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  • ConvenientAutomatic barriers mean no waiting around.
  • Closest airport parkingYou can’t park any closer to the terminal.
  • Safe and secureCCTV coverage and manned patrols.
  • FlexibleChange your booking up to 24hrs before you fly.

Prices start from £

Long Stay

  1. 5mins to terminal
  2. Our cheapest car parking
  3. Frequent, free electric bus service
  4. Keep your keys
  5. Flexible booking

Short Stay

  1. 2 - 3mins to terminal
  2. Our best selling product
  3. Short walk to check-in
  4. On-airport multi-storey car park
  5. Flexible booking

Fast Track Flex Plus Parking

  1. 1 - 2mins to terminal
  2. Our closest parking
  3. Undercover access to terminal
  4. Priority security access is included
  5. Flexible booking

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Why Choose to Park at Glasgow Airport?

GLA - Icon - Close To Airport

It’s Convenient

You can’t park any closer to the terminal building with the Short Stay Car Park just a couple of minutes walk away from the terminal building.


GLA - Icon - Easy

It’s Easy

Our online booking system provides a hassle-free experience from your booking to your arrival. With email confirmations, notifications, and information to ensure your visit is a frictionless experience.

GLA - Icon - Paperless

Seamless Transaction

Pre-booking is a seamless process; thanks to our automatic number-plate recognition system, you can just drive up and park.


GLA - Icon - Safe

It’s Safe

Our car-parks are monitored by CCTV and have regular security patrols to ensure that your vehicle remains safe and secure. 

GLA - Icon - Official

It’s Official

We have the best rates online for official parking next to Glasgow Airport.

GLA - Icon - Blue Badge Parking

We Have Blue-Badge Spaces

All blue badge holders have a 30-minute free drop off & pick up window. On exiting the car park press the buzzer at the barrier, just have your blue badge ready as we require the 13 digit number on the exit of the car park.

GLA - Icon - Flexible

It’s Flexible

We understand that plans change, so we offer flexible booking options that can be amended up to 2 hours before departure for when plans go astray

GLA - Icon - Something for Everyone

Something for Everyone

We understand everyone has unique parking needs and budgets so we have a solution for each passenger. Our premium and convenient product is Fast Track Parking, or if you want something more economically priced try our Long Stay

GLA - Icon - Guaranteed Spaces

Guaranteed Space

 If you pre-book, you are always guaranteed a space.

GLA - Icon - Glasgow Airport Support

Glasgow Airport Support

Flat battery or tire when you get back to your car? Not to worry; given that you’ve parked in an official Glasgow Airport car-park, we’ll fix it

GLA - Icon - Electric Charging

Electric charging points

Free electric charging points can be used undercover within our multi storey car park. Car Park 1 has 6 electric charging points available for use.

What Kind of Parking Do You Need?

GLA - Icon - Long Stay Parking

Long Stay Parking

Long Stay parking is a great value for money option typically utilised for longer durations.  Our courtesy electric bus runs every 10-15 minutes and will take you to the airport terminal in under five minutes.   Find out more about Long Stay parking

GLA - Icon - Short Stay Parking

Short Stay Parking

Short Stay parking is a multi-storey located right outside the terminal, you can walk straight from your car into the terminal building.  Find out more about Short-stay parking 


GLA - Icon - Fast Track Parking

Fast Track Parking

Fast Track parking is found on floor 2 of car park 2, and has a dedicated covered walkway straight to security.  Fast Track parking includes priority security passes, so it’s the quickest way to get to your gate.  Maximum 5 priority security entries per car.  Find out more about Fast Track parking   



Pick-Up and Drop-Off

 Ideal for very short stays to pick up colleagues, family, or friends. Find out more about Pick up and drop off

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