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Montego Bay

Montego Bay

Montego Bay

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The third largest island in the Caribbean has a well-deserved reputation for outstanding beaches, golden rum punch and a laid-back way of life. The mountainous nation that gave us Bob Marley and Usain Bolt holds many possibilities for a tropical adventure. Travel to Jamaica from Glasgow Airport and experience the original Caribbean beach holiday destination.

Beaches and Bond

Enjoy views of azure blue seas from under the shade of a palm tree, or go out and make the waters your own; snorkelling and water sports opportunities abound. Or you could pretend to be an international spy while surveying the turquoise waters of Oracabessa Bay on the northern coastline - it was here that Ian Fleming was inspired to write more than a dozen James Bond novels. Many of the movie adaptations were filmed here too.

Peppered with fiery culinary delights

Jamaican cuisine is at the heart and soul of everyday life on the island. The most authentic gastronomic experiences are to be found in the family-run cafes near the coast, where ribs and fish fillets are served straight from the pit. A word of warning, though: scotch bonnet is liberally applied to most dishes, and they’re the world’s hottest chilli peppers. Coconut milk can calm the sensation, though locals swear a cool rum and Ting soda is all the antidote needed.

From jungle canopy to cool runnings

Overlooking the lively port town of Ocho Rios, lush rainforest and wild rivers form much of Saint Ann Parish. Dunn’s River Falls is the ideal escape from the heat, with cooling waters soaking you as you clamber up some 180 metres (590 feet) of waterfalls and natural pools. Reaching the heights of this dense rainforest, the most exhilarating route down is via bobsled, a 1000m long, gravity-driven thrill ride through the jungle canopy inspired by Jamaica’s legendary Winter Olympic bobsleigh team.

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