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Crusader castles, miles of sandy beaches and a rugged forested interior all make Rhodes a worthy place to spend a week. The capital, Rhodes Town, is also home to the remains of one of the seven ancient wonders of the world – the feet of the once mighty Colossus. Fly direct year round with and TUI.

Ancient roots

Not for nothing did the ancient inhabitants of Rhodes build the Colossus, the feet of which can still be seen today. Hellenistic Rhodes was one of the most powerful trading nations of the time and one of the most culturally significant too, evidence of which can be seen at Lindos. Here the remains of a spectacular castle and acropolis can still be seen, while the museum located within the splendid Palace of the Grand Masters in Rhodes Town gives visitors an insight into the island’s long and splendid history.

Islets exploration

The waters off Rhodes are dotted with islets, including the almost untouched Karavolas and Ktenies, both of which are meccas for wildlife. Just as lovely is Sými, with its venerable Panormítis Monastery, photogenic harbour and unspoilt beaches. Easiest of all to reach is Hálki, with its tiny town and ruined medieval castle, which benefits from a regular catamaran shuttle from Kolóna harbour.

Foodie delights

Blessed with year-round sunshine and seas that throng with fish, eating is one of the great pleasures of a holiday in Rhodes from Glasgow Airport. Thanks to successive waves of invaders, local food is a hotchpotch of different influences and displays a distinctly Middle Eastern penchant for spices. The Ottomans, meanwhile, brought baklava, the sticky honey and nut pastry also found in Egypt, Turkey and Israel. Get a taste of it at Rhodes Town’s Tamam (Leontos 1), where you’ll find some of the best on the island.

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Activities in Rhodes

Flight Schedule

Flights departing to Rhodes

Dep Arr To Airline No. M T W T F S S Dates
06:00 12:25 RHO Tui TOM1200 07/05/24-04/03/25
15:10 21:35 RHO Tui TOM1666 04/05/24-01/03/25
15:30 22:00 RHO LS181 12/04/24-25/10/24
15:35 22:05 RHO LS181 15/04/24-30/10/24
15:50 22:20 RHO LS181 28/10/24-28/10/24
16:00 22:30 RHO LS181 01/05/24-23/10/24

Flights arriving from Rhodes

Dep Arr From Airline No. M T W T F S S Dates
13:25 16:05 RHO Tui TOM1201 14/05/24-04/03/25
22:35 01:15 RHO Tui TOM1667 11/05/24-01/03/25
22:55 01:50 RHO LS182 12/04/24-30/10/24
23:10 02:05 RHO LS182 28/10/24-28/10/24
23:20 02:15 RHO LS182 01/05/24-23/10/24

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