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It's all about choice with and Jet2holidays. Not only will you fly with Tripadvisor's Best Airline - UK, but you'll also be well looked after. Experience award-winning service whether you're opting for just flights or the full package holiday.

With over 30 destinations from Glasgow Airport, there's everything from relaxing beach breaks to adventure-filled escapes. Glasgow Airport

Airport Services and Facilities

Check out the services and facilities available at Glasgow Airport before your flight

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Coronavirus Testing

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Cabin Baggage

Passengers are permitted one piece of unchecked cabin baggage free of charge which must be no more than 10kg in weight and no larger than 56cmx45cmx25cm, including all wheels and handles. You can also take a small, personal item on board (such as a handbag, laptop bag or airport purchase), as long as it is placed underneath the seat in front of you. 

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Contact: 0333 300 0042

International Code: LS

Terminal: 2

Glasgow Airport