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Clustered around the shores of Campbeltown Loch, this postcard-perfect fishing port is both a gateway to the Inner Hebrides and a charming destination in its own right. From exploring deserted beaches to watching an art house flick at the oldest purpose-built cinema in Scotland, there’s plenty here for visitors to see and enjoy.

Liquid gold

Once home to over 30 distilleries, Campbeltown has a venerable history of whisky production. The area now boasts three active distilleries – Glen Scotia (12 High Street), Glengyle (9 Bolgam Street) and Springbank (85 Longrow) – and the latter offers tasting tours for fans of the gold stuff. When you’ve drunk your fill, learn more about the town’s industrial heritage and its self-proclaimed status as ‘whisky capital of the world’ at the fascinating CampbeltownMuseum (BurnetBuilding, St John Street).

Walk this way

Surrounded by vast pine forests, heather-covered hills and pristine coastline, Campbeltown offers some of the best walking in the country. Join the long-distance Kintyre Way as it winds through the town en route from Tarbert to Dunaverty Bay, wander uphill from the High Street to reach the Campbeltown standing stone and enjoy huge views over the loch, or take advantage of low tide to follow a shingle causeway out to Davaar Island and discover its 19th-century cave painting of the crucifixion.

Golden sands

It might take less than an hour to travel to Campbeltown from Glasgow Airport, but this secluded part of the world has beaches to rival most long-haul destinations. The soft sands of MachrihanishBay to the west of the town are perfect for swimming and kitesurfing, and you can spot seal, wild goats and rare birds from the nearby wildlife observatory. A short drive to the north, WestportBeach is a 9km stretch of golden sand that attracts sunbathers and surfers as well as golfers keen to enjoy the attractions of Machrihanish Golf Course.

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Flight Schedule

Flights departing to Campbeltown

Dep Arr To Airline No. M T W T F S S Dates
07:00 07:45 CAL Loganair LM443 23/12/20-23/12/20
08:00 08:40 CAL Loganair LM443 27/08/20-24/12/20
08:00 08:45 CAL Loganair LM443 03/08/20-26/03/21
08:15 09:00 CAL Loganair LM453 13/07/20-31/07/20
11:35 12:20 CAL Loganair LM453 29/07/20-29/07/20
15:30 16:10 CAL Loganair LM447 25/09/20-25/09/20
16:30 17:15 CAL Loganair LM447 04/08/20-26/03/21
16:40 17:25 CAL Loganair LM447 22/10/20-23/10/20
16:45 17:30 CAL Loganair LM447 24/09/20-24/09/20
17:40 18:25 CAL Loganair LM447 20/09/20-20/09/20

Flights arriving from Campbeltown

Dep Arr From Airline No. M T W T F S S Dates
08:05 08:45 CAL Loganair LM444 23/12/20-23/12/20
09:00 09:40 CAL Loganair LM444 27/08/20-24/12/20
09:05 09:45 CAL Loganair LM444 03/08/20-26/03/21
09:20 11:15 CAL Loganair LM453 13/07/20-31/07/20
12:40 14:35 CAL Loganair LM453 29/07/20-29/07/20
16:30 17:10 CAL Loganair LM448 25/09/20-25/09/20
17:35 18:15 CAL Loganair LM448 04/08/20-26/03/21
17:45 18:25 CAL Loganair LM448 22/10/20-23/10/20
17:50 18:30 CAL Loganair LM448 24/09/20-24/09/20
18:45 19:25 CAL Loganair LM448 20/09/20-20/09/20

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