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Known for being one of the best places to scuba dive in the world, this popular beach resort on the Red Sea has come a long way from its origins as a fishing village - although it still has an atmospheric Old Town and plenty of local flavour. Fly to Hurghada from Glasgow Airport and discover a family-friendly destination with miles of soft white sand, turquoise seas and adventure activities galore, plus a vibrant restaurant and nightlife scene.

Pack your underwater camera as holidays to Hurghada City line up some of the world’s most colourful coral reefs. And between dives, you can unwind on the white-sand beaches or live it up in the marina.

Diving into the deep

Coral reefs teeming with marine life along with clear and calm waters make Hurghada the ideal place to learn scuba diving. Experienced divers are well catered for too, with the Abu Nuhas reef offering four different shipwrecks from different eras to explore. There are also further-flung sites accessible by boat, and shallow coral gardens to snorkel in; other watersports on offer include windsurfing, sailing and jet skiing.

Feasting and drinking

When it comes to nightlife, the bustling Marina is where you’ll find upscale restaurants, cocktails and sports bars, and the beachfront offers open-air restaurants and nightclubs, where you can dance on the sand under the stars. There’s plenty of international fare on the menu, particularly seafood, but look out for local specialities such barbecued kebabs and falafel, plus tagines, succulent stews cooked in a clay pot.

Experience Local life

A number of water parks make for a great day out for kids, but for a complete change of scenery, the souk in the old town is a great place to explore as well as pick up souvenirs. Day trips include excursions into the eastern Sahara desert, where you can ride quad bikes, ride a camel and visit a Bedouin village. You can even do a day trip to Luxor to visit the temples, followed by a boat ride on the Nile River. 

Vibrant metropolis
Hurghada City is the second biggest town on the Red Sea and, thanks to its world-renowned coral reefs, one of Egypt’s busiest holiday destinations. Hundreds of hotels and restaurants are dotted along its serpentine coastline. To the north is the historic old town, to the south is the brand-new, palm-lined Village Road, and in the middle is Sakalla, the frenetic and fast-paced town centre.

The beaches
Dozens of private hotel beaches form a necklace along the scenic shoreline. They all have soft white sands, which shelve gently into the turquoise sea, so armband-clad children can paddle safely. And just off the coast are coral gardens, reefs and World War II wrecks where bright shoals of fish part and reform as you swim through them. Hurghada City has a long list of professional dive centres that can take you to the reefs. With so much competition, the standards are high.

Old meets new
Away from the beach, this vibrant town throws up surprises around every corner. El Daha, the old town, is veined with a warren of narrow streets. There’s a mosque here, a bazaar there, giving you a strong flavour of Egypt as it’s been for centuries. For more modern tastes, check out Sakalla. Lining both sides of Hurghada Marine Boulevard is a first-rate selection of shops, and at the nearby marina, upmarket restaurants face out onto the luxury yachts moored in the water.

Further afield
Framing the town is the windswept Sahara desert, where camel trains traverse the rolling dunes. Bedouin tribes have lived the same nomadic existence between these sandy hills for millennia. To experience it first-hand, sign up for a desert safari. But if you’re more into Robinson Crusoe than Lawrence of Arabia, Giftun Island is a castaway’s paradise. Its white-sand beaches and snorkel-friendly waters are a 45-minute boat ride away.

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Activities in Hurghada

Flight Schedule

Flights departing to Hurghada

Dep Arr To Airline No. M T W T F S S Dates
09:00 17:00 HRG EasyJet EZY3165 13/11/24-16/07/25
09:00 17:00 HRG EasyJet EZY3165 02/04/25-23/04/25
09:30 17:30 HRG EasyJet EZY3165 04/11/24-04/11/24
09:50 17:50 HRG EasyJet EZY3165 01/11/24-08/11/24
10:30 18:30 HRG EasyJet EZY3165 06/09/24-25/10/24
10:45 18:45 HRG EasyJet EZY3165 16/11/24-12/07/25
10:45 18:45 HRG EasyJet EZY3165 05/04/25-19/04/25
13:30 22:30 HRG EasyJet EZY3165 28/10/24-28/10/24
13:40 21:40 HRG EasyJet EZY3165 19/07/24-30/08/24
14:00 22:00 HRG EasyJet EZY3165 15/07/24-21/10/24

Flights arriving from Hurghada

Dep Arr From Airline No. M T W T F S S Dates
18:00 22:30 HRG EasyJet EZY3166 02/04/25-23/04/25
18:00 22:30 HRG EasyJet EZY3166 13/11/24-16/07/25
18:20 22:50 HRG EasyJet EZY3166 04/11/24-04/11/24
18:50 23:20 HRG EasyJet EZY3166 01/11/24-08/11/24
19:35 00:05 HRG EasyJet EZY3166 06/09/24-25/10/24
19:40 00:10 HRG EasyJet EZY3166 05/04/25-19/04/25
19:40 00:10 HRG EasyJet EZY3166 16/11/24-12/07/25
22:40 03:10 HRG EasyJet EZY3166 19/07/24-30/08/24
23:00 03:30 HRG EasyJet EZY3166 15/07/24-21/10/24
23:25 02:55 HRG EasyJet EZY3166 28/10/24-28/10/24

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