all goods and services, while ensuring that the highest possible standards are maintained.

Our Procurement Policy

Glasgow Airport adopts a clear, concise and fair contracting policy.

Standard PO terms and conditions (PDF 141KB)
Revised 12 March 2021 

Contact Procurement

For supplier enquiries, please contact:

Procurement Department
Glasgow Airport
Erskine Court
St Andrew’s Drive

Email: AGSProcurement@agsairports.co.uk
For invoicing or payment issues, please contact:
Email: AGS_Payables@glasgowairport.com

Airlines & tour operators

If you are considering expanding flights and looking at Scotland as your next network point, Glasgow Airport would be happy to discuss the incentives we have available to encourage you to fly from/to Glasgow. 

At Glasgow Airport we believe in a true, longterm partnership with our airlines and tour operators. This helps both partners to grow the route network and develop at apace that is right for the market accompanied by a bespoke incentive package and dedicated marketing support.

One Stop Shop: Maintenance Services

One Stop Shop provide professional maintenance services. All services are carried out by fully competent on site staff who are already full Glasgow Airport pass holders with access to all areas, including airside. All tradespersons are all site familiar and have been inducted through the Glasgow Airport control of contractors process. Our team hold all the relevant experience, training and all the health and safety requirements in place to conduct work on the airport grounds. In addition and when required we have many subcontractors that work in the airport on a regular basis and are familiar with Glasgow Airport.

We cover a range of services, including:

  • Electrical and Mechanical Maintenance & Testing
  • Electrical Installation
  • Civil Engineering works
  • Joinery Services
  • Painting
  • Ground works
  • Plumbing Service
  • Fire Risk Assessments and Fire Extinguisher Supply/Servicing

If you have a One Stop Shop Enquiry, please email Onestopshop@glasgowairport.com

Advertising at the airport

As the largest airport media owner in the UK, Global is an expert at creating exciting media solutions that reach both international and domestic travellers, and match the premium airport setting. From record-breaking radio stations and award-winning podcasts, to a massive outdoor estate and a pioneering digital advertising exchange (DAX) – Global brings brands and audiences together at scale.

Global work with national and local brands across all categories, so please get in touch below to speak to one of their expert advisors

Company: Global

Website: global.com/airport-advertising

Contact: 0333 200 6000

Key stats

  • The most influential 10% of the population are 4x more likely to be found at the airport
  • Key decision makers are 76% more likely to be found at the airport
  • 83% of global frequent travellers feel brands advertised at the airport are prestigious


Travel Trade

Are you a travel agent looking for some information about the airport?

E-mail GLADLTradeSupport@glasgowairport.com with any questions you have about the airport, including parking and lounge access. 


Cranes and other tall construction equipment operating with 6km of the airport require a crane permit.

Cranes and other tall construction equipment can cause a serious hazard to flight safety, by impacting obstacle limitation or instrument flight procedure surfaces and/or affecting navigational aids and communication equipment. Our crane permit leads will assess your proposed construction operation to ensure this can be undertaken without impacting air safety.

Please click here to apply for a permit.

Charges for this service are detailed below:

Standard (> 40 working days) £250
Ad-hoc (< 40 days, > 5 working days) £300
Unforeseen (< 5 working days, > 48 hours) £350
Urgent (< 48 hours) £400
Amendment/Extension £65
Initial IFP assessment POA
Detailed IFP assessment POA

We encourage you to apply as early as possible as detailed safety assessments, if required, may take longer to complete.

Additional technical assessments may be required which may incur additional charges.

A copy of your permit must remain with the crane for the duration of the operation and must be produced if requested by airport staff or the police. Under the Air Navigation Order it is an offence to act recklessly or negligently in a manner likely to endanger aircraft.

For any enquiries please contact GLAcranes@glasgowairport.com.

Control of Contractors FAQ

How do I obtain a contractors pass?

To obtain a pass we require some information from you.  Please complete the Contractors Details Form (contractors details form attached) and submit to controlofcontractors@glasgowairport.com together with a head and shoulders photo.

Once received, we can add your details to our Safepermit contractors database and you will be sent a link to complete an online induction.  We will be notified when you have completed this and your contractor’s pass will then be processed and made available for collection from the Contractors Registration Unit.  3 days notice is required for a pass to be generated.  Your pass must be worn at all times.

What do I do when I arrive at the airport?

All Contractors must come to the Contractors Registration Unit (see location map) or at the kiosk within the Terminal Building to sign in and out each day.

How do I renew a pass if the date has expired?

Contact controlofcontractors@glasgowairport.com and we can update the pass for you.

Whats the difference between a contractors pass and a security pass?

A security pass is required for all visitors or contractors who require access to airside areas of Glasgow Airport.  You will require to be escorted at all times.  A security pass should be obtained by whoever will be accompanying you or who has requested you carry out works.  A security pass cannot be obtained by the Contractors Registration Unit.

How do I obtain a security pass?

If you require to work airside get in touch with your Airport contact, they should arrange a security pass for you.  You will require to be escorted at all times.  Contractors in possession of a full ID pass require to have a contractors pass too.

How do I obtain a permit to work?

You must provide at least 3 days notice if you require a permit for works being carried out at Glasgow Airport.  Types of permit include Airside Works, Works Authorisation, Hot Works, Underground Services Clearance, Fire Alarm Isolation.

Please advise controlofcontractors@glasgowairport.com of your email address and once added to our Safe Permit system you will be sent a link to enable you to request a Permit.  We also require you to submit a job specific Risk Assessment and Method Statement (not generic) for approval.

I need to bring in tools how do I do this?

Please complete a tools of the trade form if you require to bring in tools and submit to controlofcontractors@glasgowairport.com 

Where can I park?

Parking should be arranged via your contact at Glasgow Airport.

I’m working outwith normal hours do I need to tell anyone?

On arrival all contractors should sign in at the Contractors Registration Unit.  Please complete an out of hours form and submit to controlofcontractors@glasgowairport.com

Glasgow Airport