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With year-round sunshine, a spectacular volcanic interior and miles of golden sand beaches, it’s no surprise that Lanzarote is one of the most popular islands in the Canary chain. As a result, a holiday to Lanzarote from Glasgow Airport is one that won’t be easily forgotten. Make your trip the holiday of a lifetime.

Water thrills

There’s no shortage of gorgeous beaches in Lanzarote but if that sounds too tame, Famara’s toe-curlingly high waves most certainly won’t be. One of Europe’s top surfing spots, the long curving beach is backed by dramatic black cliffs and boasts clear blue seas, whipped up into a wave-heavy frenzy by winds coming off the Atlantic. For those who don’t fancy surfing, there’s also kiteboarding and windsurfing. 

Volcano exploration

Part of the Timanfaya National Park, the Islote de Hilario is a dormant volcano that last laid waste to Lanzarote in 1824. Surrounded by striated rock formations and a rainbow of hardy plants, the summit offers stunning views of the surrounding area, as well as a restaurant designed by famous local architect César Manrique, where meat and fish are cooked on a grill using heat coming up from inside the volcano. The surrounding 51 sq km park are home to a network of hiking trails but if that sounds like too much hard work, camels can be hired at the village of Yaiza.

Lunch in a lava tube

Along with exploring Islote de Hilario, you can eat lunch in it, courtesy of César Manrique’s El Diablo restaurant. But it’s not the only volcanic relic that doubles as a lunch spot. At Jameos del Agua, a volcanic cave system formed by the eruption of the Corona volcano 4,000 years ago, you can tuck into local delicacies such as salty papas arrugadas (literally, wrinkled potatoes) at the restaurant inside one of the lava tubes.

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Activities in Lanzarote

Flight Schedule

Flights departing to Lanzarote

Dep Arr To Airline No. M T W T F S S Dates
06:00 10:30 ACE TUI Airways TOM1788 24/09/23-29/10/23
09:20 14:00 ACE LS167 02/04/24-30/04/24
09:25 13:50 ACE TUI Airways TOM1448 02/11/23-19/09/24
09:30 14:10 ACE LS167 31/10/23-26/03/24
09:40 14:20 ACE LS105 12/10/23-15/10/23
10:30 15:10 ACE LS167 01/01/24-25/03/24
15:00 19:25 ACE TUI Airways TOM1788 05/11/23-15/09/24
15:15 19:55 ACE LS167 06/04/24-14/09/24
15:30 20:10 ACE LS167 19/09/23-19/09/24
15:30 20:10 ACE LS169 03/05/24-20/09/24
15:40 20:20 ACE LS167 30/10/23-30/10/23
16:10 20:50 ACE LS167 29/09/23-27/10/23
16:15 20:45 ACE TUI Airways TOM1448 05/10/23-26/10/23
16:25 21:05 ACE LS167 02/10/23-23/10/23
17:20 21:50 ACE TUI Airways TOM1448 21/09/23-28/09/23

Flights arriving from Lanzarote

Dep Arr From Airline No. M T W T F S S Dates
11:30 15:50 ACE TUI Airways TOM1789 01/10/23-29/10/23
11:50 16:10 ACE TUI Airways TOM1789 24/09/23-22/10/23
15:00 19:30 ACE TUI Airways TOM1449 02/11/23-19/09/24
15:00 19:30 ACE LS168 02/04/24-30/04/24
15:05 19:45 ACE LS168 31/10/23-26/03/24
15:10 19:40 ACE LS106 19/10/23-22/10/23
15:10 19:50 ACE LS168 02/11/23-24/03/24
16:10 20:50 ACE LS168 01/01/24-25/03/24
20:25 00:55 ACE TUI Airways TOM1789 05/11/23-15/09/24
20:55 01:25 ACE LS168 06/04/24-14/09/24
21:00 01:30 ACE LS170 03/05/24-20/09/24
21:00 01:30 ACE LS168 19/09/23-19/09/24
21:00 02:30 ACE LS168 30/03/24-30/03/24
21:10 01:45 ACE LS168 30/10/23-30/10/23
21:40 02:10 ACE LS168 29/09/23-27/10/23
21:55 02:25 ACE LS168 02/10/23-23/10/23
22:00 02:20 ACE TUI Airways TOM1449 05/10/23-26/10/23
23:05 03:25 ACE TUI Airways TOM1449 21/09/23-28/09/23

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