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The southernmost portion of mainland Portugal has long been one of Europe’s most popular sun-and-sea destinations – easy to understand when you encounter its mix of golden sands, family resorts and whitewashed towns.  The coastline itself is a vision at times, with flower-covered slopes leading down to quiet shorelines, but things get much livelier at the main tourist centres, equipped with myriad restaurants, bars and attractions. 

Whether a couple's getaway or a holiday of family fun, book the perfect getaway to Faro with Jet2holidays.

Keeping kids happy

A holiday to the Faro from Glasgow Airport suits all sorts of travellers, but the destination is famed for its appeal to families. There’s a mild climate year round, which holds numerous advantages, but just as notable is the range of activities on offer, from beach sports and water parks to go-karting and dolphin-spotting trips. In addition there are more than 70 Blue Flag beaches to choose from – all accredited for their environment and safety levels.

Myriad charms

Away from the thrum and activity of the key resort towns, the Faro is somewhere with a whole host of less populated spots. The cliff-surrounded town of Sagres and nearby VicentinaCoast are great bets for both surfers and hikers, while cyclists can wend their way between old fishing villages (the region’s seafood, unsurprisingly, is superb). If you head inland, meanwhile, you’ll find rich reward in the gorgeous Serra de Monchique mountain range and under-visited treats like the Roman ruins at Estoi.

Great for golfers

The 300 annual days of sunshine enjoyed by the Faro have helped it become one of the continent’s most enticing golf spots. There are more than 30 well-tended courses to choose from, including the rightly lauded San Lorenzo (Quinta do Lago), recently named among the world’s 25 best courses by Golf World Magazine. Four others in the Faro made the top 100 – the region’s spectacular scenery adds to the experience.

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Activities in Faro (Algarve)

Flight Schedule

Flights departing to Faro (Algarve)

Dep Arr To Airline No. M T W T F S S Dates
06:40 10:05 FAO LS173 02/03/23-16/11/23
07:00 10:25 FAO LS173 05/03/23-03/12/23
07:05 10:20 FAO easyJet EZY6843 15/12/22-23/03/23
07:05 10:20 FAO easyJet EZY6843 08/12/22-09/03/23
14:20 17:35 FAO easyJet EZY3163 29/03/23-21/06/23
14:50 18:05 FAO easyJet EZY6843 24/12/22-24/12/22
15:55 19:05 FAO easyJet EZY6843 29/11/22-21/03/23
15:55 19:05 FAO easyJet EZY6843 06/12/22-10/01/23
15:55 19:10 FAO easyJet EZY3163 01/04/23-02/12/23
16:00 19:10 FAO easyJet EZY6843 03/12/22-03/12/22
16:00 19:10 FAO easyJet EZY6843 10/12/22-04/02/23
16:05 19:15 FAO easyJet EZY6843 11/02/23-25/03/23
16:15 19:30 FAO easyJet EZY3163 02/05/23-20/06/23
16:50 20:05 FAO easyJet EZY3163 26/06/23-01/12/23
17:50 21:05 FAO easyJet EZY3163 27/06/23-28/11/23

Flights arriving from Faro (Algarve)

Dep Arr From Airline No. M T W T F S S Dates
10:50 14:10 FAO easyJet EZY6844 08/12/22-09/03/23
10:50 14:10 FAO easyJet EZY6844 15/12/22-23/03/23
10:55 14:20 FAO LS174 02/03/23-16/11/23
11:05 14:30 FAO LS174 26/03/23-30/10/23
11:10 14:35 FAO LS174 05/03/23-03/12/23
11:15 14:40 FAO LS174 23/11/23-30/11/23
18:05 21:20 FAO easyJet EZY3164 29/03/23-21/06/23
18:35 21:55 FAO easyJet EZY6844 24/12/22-24/12/22
19:35 22:55 FAO easyJet EZY6844 06/12/22-10/01/23
19:35 22:55 FAO easyJet EZY6844 29/11/22-21/03/23
19:40 22:55 FAO easyJet EZY3164 01/04/23-02/12/23
19:40 23:00 FAO easyJet EZY6844 03/12/22-03/12/22
19:40 23:00 FAO easyJet EZY6844 10/12/22-04/02/23
19:45 23:05 FAO easyJet EZY6844 11/02/23-25/03/23
20:05 23:20 FAO easyJet EZY3164 02/05/23-20/06/23
20:35 23:50 FAO easyJet EZY3164 29/06/23-30/11/23
20:40 23:55 FAO easyJet EZY3164 26/06/23-01/12/23
21:40 00:50 FAO easyJet EZY3164 27/06/23-28/11/23

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