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Germany’s capital is a cauldron of cool, with more hipsters per head than anywhere else in the country. A city break to Berlin from Glasgow Airport offers the perfect opportunity to discover the edgy culture, the famous landmarks and the gourmet highlights of this up-and-coming city. 

Journey into the past

To understand modern-day Berlin, you first have to dip a toe into the capital’s turbulent history. The story of WWII and the years that followed it is told in world-class museums such as the Allied Museum (Clayallee 135), Jewish Museum (Lindenstrasse 9-14) and the harrowing but unmissable Topography of Terror museum (Niederkirchnerstrasse 8). Looking for a less structured sightseeing experience? Take a stroll around UNESCO-listed Museum Island to see the incredible outcome of years of painstaking post-WWII renovations.


As well as a stellar selection of top museums and galleries, Berlin has an avant-garde cultural underground that gives the city its young and trendy vibe. The current nucleus of cool is the borough of Neukölln, where cafés such as Pappelreihe (Kienitzer Strasse 109) and Schiller Café Bar (Herrfurthstrasse 7) are cultivating a customer base made up entirely of Berlin’s in-crowd and clubbers dance the night away on lively Weserstrasse. During the day, take a stroll around Mitte, Kreuzberg and the East Side Gallery (Mühlenstrasse) to see stunning street art by both local and well-known artists.

Table for two

Berlin’s gourmet revolution has spawned a clutch of new high-end restaurants. The city now has 19 Michelin stars in total, making it officially one of the best places to eat on the planet. If you can get a table then Facil (Potsdamer Strasse 3) will wow you with its Michelin-starred menu without doing too much damage to your wallet. Fischers Fritz is a timelessly elegant restaurant in the Regent hotel (Charlottenstrasse 49) where the scrumptious food justifies the stiff prices, while relaxing on the terrace at the Lutter & Wegner wine bar (Charlottenstrasse 56) is the perfect way to end the night. 

Flight Schedule

Flights departing from Glasgow to Berlin

Dep Arr To Airline No. M T W T F S S Dates
07:15 10:30 SXF easyJet U2!6819 21/06/18-26/10/18
07:25 10:30 SXF easyJet U2!6819 01/11/18-15/03/19
07:45 10:50 SXF easyJet U2!6819 28/10/18-23/06/19
08:00 11:10 SXF Ryanair FR151 07/09/18-26/10/18
09:25 12:30 SXF easyJet U2!6819 30/10/18-19/06/19
10:35 13:50 SXF easyJet U2!6819 18/06/18-24/10/18
12:55 16:05 SXF easyJet U2!6819 29/10/18-17/06/19
13:20 16:30 SXF Ryanair FR151 19/06/18-23/10/18
13:55 17:05 SXF Ryanair FR151 22/06/18-31/08/18
14:05 17:20 SXF easyJet U2!6819 23/06/18-27/10/18
14:15 17:25 SXF Ryanair FR151 18/06/18-22/10/18
14:35 17:45 SXF Ryanair FR151 20/06/18-24/10/18
19:20 22:30 SXF Ryanair FR151 23/06/18-27/10/18

Flights departing from Berlin to Glasgow

Dep Arr From Airline No. M T W T F S S Dates
06:25 07:35 SXF Ryanair FR150 07/09/18-26/10/18
11:00 12:20 SXF easyJet U2!6820 21/06/18-15/03/19
11:20 12:40 SXF easyJet U2!6820 28/10/18-23/06/19
11:35 12:55 SXF Ryanair FR150 19/06/18-23/10/18
12:15 13:35 SXF easyJet U2!6820 23/06/18-27/10/18
12:20 13:30 SXF Ryanair FR150 22/06/18-31/08/18
12:30 13:50 SXF Ryanair FR150 18/06/18-22/10/18
13:00 14:10 SXF Ryanair FR150 20/06/18-24/10/18
13:00 14:20 SXF easyJet U2!6820 30/10/18-19/06/19
14:20 15:40 SXF easyJet U2!6820 18/06/18-24/10/18
16:35 17:55 SXF easyJet U2!6820 29/10/18-17/06/19
17:35 18:55 SXF Ryanair FR150 23/06/18-27/10/18

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