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How to make your journey easy

Glasgow Airport is dedicated to providing accessibility for people with reduced mobility (PRMs) throughout its facilities at Glasgow Airport. Assistance for passengers with reduced mobility is available at both the Main Terminal building and T2. Our Terminal building is fully accessible including toilets and lifts, inductions loops are fitted to facilitate amplification of announcements for passengers with hearing difficulties and all are clearly signposted.

> Download our helpful guide Assistance for Passengers with Reduced Mobility (PDF 507KB)

We also have a simple guide to help plan your journey. 

> Download A simple guide for Travelling by Air (PDF 271KB) 


Requesting Assistance

If you require assistance you should inform your airline at least 48 hours before you travel, however, our advice would be to give your airline as much notice as possible for both your departure and your arrival. This is best done at the time of booking your travel arrangements and will ensure that you receive the most appropriate assistance in a timely manner.

Assistance will be provided free of charge to and from all of the on airport arrival points up to the departure point at the gate and likewise for the return journey. This includes from Car Park 1 and 2 as well as car and taxi drop off/pick up points and bus stands.

For more information on travelling with a hidden disability please see 'Hidden Disability' section below.

On arrival at Glasgow Airport, passengers can use the Help Points detailed below to gain assistance or can go to the Special Assistance Host Desk in Main Terminal check-in area (adjacent to the escalators) or in the check-in area in T2 where there is another Help Point.

If a passenger wishes they can go directly to their Check-in desk and inform airline staff during their check-in that they have requested assistance. A representative from our service provider will arrive to provide assistance or you may be redirected to the host desk after check-in if you are able to walk this short distance.

If we do not receive advance notice of your requirements we promise to make all reasonable efforts to accommodate you but you may have to wait a little longer for assistance.

Please remember that even if you are fairly mobile, there can be long distances within airports and therefore assistance might still be required. So make your plans well in advance. You should arrive at the airport car parks at least 2 hours prior to departure if you require assistance from here. Should you require assistance from check-in then please arrive at least one hour prior to departure.

Help Point Locations

  • Drop off point (x3)
  • Coach drop off point (x2)
  • Within car parks 1,2 and 3
  • Central forecourt bus stands
  • Long stay car park 4 beside bus shelter

Walking Distances

Below are approximate walking distances to key areas within the airport:

  • Drop off/Car Park 1 to Main Terminal 300m
  • Drop off/Car Park 1 to T2 400m
  • Car Park 2 to Main Terminal 100m
  • Car Park 2 to T2 200m
  • T2 to Main Terminal Special Assistance Area 150m



Travelling with Mobility Aids or Assistance Animals

Information on Mobility Equipment

Where possible you should be permitted to remain within your own mobility aid until the last possible moment at the gate. If you wish to check in the mobility aid and use an airport wheelchair then please request this at check-in. On arrival at the airport, your mobility aid should be repatriated to the passenger at the gate. If your mobility equipment is damaged we will arrange for use of an airport mobility aid until such times as the damage can be resolved with your airline although any replacement might not be on a like for like basis. Please speak to an agent from our service provider should this be required.

Electric Mobility Aids (EMAs)

If you are travelling with an electric mobility aid it is important that you provide details on the make and model to your airline at the time of making the booking. This will be passed to the airport to allow them to make it safe before loading into the hold of the aircraft.

Where the PRM does not provide adequate information on how to make an electric mobility aid safe and it is not reasonably possible for the aircraft operator to obtain suitable instructions and pass these on to the airport operator, the airport operator is not under any further obligation to make the aid safe for transport.

For more information on making EMAs safe please click here.

Assistance dogs

You can bring your assistance dog into the UK without quarantine as long as it meets the rules of the EU Assistance Dog scheme. It is the responsibility of the owner to ensure that their dog is fully compliant with the scheme. If your assistance dog doesn’t comply with the rules it may not be able to enter Great Britain or may be licensed into quarantine on arrival.

Please contact our service provider to make enquiries.

Further info on the Assistance Dog scheme can be found here.



Getting to the airport

Getting to the Airport

By Bus, Train or Taxi

Travelling to Glasgow Airport by bus is easy as there are several services connecting with Glasgow city centre, other local destinations and beyond. Many have low floors and are easily accessible for wheelchair users. There are dedicated Help Points at the bus and coach stands and these are listed above.

If booking a Glasgow Airport taxi and you can get dropped off right outside the Main Terminal building and all of these cars are wheelchair accessible. The taxi rank is immediately outside of the terminal and the driver can arrange any assistance required.

More information on buses taxis and trains can be found here.

By Car - dropping off

Glasgow Airport’s new dedicated pick-up and drop-off facility are located directly across from the main terminal. Drivers dropping people off should use this facility for quick transactions under 10-minutes only. If picking someone up please make sure the person has cleared immigration (if applicable), has collected any luggage and is ready to meet you. The facility has three zones – coded A, B, and C – to help you coordinate your pick-up. Please note zone C is suitable for all types of vehicles including coaches and mini-buses.

If you plan to enter the terminal with someone you are dropping off, or to meet a passenger arriving back in Glasgow, you should use Car Park 2.

You can view a map of our current road layout here. This includes the location of our Long-Stay Car Park, where drivers can also wait-free for up to 30 minutes. There is a free shuttle bus available to take passengers between the Long-Stay Car Park and the main terminal building. It operates every 10 to 15 minutes and takes approximately five minutes.

Picking up

There is a dedicated pickup area on the ground floor of Car Park 2 and there are marked blue badge spaces within this area. For details of charges click here.

Drivers with a blue badge should NOT use the pick-up and drop-off facility. Blue badge holders should use Car Park 2 opposite the terminal building, where they will be entitled to up to 30 minutes of free parking.


Blue badge spaces are available in our car parks as detailed below

  • Car Park 2 has 10 spaces on the ground floor plus a help point
  • All other floors have 12 spaces but no help points
  • All floors have access to 4 accessible lifts
  • Car Park 1 has 4 spaces on the ground floor of the multi-storey part. There is no call point. The nearest call point is in the area near the pelican crossing.

All blue badge holders are entitled to 30 minutes free parking by presenting their blue badge at the kiosk in any of our car parks.

For more information on car parking and charges click here.

Changing places_new.png (1)

Changing places

Passengers with profound and multiple learning difficulties and disabilities can make use of Glasgow Airport’s Changing Places facility.

The room will also benefit passengers with a wide range of physical disabilities such as spinal injuries, muscular dystrophy and multiple sclerosis who often need extra equipment and space to allow them to use toilet facilities safely and comfortably.

Located in the airport’s main check-in hall to ensure it is accessible to both departing and arriving passengers, the spacious facility’s key features include a height-adjustable sink and hydraulic bed, an electronic hoist, shower and non-slip floor and privacy screens. 

The terminal also has wayfinding signage directing passengers to the Changing Places room, which is located between the WH Smith and Luggage Point stores in the main check-in hall. 

With more than 9.9 million passengers travelling through its doors in 2017, Glasgow becomes the largest airport in Scotland to house a Changing Places facility and one of 14 across the UK. 

The airport’s compliance team worked with representatives from Promoting A More Inclusive Society (PAMIS) on the design and requirements of the facility.


Hidden Disability

We have been working with a number of different charities to improve our staff training and awareness of hidden disabilities and to improve the assistance we provide. If you or someone you are travelling with have a hidden disability we will be happy to provide you with a lanyard which will discreetly identify you to airport staff as requiring additional support.

Our front line Security staff have been trained to recognise these lanyards and offer special assistance to passengers passing through the Security Search process. To obtain one, kindly check in with the special assistance desk on the ground floor in our main check-in area and they will also explain what we can do to help you on your journey.


Airport ambassadors

At Glasgow Airport, you’ll easily spot our team of friendly, roving Ambassadors who are on hand to answer any questions you may have about any aspect of your visit.

You can also get information on onwards ground transport options on our to and from website page. 




If you are travelling with Autism we realise that this can be particularly difficult in a busy airport and we have been working hard to make this as easy as possible.


Booking assistance for your journey

You should always request assistance first with your airline or travel agent when making a flight reservation and ensure that you book as “DPNA assistance” when asked what help you need. You should also ask the airline or travel agent to add a comment including the word Autism. This will enable us to better understand your requirements once you have arrived at the airport and check in at the assistance desk.

Preparing to travel

We recommend that you contact us prior to your date of travel, to provide more details of your needs if required. We can then also explain the options that are available at the airport to allow us to make your journey as smooth as possible.

For those that have not travelled before and are particularly concerned, we can offer pre-visits when the airport is a little quieter. This will allow you to experience the passenger route and better prepare for your day of travel. To arrange a pre-visit please contact our service provider using the contact details below.

On the day of travel

On your planned travel date please go to the special assistance Host Desk on the ground floor of the main terminal where we will scan your boarding card and arrange all assistance necessary. On checking in at the assistance desk you will be offered a hidden disability lanyard if required and you do not already have one.

If you are already in possession of a lanyard and do not require any assistance, please still check in at the desk as it will make us aware of your presence in the airport.

We are unable to send lanyards out for this reason and they must be collected in person on the day. 

> Download A Visual Guide to planning your journey (PDF 2MB) 

Contact our PRM service provider

0141 842 7700 (24 Hr)

Please note that this number is monitored by our special assistance team and is only able to answer questions related to this service. If you are looking for any other information, please contact the airport here.

or email GLA.PRM@ocs.co.uk

Please note this email address is only monitored Mon to Fri, 0900 to 1700. If your query requires a more urgent response please use the phone number above.



Security screening

Our security staff are required under government legislation to carry out a hand-search whenever a passenger activates the archway metal detector alarm. If you are a wheelchair user, that’s likely to be the case. We recognise that it may be more suitable to have this search carried out away from the main search area, so please don’t hesitate to request this. Private search areas are located within the Central Search Area. If you have any questions or queries throughout the Security process, please do not hesitate to ask for one of our Security Supervisors.

Regulation EC1107/2006

Since 26 July 2008, under Regulation EC 1107/2006, managing bodies of airports, such as Glasgow Airport, have a legal responsibility for the provision of assistance services to persons with reduced mobility when travelling by air. The aim of this legislation is to ensure that consistent high-quality assistance is provided at airports throughout the European community.

For further information on Regulation EC1107/2006 the document can be viewed here.


Medicines, Equipment, Mobility and Allergies

Travelling with Medicines, Mobility and Medical Equipment 

The CAA has provided a useful guide if you are travelling with Medicine, Mobility or Medical equipment whilst flying. There is also an FAQ: At the Airport on the same page on the use of airport screening equipment on medical equipment such as pacemakers or insulin pumps. For further info please click on the link below

>CAA guide for travelling with Medicines, Mobility and Medical Equipment.

Travelling with Allergies

If you are travelling by air with food allergies you may find the links below useful. If you require further info then it is best to consult with your airline.

> Travelling with a food allergy

> Information on types of food allergies (including peanuts)




Passengers with reduced mobility - our assistance provider

Contact our PRM service provider

For Reduced Mobility Assistance queries please contact:

0141 842 7700 (24 Hr)

or email GLA.PRM@ocs.co.uk

Please note this email address is only monitored Mon to Fri, 0900 to 1700. If your query requires a more urgent response please use the phone number above.

Regulation EC1107/2006

Since 26 July 2008, under Regulation EC 1107/2006, managing bodies of airports, such as Glasgow Airport, have a legal responsibility for the provision of assistance services to persons with reduced mobility when travelling by air. The aim of this legislation is to ensure that consistent high-quality assistance is provided at airports throughout the European community.

For further information on Regulation EC1107/2006 the document can be viewed here

Service levels

Glasgow Airport is committed to providing the highest level of service in a timely and courteous manner.  Quality Standards for the assistance services specified in Annex 1 of the Regulation which was established in consultation with air carriers and their agents and organisations representing persons with reduced mobility. View our standards below

Quality standards (PDF 52KB)


How we performed October'17 - March'18 (PDF)

How we performed April'18 - September'18 (PDF)

How we performed October'18 - March'19 (PDF)

How we performed April'19 - September'19 (PDF)

Contact Glasgow Airport

If you would like to contact us or provide feedback please click here.

Contact CAA

The CAA is now consulting on a CAA PRM passenger satisfaction survey. To complete the survey, please click here


PRM Events

As part of our commitment to consult with local disability groups, we hold a variety of events throughout the year. Below is a list of activity we've conducted.

PRM Open Day

In November 2015 we held another open day inviting representatives from various disability groups along with some passengers who we received negative feedback from on their previous journey to share their experiences and help us improve our service. Those who attended include:

Renfrewshire Access Panel (members representing different user groups) George Adam MSP (Cross-Party Group in the Scottish Parliament on Aviation (Member)

National Autism Scotland

Scottish Disability Equality Forum (SDEF)

I am Me

We have worked with I Am Me along with a police initiative “Keep Safe” to raise awareness of Disability hate crime. We are pleased to be the first airport in the UK to join the scheme.

Keep Safe works in partnership with Police Scotland and a network of local businesses to create ‘Keep Safe’ places for disabled, vulnerable, and elderly people when out and about in the community. People can access these premises to seek assistance and help if they feel lost, confused, scared, in danger, or have been the victim of a crime. The Keep Safe initiative is currently being rolled out across Scotland in partnership with other Local Authorities.

We have joined the initiative by providing a keep “safe place” in the Main Terminal Building PRM assistance area. 

For more details please see link below http://www.iammescotland.co.uk/

Ian Hamilton (BBC)

We worked with BBC journalist Ian Hamilton (and his guide dog Renton) to provide an insight into the needs of blind people and help show what assistance is available to all users. Video link is available here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-33313447

NHS Scotland

We have also worked with NHS Scotland and our business partner Loganair to help improve the service for PRM passengers travelling from the Highlands and Islands. A large number of passengers travel from the islands each month through Glasgow Airport to visit NHS hospitals in the Glasgow area for medical treatment. Several workshops have been held to help improve the service.

Scottish Dementia Working Group

On 16th June 2016, we met with Scottish Dementia Working Group with the aim of improving the service and providing better information for this group PRM users (with hidden disabilities). We have agreed to attend the forum on 13th July 2016.

Challenge for Change

On 29th June 2016 OCS and Glasgow Airport invited airlines, business partners and disability groups to attend a challenge for change presentation/forum. The aim of the day was to share the findings of report commissioned by OCS. The purpose of this report is to stimulate debate among all airline and stakeholders. More details can be found here.

Scottish Dementia Working Group

On 13th July 2016 we were pleased to have initial discussions with SDWG on how we can improve the service for passengers with dementia and have been invited to attend their next meeting to share information and feedback on how we can improve our service and share learning.

Epilepsy Scotland

On the 29th July 2016, following an initial meeting at the Challenge for Change event Epilepsy Scotland kindly agreed to visit the airport to help review the services that both OCS and Glasgow Airport provide and training that we give to all front line staff. Feedback from this has now also been included in our annual refresher training which is due to take place in August. 

RAP Access Audit

On the 5th August 2016, we invited Renfrewshire Access Panel to carry out an access audit for the Terminal and the passenger journey in respect of disabled access including, access for partially sighted and hearing impaired passengers as well as for other hidden disabilities. This included auditing the availability of induction loops, signage and accessible routes. From this audit, we have taken several findings and made funds available to make some very simple changes, e.g. change some tiling on approach to a small incline to be tonally contrasting, to having fund approved to install over a dozen fixed portable induction loops at passenger interface areas throughout the Terminal Buildings. A second follow up visit is planned to look at the outer forecourt areas.

Eastpark Autism group

A planned meeting with a local Autism group in Eastpark was planned to take place in August 2016 but had to be rescheduled and is now due to take place later in October 2016. One of our Border force colleagues is part of the group and kindly put us in touch.

Scottish Dementia Working Group

We were invited to the working group on the 23rd of August 2016 in the Glasgow office and it was a privilege to first observe the drive to help people with Dementia and to hear first-hand on how it affected their daily lives but on the effect it had on them using public transport and in particular when travelling by air. We shared the service that we provide and the downloadable guide that is available from the website and the feedback from those that had used the service was positive. We have agreed to update the booklet since then to make it more obvious that the service is also for hidden disabilities.


In October 2016 we met with RNIB to discuss the services they provide and discussions included a review of our current webpage to make it more accessible. We have taken some of the feedback on board and aim to review our online content.

Eastpark Autism Group

In April 2017 we met with Eastpark autism group following discussions with one of their board members who is an airport employee. We gave details of our process for pre-visiting the airport and were given an insight into the school and some of the challenges.

Autism Experience Awareness

In May 2017 we invited Autism Reality Experience to the airport for the day to allow our staff and staff across the airport to experience who it would feel for someone with autism to travel through a busy environment. The event was great and even staff members who had autistic children said that they were surprised and gave them a different view of how it must feel. We arranged this as a follow up to the updated training that front line security team members have received. We also invited a local autism group to come along and feedback was also very positive.

Autism Support Forum

We were invited to attend the Autism Support Forum in Stornoway in June 2017 as various passengers travel regularly through Glasgow Airport using our PRM service. In particular, we have been working closely with Loganair to tailor special arrangements for passengers using the island routes.

Visit Scotland Accessible Tourism Workshop

We attended the workshop ran by Visit Scotland in June 2017. Glasgow is working towards accreditation as an accessible tourist destination and there are several large events taking place in 2018. The aim of the forum is to set up smaller working groups to look at various sectors including air transport to ensure that Glasgow will be ready as required

Scottish Transport Forum

In September 2017 we attended the Scottish Transport Forum in Edinburgh run by Transport Scotland. One of the main aims of the forum is improving access across all forms of transport including air, rail, road and sea. In particular, the aim is to make transition from one form of transport to another much easier.

Open Day

We ran another PRM open day for passengers who require special assistance in September and invited various disability groups to take part. Following this, we are also inviting passengers who are flying and use the PRM service to act as a mystery shopper and provide feedback after their journey. If you would like to take part please contact one of the team at GLA.PRMLeadership@OCS.co.uk

Transport Accessibility Event

In October we are attending the Scottish Transport accessibility event in Clydebank where various groups will be presenting on initiatives to improve accessibility within various modes of transport.

Accessible Glasgow

On the 18th Jan 2018 met with various disability groups and transport providers at the Accessible Glasgow Tourism Project. This was facilitated by Glasgow City Council and Visit Scotland. One of the main aims is to make Glasgow a fully accessible tourism destination by 2023. In the build-up to the European Championships 2018 Glasgow City want to ensure that the city is accessible for the event as well working towards accreditation as an autism-friendly city. Glasgow Airport has joined with other public transport providers, and GDA (Glasgow Disability Alliance) to form a Transport Task Force with this aim. A follow-up meeting was held on the 29th March.

Loganair and Calmac

On the 22nd Jan 2018, we met with Loganair and Calmac to discuss travel arrangements and onward travel for travellers with Special Assistance requirements. This is particularly important for the highlands and islands community due to the high number of visitors travelling to Glasgow for routine or emergency medical treatment. The aim was to review the current process, share best practice and look for improvements for a seamless journey.

Islay Passenger Transport Forum

On the 13th Feb 2018 Loganair asked if we could assist by meeting with a passenger, Liz, who had a challenging journey from Islay. During this chat, Liz said that she was not aware of the various assistance options available to her. Loganair and Glasgow Airport agreed to travel to Islay on the 8th March and attend the Islay Transport Forum and discuss all of the assistance options available to both PRM and NHS patients and to find out if we could make improvements. Following this, we have both agreed to travel back and meet with the NHS to try and help with the patient discharge process. We have done this previously with NHS Glasgow.

Glasgow Autism Friendly Initiative

On the 11th April 2018 we attended the launch of the Glasgow Autism Friendly Initiative which aims to improve facilities and support for autistic residents and visitors at transport hubs, retail, leisure and tourists locations throughout the City while also raising awareness with the public about how to work better as individuals to be more aware of autism and the difficulties people face.

The group were shown a preview of the specially commissioned film and took part in a short discussion to provide feedback. The link to the video can be found here.

Glasgow Schoolgirl Nicola Johnston, a P7 pupil at St John Paul II Primary in Castlemilk, who has autism, designed the logo on the left which was selected from over 180 entries from schools across Glasgow. The logo will be given to all participating businesses and used in a variety of ways including being displayed in the form of window stickers to show autism-aware venues, and as badges for their nominated champions or trained staff.

If you are a member of a local disability group and would like to take part in one of our forums or feel that we could be of help to your group then please contact GLA.PRMLeadership@OCS.co.uk

Turkish Accessible Transport Visit

On the 29th June 2018, we hosted a study visit for a Turkish Government delegation who were reviewing transport accessibility and best practice in the UK. The aim was to review and share current practices, specifically at the airport, in relation to PRM assistance provided by the airport and airlines. The group was made up of various involved stakeholders including the Turkish Transport Minister, Airport Owners and Service providers as well as delegates representing various disability groups.

Dementia reality experience

On the 4th July 2018, we ran a Dementia Reality Experience open to both members of staff and the public. This was a follow up to last year’s highly successful Autism reality experience. The aim was to raise awareness of the issues of dementia and in particular, the difficulties faced when travelling through the airport.

Milldale Day Opportunities

On the 13th July 2018, we visited a local day centre who provide further education and support for various service user groups. The aim of the visit was to help provide an understanding of the service that we provide as they have identified a number of individuals whose goal is to get to a position where they feel comfortable and confident to take a flight. We arranged to host a visit to Glasgow for a couple of the Service Officers to tour the airport and walk the passenger journey. From this visit, we have agreed on an action plan to help a small group of the service user to achieve this goal. This work is currently ongoing.

Changing places

On the 14th August 2018, Glasgow Airport officially opened the new changing places facility located on the ground floor in the main terminal following lengthy consultation with PAMIS (Promoting A More Inclusive Society) to ensure that the facility was designed correctly and to highest standards. The facility was opened by Mark Johnston (Glasgow Airport MD) and representatives from (PAMIS) and joined by Cara Devaney and her five-year-old daughter Layla, who was born with a rare brain disorder and has cerebral palsy.

Fiona Souter, Information and Inclusive Communities Director at PAMIS, said: “As the leading Scottish charity for the Changing Places toilet campaign, we are delighted that Glasgow Airport has installed a Changing Places toilet for its visitors.

“Many people with complex health care needs who require this type of facility are restricted from being able to travel because their personal care needs cannot be accommodated in an accessible toilet.

“Having a changing places toilet at Glasgow Airport will open up the world to them and ensure Scotland continues to meet the ambitions of Transport Scotland’s accessible travel framework – Going Further. 

“This fantastic changing place toilet facility at Glasgow Airport will ensure that the personal care needs of its users are met with dignity and respect." goal. This work is currently ongoing. 

Milldale Day Opportunities

On the 16th August 2018, we facilitated a guided visit of the airport facilities and passenger journey, in particular, all of the special assistance that can be provided for passengers with reduced mobility. Having gained a better understanding of the PRM service we have now helped Milldale firm up an action plan to enable a small group to achieve their goal to travel by air and agreed on next steps. We will continue to work with Milldale on a regular basis.

Renfrewshire Access Panel (RAP)

On the 7th September 2018, we met with RAP to both increases our engagement with local access groups and to discuss the agenda for our next PRM Open Day taking place later in the year. After discussing the agenda, aims and objectives RAP have kindly offered to independently chair the forum moving forward.  We have agreed on the agenda for our next meeting and RAP are in the process of sending out invites to various disability groups and service users. If you also wish to take part please send your contact details to the address below.

Renfrewshire Access Panel  (RAP)

On the 5th October, we had a further meeting with RAP to finalise the guest list for the PRM Open forum as well as agree on the agenda and share our current performance with the team prior to the day. We also discussed the new Changing Places facility and the feedback received so far. In light of the local area trying to promote these facilities, we worked with RAP to help them seek some funds for some equipment in an existing facility nearby via the Glasgow Airport Flightpath fund.


Transport Providers Accessibility Framework working group

On the 8th October 2018, we met with providers from Cal-Mac, Scotrail and First Group with the aim of trying to share best practice and work towards a more joined-up approach when it comes to accessible travel. It was a good initial meeting with actions taken by all and next meeting scheduled in January 2019. 

Ramble Tag

On the 17th of October 2018 following a chance encounter with Tom Forsyth arriving on a flight into Glasgow we met with Tom and his business partner Laura MacLean to talk about their Kickstarter campaign for a new device aimed at helping visually impaired by making it easier to be guided by a companion or helper. We fell in love with the product and their enthusiasm for it so immediately purchased some to trial and provide feedback. We also invited them to the Open Day on the 26th October to show to other groups.

Open Day

On the 26th of October 2018, we held another open day in the Holiday at Glasgow Airport with varied accessibility groups invited and the day was a great success with really positive feedback. Among those present were Diabetes UK, Crohn’s and Colitis UK, Terptree, Ramble Tag, RAP, Milldale Day Opportunities, Scottish Autism Society, several members of Renfrewshire access Panel and George Adam MP and his wife Stacey who is a user of the service. As well as sharing our current performance and ongoing initiates to improve the service, we shared feedback received through the year from some of the 105,000 plus users of the service this year so far.  We then had a breakout session to review the feedback as well as training material and potential improvements to the service as well as presentations from some of the groups present.

Milldale Visit

On 21st of November 2018 we facilitated a visit for Milldale Day Centre with some of the service users and staff to show them the service we can provide as well as showcasing a pre-visit tour from check-in to departure on the aircraft as a way of gauging the service provided and hopefully enabling some of the service users to now feel comfortable and in a position that they feel able to fly. After great feedback from the service users who were able to share with partner groups, we are aiming to do a wider group as a follow-up.


On the 11th December 2019, we met with Mobility Access Committee for Scotland (MACS) an advisory non departmental public body and went through all of the services we provide as well as sharing innovation, training details and our performance to date this year. We also walked the passenger journey and demonstrated the new PRM allocation system which is currently being rolled out as a way of improving service and performance.

Glenton Travel

We got in touch with Glenton Travel as they are a tour company who offer coach trips and packages aimed at a group who are a higher use of the PRM service. On the 12th of December 2018, we facilitated a visit for some of the team. The aim was to make them aware of the service we offer but raise awareness of the importance of prettification and the use of the correct categories and information provided at the time of booking. We also toured the entire PRM passenger journey showing service offered, enhancements to the service if required, equipment available to the passenger and explained that the passenger journey begins from the arrival point not just from check which will also help their customers. As a follow up we agreed to do another group visit with sales advisors in the New Year as this will help them better understand the wider PRM service that is available at the airport

Ramble Tag

We met with Laura and Tom from Ramble Tag on the 21st December 2018 as we have been trialling the use of the Ramble Tag at the airport to obtain feedback from PRM staff and service users on its suitability and to help develop the product. Feedback received so far from both is that the device has been very positive and will continue to use the aid as part of the service.

Transport Providers Accessibility Forum

On the 25th January 2019 we met again with other transport providers to progress and update actions from the larger accessible transport framework whose aim is to make transport more seamless for passengers with reduced mobility. Discussions included review of training for all staff and how we engage with user groups. Some good practice shared and following talks with First bus we aim to run a similar event which will allow staff to gain a better insight on the difficulties faced by some service user groups. 

Disability Equality Scotland

On the 25th of January 2109 we also met with D.E.S. who wanted our help and engagement to run a Renfrewshire accessible transport event which would bring together transport users and ourselves along with other transport providers e.g. buses and taxis. We shared our local contacts and assisted with suggesting local disability groups and agreed to take part in the event in March. 

Transport Scotland

On the 7th March we took part in the Transport Scotland accessible transport conference, a follow up from the event in Edinburgh in 2018. Transport Scotland has a 10 year plan to imbed their accessible travel framework across all modes of transport and we are working with them to help deliver this plan. Information was shared by a European Commission shared information that consultation is underway to review and update EC1107/2006 and publication expected by third quarter 2019. 

Disability Equality Scotland

On the 12th March 2019 we took part and presented on some of the recent work we have been doing with various disability groups and shared our current performance and feedback etc. with the users groups. Following this in the afternoon we facilitated group discussions with some local disability groups and have agreed to meet individually with some of the groups to share information on the services we offer. 

Renfrewshire Access Panel

On the 15th March 2019 we met with Renfrewshire Access Panel to discuss outcomes and actions from the event on the 12th March and to plan the next Airport PRM forum in May 2019. We have also asked to set up a joint meeting with some other user groups and in the first instance have asked to meet with MS society and to meet with one of our local groups with hearing loss.


Last updated 17th April 2019