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Valet Parking

Valet Parking  ✔️ Free cancellations 24 hours before arrival 

Valet Parking is the only official valet parking service at Glasgow Airport. Perfectly designed for maximum convenience, this premium parking product is ideal for those departing from Glasgow Airport for more than 7 days.

Drop off your vehicle at our dedicated Valet Parking zone located in Car Park 1. Follow the dedicated signage for this location. Once entered, pull into one of the parking bays, unload your vehicle and book your keys in at the cabin.

Once your vehicle's keys have been collected, our team will check over and photograph your vehicle before moving.

On your return, collect your car from the return bays which are adjacent to the arrival bays.

Benefits of using official Valet Parking

GLA timeline Car.png

An exclusive Glasgow Airport Valet Service

Exclusive - you can't buy this product through any third parties - it's only available directly from us. Amend or cancel you booking up to 24 hours before arrival. 


It's safe

Glasgow Airport's car parks are monitored by CCTV and have regular security patrols to ensure your vehicle remains safe and secure offering 24/7 security. 

Priority security.png

Easy access

Once you've dropped your vehicle off with our dedicated terminal is only a short 2-3 minute walk away under a dedicated walkway. 

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