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GBP = 1065.00 EUR

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TUI Airways, formerly Thomson Airways, is one of the world's largest charter airlines, offering scheduled and charter flights from the UK and Ireland to destinations in Europe, Africa, Asia and North America. 

TUI Glasgow Airport

Airport Services and Facilities

Check out the services and facilities available at Glasgow Airport before your TUI flight

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Book Airport Parking

Book your airport parking online in advance to save both time and money before your TUI flight

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Coronavirus Testing

Book your Rapid Antigen or PCR Test online before your TUI flight

Cabin Baggage

TUI Baggage Allowances

Standard package: 15kg included (an extra 10kg can be purchased)

Signature holidays: 20kg included

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Contact the Handling Agent

Lost Something Onboard?


Tel: 07548 758412


Email Swissport

Need to get in touch with TUI?

Contact TUI

Contact: 01733 224808

International Code: TOM

Departs From: Terminal 1

Glasgow Airport