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Home to over 6.4 million people, Toronto is the 5th largest city in North America behind Mexico City, New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

Situated on the northwest shores of Lake Ontario, it’s a cultural centre with a theatre district that rivals Broadway and the West End. Not to mention the abundance of museums, trendy neighbourhoods and green spaces, plus the adventurous opportunities that beckon in Canada’s great outdoors.

Toronto is blessed with over 300 days of sunshine a year. This means it’s ideal for year-round visits, although winter – when holiday-season snowfall transforms the city into a sub-zero wonderland – is the most memorable time to travel. Remember to pack your warm clothes though!

Plan your trip with our favourite things to do in Toronto – a cool city that’s ranked 4th in the Economist’s most livable cities. 

Rivalling The West End and Broadway

Visitors will find a diverse metropolis that’s home to over 200 ethnic groups speaking 140 languages. With all those outside influences, it’s no wonder the city is known as the world’s most multicultural city.

This mix of people is matched by a vibrant assortment of interesting museums, famous theatres, and festivals. Be sure to check out the Art Gallery of Ontario, Gardiner Museum or the Museum of Contemporary Art. The kids (and big kids) will also enjoy learning about deep space at the Canadian Air and Space Museum.

The English-speaking theatre scene is only behind the West End in London and Broadway in New York in terms of size. Notable theatres include Ed Mirvish Theatre, Winter Garden Theatre, Massey Hall, and Ray Thompson Hall.

Whatever your budget, you’ll witness award-winning productions, with renowned shows like Wicked, Annie, School of Rock, and Grease all having been on-stage recently – but book early to secure your seat.

Hip Neighborhoods

Amongst all the historic buildings you’ll find a range of diverse neighborhoods. Whether you’re after good coffee, tasty food or vintage fashion, you’ll quickly feel at home as you unearth five-star restaurants, cosy cafes and off-the-beaten-track boutique stores.

Old Town is made up of six neighborhoods and is where you’ll find the best food in the city. The Entertainment District is home to performing-arts events and popular clubs and bars (you might even bump into Drake!).

Yorkville and The Annexe are the most fashionable areas and are home to Chanel and Tiffany Stores, whilst Kensington Market is a melting pot of culture and tastes. Chinatown is home to Thai, Vietnamese and Japanese cuisine. Queen West is your place to mingle with hipsters, and Liberty Village is mainly home to young professionals who’ve attracted start-ups and interesting local businesses.


No city break is complete without a little (or a lot of) sightseeing. First-time visitors should visit the iconic CN Tower for stunning views. The adrenaline junkies amongst you should try the EdgeWalk and be suspended 365 metres above the city.

For those looking to relax, High Park is an enormous green space with gardens, wildlife and a petting zoo. There’s also a medieval castle to explore. It’s just as stunning in summer as it is when snow-capped in the depths of winter.

Spend an afternoon on one of the world’s longest urban waterfronts and explore parks, beaches, marinas and art galleries. Take to the water on a boat cruise and get a better view of the expansive Lake Ontario and the city whilst enjoying gourmet meals. Don’t fancy a modern cruise ship? Embark on a voyage from yesteryear on one of the many 19th-century tall ships.

The Great Outdoors

Canada is best known for its expanse of wilderness. In Toronto you’re a stone’s throw from Niagara Falls National Park (the waterfall itself straddles the border between Canada and New York State). But you’ll need your raincoat or poncho to avoid the never-ending spray and mistat this world-renowned iconic site.

Try cross-country skiing in High Park or on the Toronto Islands, or a visit to Earl Bales Park Skiing and Snowboard Centre to connect with nature whilst still in central Toronto. Winter hikes in the hills outside the city limits, such as the route to the popular Rattlesnake Point, are prefect for getting away from it all for a while – ideal whatever the season.

See our flight schedule below, for daily flights to Toronto all year round. Already booked? Get your trip off to a smooth start by getting your on-airport parking booked and giving yourself a bit more time for drinking, dining and shopping by flying through security with a priority pass.

Activities in Toronto

Flight Schedule

Flights departing from Glasgow to Toronto

Dep Arr To Airline No. M T W T F S S Dates
08:30 10:45 YYZ Air Canada *AC1939 16/06/19-29/09/19
09:35 14:40 YYZ WestJet WS31 29/04/19-29/06/19
09:35 14:41 YYZ WestJet WS31 30/06/19-30/08/19
09:35 14:41 YYZ WestJet WS31 31/08/19-26/10/19
10:05 13:40 YYZ Air Transat TS725 16/03/19-02/11/19
10:15 13:25 YYZ Air Transat TS325 31/10/19-31/10/19
11:00 14:35 YYZ Air Transat TS225 14/03/19-28/03/19
11:00 13:35 YYZ Air Transat TS225 20/12/18-07/11/19
11:05 13:40 YYZ Air Transat TS725 08/12/18-07/12/19
11:15 13:25 YYZ Air Transat TS325 20/06/19-24/10/19
11:45 15:20 YYZ Air Transat TS725 28/10/19-28/10/19
12:00 15:20 YYZ Air Transat TS525 27/10/19-27/10/19
12:00 14:35 YYZ Air Transat TS225 04/04/19-25/04/19
12:45 15:00 YYZ Air Transat TS245 15/05/19-02/10/19
12:45 15:05 YYZ Air Transat TS183 03/05/19-25/10/19
12:45 15:20 YYZ Air Transat TS725 06/05/19-21/10/19
13:00 15:20 YYZ Air Transat TS525 05/05/19-20/10/19

Flights departing from Toronto to Glasgow

Dep Arr From Airline No. M T W T F S S Dates
18:15 08:11 YYZ WestJet WS30 31/08/19-25/10/19
18:15 08:12 YYZ WestJet WS30 30/06/19-30/08/19
18:15 08:15 YYZ WestJet WS30 28/04/19-28/04/19
18:15 08:15 YYZ WestJet WS30 30/04/19-29/06/19
18:55 06:35 YYZ Air Canada *AC1938 15/06/19-28/09/19
21:10 08:50 YYZ Air Transat TS182 02/05/19-24/10/19
21:15 09:00 YYZ Air Transat TS224 19/12/18-06/11/19
21:15 09:05 YYZ Air Transat TS724 07/12/18-06/12/19
21:30 09:05 YYZ Air Transat TS724 05/04/19-26/04/19
21:30 08:05 YYZ Air Transat TS724 15/03/19-01/11/19
21:30 08:15 YYZ Air Transat TS724 27/10/19-27/10/19
21:30 09:15 YYZ Air Transat TS724 05/05/19-20/10/19
22:05 09:45 YYZ Air Transat TS324 19/06/19-23/10/19
22:05 08:45 YYZ Air Transat TS324 30/10/19-30/10/19
22:15 10:00 YYZ Air Transat TS224 03/04/19-24/04/19
22:15 09:00 YYZ Air Transat TS224 13/03/19-27/03/19
23:30 11:00 YYZ Air Transat TS524 04/05/19-19/10/19
23:30 10:00 YYZ Air Transat TS524 26/10/19-26/10/19
23:45 11:15 YYZ Air Transat TS244 14/05/19-01/10/19

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