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Airport Security

Information about passing through security at Glasgow Airport

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Your safety and security is of paramount importance to our teams

Project Servator

Keeping our passengers and staff safe is at the heart of everything we do at Glasgow Airport.

Some measures such as Project Servator are highly visible while there are others passengers won’t be able to see, but rest assured that we are always vigilant.


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Priority Security

Skip past the queues and start shopping and relaxing sooner before your flight. With priority security, there’ll be no more waiting around – straight through to Duty Free you go.



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Body Scanners

When security scanners were originally introduced in 2010, the Department for Transport (DfT) decided no alternative screening method would be offered to passengers selected to be screened by a security scanner. However, operational experience of security scanners has shown low refusal rates from passengers. This means that offering an alternative screening method, previously considered too great a burden on airports, now appears viable.

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Action Counters Terrorism


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