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  • Flight information
  • Passports and visas
  • Baggage and security
  • Airport services and facilities
  • Shopping and eating
  • Transport
  • Destinations
  • Airport Products
  • General travel enquiries

Flight information

How can I check flight details and arrival times?

You can find all flight information, including departure times, arrival times and landing times on our flight information pages. Flight details can also be seen on our screens in the airport terminal building. You can also download our app to track your flight and receive live flight notifications.

How long before my flight do I need to be at the airport?

Please check with your airline for this information. As a general rule you should be at the airport 2 hours before your flight for a domestic flight (within the UK), 3 hours before your flight for European flights and 4 hours before your flight for long haul flights.

Many airlines offer an online check-in option which will save you time when you are at the airport, giving you plenty of time to enjoy some food or shopping before you fly.

What time does my flight arrive at its destination?

You can find live information on your flight on our flight information pages.

Where can I find flight departures?

You can find live departure information on our flight information pages. When you land on the page, toggle between 'departures' and 'arrivals' to find the information you are looking for. You can also track flights using our official Glasgow Airport App

My flight has been cancelled. What do I do?

If your flight has been cancelled, please contact your airline who will be able to assist. You will find a list of airlines on our airline page here. Select the airline you are flying with and locate their details on the bottom of the page.

Your airline may have already contacted you about next steps, or they may have automatically rebooked you on another flight. Please also check your emails and/or the airlines’ app for further information.

What can I bring in my hand luggage?

We advise that you familiarise yourself with our security rules and procedures here. Some airlines will also have different rules on hand luggage, so contact your airline directly for this information before you fly. You can find airline contact details here.

How long do I need to check in before my flight is due to depart?

Check-in times can vary depending on your type of flight, so please arrive with sufficient time to pass through check-in and security. Check-in times can usually be found on your individual ticket or itinerary, or alternatively by contacting your airline directly.

You should arrive at the airport two to three hours before your flight departs and allow enough time for your journey to the airport. This should include any traffic delays, particularly if you have a longer journey to the airport. At each of the arrival areas there will be a help phone if you require special assistance, such as a wheelchair.

What's the earliest time I can check in?

This can vary depending on your type of flight, so please contact your airline directly for this information. 

I’m picking someone up from the airport, where is the best place to meet them?

Our dedicated Pick Up & Drop Off facility is directly opposite the terminal building and is charged at £5 to stay for up to 15 minutes.

Drivers wishing to use parking facilities for more than 15 minutes are advised to use the Short Stay car park.

Keen to meet your passenger in the arrivals area? Our Short Stay car parks are located just minutes away from the terminal. You can park, meet your friends or family, and help them transport their luggage back to the car.

Passports and visas

Do I need a passport to travel to a UK/European destination?

If you are travelling within the UK, some airlines accept others forms of ID such as a passport or driving licence. Please always check with your airline before flying to ensure you bring the correct form of ID.

If you are a UK citizen/passport holder travelling to another European country then a passport is required.

Who do I contact if my passport has expired/been lost/stolen?

If you are a UK citizen/passport holder and your passport has been lost or stolen you must cancel it as soon as possible to reduce the risk of anyone else being able to use it. You can do this on the Gov.uk website.

If you have lost your passport while abroad you should report the loss immediately to the local police and the British consulate/embassy/high commission.

Foreign nationals who lose their passport while in the UK should report it to the local police and their consulate/embassy.

If you are a UK citizen/passport holder and your passport has expired you can find information on how to renew it.  

It is advisable to take photocopies of all important documents (passport, visas, tickets, EHIC, travel insurance, driving license etc) with you when you travel and to keep them separate form the original documents. This will mean a quicker resolution should you lose something.

What do I do if I’ve lost my passport in the airport?

Please seek assistance from any member of staff who will help you find out if this has been handed in at lost property, security search or to the Police.

What are the visa requirements for entry into the UK?

The entry requirements for the UK vary depending on your nationality, country of residence, country of departure, reason for visit and duration of visit. You can find details on the Gov.uk website. Please ensure you have the necessary documents and permissions before you travel or you could be refused entry into the UK.

What are the entry/visa requirements for the country I’m travelling to?

Please check travel requirements for the country you are travelling to, and any transit countries and leave adequate time to complete any documentation and tests required for your travel. This information is available on the FCO website and on the government website of the country you are travelling to.

Please be aware that the EU will introduce a new visa waiver for visa-exempt non-EU citizens in November 2023.

Baggage and security

When can I access security?

Travelling passengers can go through security three hours before their flight time.

What is my luggage allowance?

Your luggage allowance (size and weight) will depend on which airline you are flying with, ticket type and route. This should be detailed in your ticket information or you can contact your airline.

What items are prohibited from hand and hold baggage?

You can find information on prohibited items on the CAA website.

I’m diabetic, will my syringes/injection pens be allowed in hand luggage?

It is best to speak to your airline about your requirements before you travel. If you need items due to a medical condition and have a supporting letter from your GP or hospital, there should be no problem taking these items on board in the quantities you need for your trip.

Can I carry sharp-edged religious/cultural regalia/accessories (eg Kirpans, Sgian Dhub or Dirks) on my person or in my hand baggage?

These items are prohibited from hand luggage and being carried on board the plane. Please pack these items in your hold luggage as if they are confiscated at security you will be not be able to get them back.

Can I take knitting needles in my hand baggage?

Yes, knitting needles are allowed on board the plane.

I will be travelling with a baby. Can I take their milk in my hand luggage?

If you are traveling with an infant then you can carry milk on board that exceeds 100ml. You can only take the amount needed for your journey and it may be subject to additional tests.

Can I carry make-up in my hand luggage?

Yes, you can take on board all solid make-up. Any liquids, gels or pastes must be in containers no bigger than 100ml and must fit within one 1-litre transparent resealable bag.

My baggage was mislaid/delayed and was not delivered to my final destination. Who do I contact?

In the unlikely event that this does happen please speak to a member of staff from the handling agent for your airline. You can find the handling agent for your airline by selecting your airline and using the relevant contact details.

My baggage has been damaged. Who do I contact?

In the unlikely event that your baggage is damaged when it arrives please speak to a member of staff from the handling agent for your airline. You can find the handling agent for your airline by selecting your airline and using the relevant contact details.

What foods can I bring into the UK?

Information on what food you can and cannot bring into the UK is available on the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) website. It is illegal to bring in banned products, or amount of products that exceed any weight limits that apply. They will be seized and destroyed and you may be liable to prosecution.

CAA advice for transgender/non-binary/intersex travellers

The CAA supports the right for all air passengers to be treated with respect and dignity. When leaving the UK by air, it is necessary for all passengers to pass through airport security controls, where both persons and bags will be screened. This is an essential process to safeguard the travelling public, staff and the aviation industry. The following provides information and advice for transgender, non-binary and intersex passengers.

Buying tickets and checking-in: When making an airline reservation, you will be required to provide your name, date of birth and gender, which must match the details on your government issued travel document. This proof of identity may also need to be produced when you check in for your flight. It does not matter if your current gender presentation is not the same as that given on your travel documentation or the accompanying photograph, but the information on your ticket must align with that on your passport or other travel document, otherwise you may not be allowed to travel. If another person has booked your ticket, ensure they book using the information on your travel document. See www.gov.uk/changing-passport-information/gender for further information on passports.

Packing your Hold and Cabin Baggage: All cabin baggage must be screened by X-ray equipment as a minimum and may also be hand searched by airport Security Officers. UK airports are required by law to conduct this screening. Cabin baggage is subject to different regulatory measures than hold baggage and it is advisable to check regulations before travel. Where possible consider packing all but items that are essential for the journey in hold baggage, for example any item containing liquids, gels or powders. This includes gel-filled prosthetic items apart from those worn on the body for the journey. Prescription liquid medication in containers of more than 100ml may be carried in Cabin Baggage but must be removed for separate screening, unless you are specifically advised otherwise by the airport, and must be accompanied by medical confirmation, such as a letter from a medical professional or prescription, with names matching travel documentation. This can be carried in addition to the usual one-litre bag that is allowed for toiletry and cosmetic items. At the same time, please note carefully the items, particularly dangerous goods, that your airline advises should not be packed in Hold baggage.

Security: All passengers must be screened before going into the departure lounge usually by a Walk Through Metal Detector, a Security Scanner, or both. In order to speed up the journey, you should ensure that all metallic items are removed, including footwear containing metal, belts, watches and large pieces of jewellery and ensure all pockets are empty. Any alarms will require further screening, usually by hand search or Security Scanner. If a hand search is required, you may ask for a search in private and have a companion with you if you wish. A Security Officer should always ask for your consent before beginning a hand search. The Security Officer may also request that you undergo a search in private; this is always in an area or room away from public view, where a hand search will take place and possibly with a hand-held metal detector or other hand held security equipment.

A Security Scanner will highlight anything unusual that it detects may be being carried on the body by a passenger. It will not display an actual image, but will indicate for the Security Officer an area for further investigation on an outline of a generic figure. No identifiable or personal features are visible on the screen. If you think you know what may have caused the alarm, you may wish to explain to the Security Officer what the item that has indicated may be. In many cases, especially where the Security Officer understands what has caused the alarm, a hand search of the area may be sufficient. However, the Security Officer may request a private search if they do not feel that the cause of the alarm can be resolved in this manner. Passengers may opt out of screening by Security Scanner if they wish: however unless a medical reason for this can be evidenced, such as medical device that is attached to the body, then the airport is required to carry out an enhanced hand search in private. This may entail the loosening or removal of clothing in order that the Security Officer can satisfy themselves that no prohibited articles are carried on the person. All such searches are carried out with a witness and a companion may accompany you if you wish.

We hope that your journey through airport security will be without problems. However, if you experience any treatment you feel is unfair or discriminatory in any way, you should contact the airport concerned, via their Customer Services Department.

Airport services and facilities

What facilities are there at the airport?

You can find information on the services and facilities available at Glasgow Airport on our dedicated pages. If you would like to find out more about the shopping and dining outlets at the airport you can find this on our shop and dine pages.

Where can I find a map of the airport?

You can find a map of Glasgow Airport here.

What time does the airport open/close?

Glasgow Airport is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Is there a left-luggage facility at the airport?

Luggage storage is handled by Luggage-Point and is located in the main check-in hall. Items can be left here for up to 3 months. Prices are as follows:

0 – 3 hours £9.50 per item

1 day £14.50 per item

Additional day(s) £12.50 per item

Weekly £60 per item

To find out more call luggage point on 0330 223 0893.

Please note that oversized items will be charged at double the standard rate.

Who do I contact if I have lost something at the airport?

Lost property is managed by luggage-point. You can search for your lost item on the 24 hour online database using the search facility.

Alternatively, you can contact luggage point on glasgow@luggage-point.co.uk or 03302230893 (option 5).

If you have lost something on a plane and it is found by the ground crew, it will be handed into Luggage Point; otherwise, please contact your airline.

What assistance is available for those with disabilities or reduced mobility?

You can find more information on special assistance on our dedicated special assistance pages.

We are currently trialling a system called Passenger Assist at Glasgow Airport. If you are having difficulty requesting assistance through your airline directly, then alternatively, you can pre-book your assistance through the PRM Assist Mobile app. This assistance booking will be passed on to our service provider OCS, who will assist you through Glasgow Airport.

How do I request a special assistance lanyard?

If you or someone you are traveling with have a hidden disability, we will be happy to provide you with a lanyard that will discreetly identify you to airport staff as requiring additional support.

Our front-line Security staff have been trained to recognise these lanyards and offer special assistance to passengers passing through the Security Search process. To obtain one, kindly check in with the special assistance desk on the ground floor in our main check-in area and they will also explain what we can do to help you on your journey.

You can find more information on special assistance on our dedicated pages.

Do you have any COVID-19 testing facilities at the airport?

No, not currently.

Please check travel requirements for the country you are travelling to, and any transit countries and leave adequate time to complete any documentation and tests required for your travel. This information is available on the FCO website and on the government website of the country you are travelling to.

What facilities do you have for those travelling with babies and small children?

Baby change facilities are located in the following places:

  • Main check-in hall opposite the escalator
  • To the rear of the food court on the first floor
  • T2 check-in hall
  • After security, next to WHSmith Bookstore (under the Lomond Lounge)
  • After security, behind the Beardmore Bar
  • After security, across from the Tennant’s bar
  • After security, besides the British Airways lounge
  • After security, at gates 1-3, 4-5 and 10 -11

Additionally, there is a breastfeeding zone at gates 1-3.

What is included in the lounges?

There are two lounges at Glasgow Airport, the Upperdeck Lounge and the Lomond Lounge. 

The Upperdeck lounge offers snacks and nibbles including sandwiches, soups, cheeses, crackers, crisps, biscuits, and nuts along with tea, coffee, soft drinks, and alcoholic drinks. Bacon and omelette rolls, cereal and pastries are available for breakfast. You can also purchase prosecco or champagne at an additional cost. Find out more about the Upperdeck Lounge.  

The Lomond lounge offers a wide selection of a la carte breakfast & lunch dining options featuring Scottish produce prepared by local chefs.Lomond lounge customers can choose from a range of freshly-prepared dishes including varied menus for breakfast & lunch. Breakfast dishes include smoked salmon, French toast with berries & crème fraiche.  Lunch options include haggis pakora, soup or pate, as well as hot options followed by dessert of the day.

The lounge also offers a self-service barista area where guests can help themselves to a wide range of warm beverages including lattes, teas and espresso. Guests are also provided with a range of craft and premium bottled and draft beers, soft drinks, top-quality spirits and a glass of Champagne Piaff included in the drinks package.  Find out more about the Lomond lounge.

Both lounges also include complimentary wifi.

Where can I view planes from?

There isn’t a dedicated viewing area at Glasgow Airport. You can get great views of our runway, taxiways and stands after security from our family-friendly restaurants and in the main departure lounge.


Are sports matches shown at the airport?

Sports matches are sometimes shown in our bars/restaurants although this cannot be guaranteed.

Is there a public telephone that I can use after security?

No unfortunately not.

However, if it’s a short time local call that is required, please use one of the information phones located outside the Rangers Store and an Airport Ambassador will come and offer you the use of a mobile phone.

Are there water fountains in the departure lounge after security?

Yes, there are water fountains next to the toilets next to the WHSmith Bookstore (under the Lomond Lounge), at the Caledonia Bar in the departures lounge and down the piers towards all the gates -  at gate 29 (next to Tennant’s bar), gates 4-5, gate 19 and gate 26.

Is there a smoking area after security?

No, the only smoking area is located before security, outside the main terminal building on each end of the central reservation.

Are there showering facilities at the airport?

No, not currently.

Is there an area where I can use a breast pump?

Yes, there is a breastfeeding zone at gates 1-3 with sockets.

Is there anywhere I can heat up baby food?

We don’t have a dedicated facility at Glasgow Airport for heating up baby food but the cafes and restaurants can provide hot water to heat a bottle.

Do you have a soft play/crèche?

No, not currently.

Do you have a prayer area?

Our Prayer Room is located on the first floor of our departures concourse in the Priority Security Corridor.

It provides a quiet restful place for passengers of all faiths and denominations and is open 24 hours a day.

There are two additional Prayer Areas, one located at the entrance to Gates 14 – 26 on the Central Pier and the second on the West Pier at Gate 30.

Shopping and eating

What shops and restaurants are available at the airport and what are their opening times?

You can find a full list of the dining options available at the airport and their opening times on our shopping and dining page.

How much can I buy and what are my savings and allowances?

You can find information on allowances on the Gov.uk website

What happens if the goods I purchase are faulty?

Returns policies vary by retailer. Please contact the store directly for this information.

You can find contact information for retailers on our shopping and dining page.

Can I buy before I fly and collect on my return to the UK?

Many of our shops offer a shop and collect service so you can buy before you fly and pick up on your return. To use shop and collect simply tell the assistant that you would like to use the service when you pay. You can find out which shops offer shop and collect on our shopping pages.

Do you have a tax refund station?

No. unfortunately not. The rules for tax refunds have changed since we left the EU – more information can be found on the UK government website.

Is there a currency exchange facility at the airport?

Yes, we have currency exchange facilities as well as ATMs both before and after security.


How do I get to the airport?

It is easy to get to Glasgow Airport whether you are arriving by car, bus, train or taxi. You can find more information on our to and from the airport pages.

What car parks are located at Glasgow Airport and how much are they?

We offer long stay, short stay and fast track parking. You can find out more about our parking options and pricing on our parking pages. To guarantee your space book in advance online.

How do I pre-book car parking?

Pre-booking online guarantees your space and is a paperless transaction so your car number plate will be recognised on entry to the car park. 

How do I plan my onward journey from the airport?

You can find information about getting from the airport by car, bus, train or taxi on our to and from the airport pages.

I am disabled/have reduced mobility. What is the best way to get to the airport?

There are blue badge spaces located in our car parks and we also have a pick up and drop off facility which is located close to the airport entrance. You can find more information about special assistance on our dedicated pages

How far is Glasgow Airport from Glasgow city centre?

The distance between the airport and Glasgow City Centre is roughly 9 miles. You can reach Glasgow city centre in just 15 minutes using the Glasgow Airport Express Service 500 bus which runs frequently to Buchanan Bus Station and also calls at Glasgow Central Train Station and Queen Street Train Station.

How far is Glasgow Airport from Edinburgh?

You can travel to Edinburgh city centre by bus or train. You can reach Glasgow city centre in just 15 minutes using the Glasgow Airport Express Service 500 bus which runs frequently to Buchanan Bus Station and also calls at Glasgow Central Train Station and Queen Street Train Station.

Onward travel to Edinburgh is through Queen Street Train Station or Buchanan Bus Station. You can buy combined tickets for the 500 bus and Scotrail trains from the ticket machine located opposite WHSmith in domestic arrivals. The total journey usually takes 1-1.5 hour to complete.

You can find more information on getting to and from Glasgow Airport on our dedicated page.

Does Glasgow Airport have a train station?

If you’re catching the train to Glasgow Airport, the nearest station is Paisley Gilmour Street – just over one mile from the terminal. From here, you can take the McGill’s 757 bus service.

The First Glasgow Airport Express service 500 also connects you directly to the airport from Queen Street in Glasgow City Centre and Glasgow Central Train Stations.

Tickets to Glasgow Airport can be purchased at any train station in Scotland or via the ScotRail website. You can find more info here.

Is there a taxi service at Glasgow Airport?

There is a taxi rank that operates directly outside the terminal building.

You can find out more about our taxi service on our dedicated page.



Where can I fly to from Glasgow Airport?

You can find a full list of the destinations you can reach from Glasgow Airport on our destination pages.

Will you be offering flights to… in the future?

If there is a destination you would like to fly to which is not currently offered please complete our feedback form.

Airport Products

How to cancel my parking, testing or lounge booking?

You can easily cancel or amend your booking using the manage my booking section here. All you need is your email address and booking reference. See our Parking FAQs for more info

How to change my parking, testing or lounge booking?

You can easily cancel or amend your booking using the manage my booking section here. All you need is your email address and booking reference. See our Parking FAQs for more info

General travel enquiries

Where can I get advice about the safety of travel to foreign countries?

You can find this information on the Foreign and Commonwealth Office website.

Can I bring my dog into the terminal?

We cannot allow dogs that are not assistance dogs or travelling in the terminal.

I want to take my pet overseas. How do I find out about pet passports/animal quarantine?

For further information on taking a pet abroad please see the Gov.uk website. You can find information on animal quarantine

Assistance dogs

If you are travelling with an assistance dog, you can bring your dog into the UK without quarantine as long as it meets the rules of the EU Assistance Dog Scheme. It is the responsibility of the owner to ensure that their dog is fully compliant with the scheme. If your assistance dog doesn’t comply with the rules it may not be able to enter the UK or maybe licensed into quarantine on arrival. You can find more details on the EU Assistance Dog Scheme or to make an enquiry please contact our service provider GLA.PRMLeadership@OCS.co.uk.

The Guide Dogs Association website has advice about taking assistance dogs abroad


For More Information Please click HERE

I need to see customs about an ATA carnet, what is the process?

Please follow the advice on the UK Government website.

To contact customs when you are at the airport, please use the red UK Border Force phone opposite WHSmith in domestic arrivals.

Getting in touch

If you need further information or having trouble with your bookings then you can get in touch with us.

Glasgow Airport