Shetland Islands

Shetland Islands

Shetland Islands

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Once upon a time, the only people seen at Sumburgh Airport were fishermen and oil workers. Not today. More and more people are discovering the historic relics and natural wonders of Scotland’s northernmost outpost. Take a short break to Sumburgh from Glasgow Airport and step into a world of windswept lochs and Viking battle cries. 
Gateway to the isles

Sumburgh is the stepping stone to a wild adventure. The Shetland Islands offer some of Scotland’s most dramatic coastal scenery – wild beaches, soaring sea cliffs, rolling moors and silent lochs. Explore these remote islands on foot, by bicycle, by car or by kayak, and you’ll have plenty of company; hidden away in this lonely landscape are some of Britain’s most charismatic birds and animals – puffins, otters, dolphins, seals, even free-roaming Shetland ponies.
Ancient Shetland

The rich history of Scotland’s highlands and islands goes into overdrive in the Shetland Islands, where every hummock of grass is a prehistoric burial mound and every scattered pile of rocks is another ruined castle, fort or tomb. Within sight of Sumburgh Airport, Jarlshof has ruins spanning 4,500 years, from a Bronze Age village to a Viking longhouse. There’s even a ruined broch (drystone tower) within the city limits of the Shetland capital, Lerwick, though Scotland’s best-preserved broch dominates the shoreline on the nearby island of Mousa.  
Viking spectacle

Viking blood runs thick in Shetland. Even the name Lerwick – 'Bay of Clay' in old Norse – has Viking roots. Locals celebrate their Viking heritage with wild abandon on the last Tuesday in January, as part of the Up Helly Aa festival. After a vast procession of guizers (islanders dressed in Viking garb, complete with winged helmets and flowing beards), the festival ends with the ritual burning of a life-size Viking longship and a city-wide party that lasts through to the following day.

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Flight Schedule

Flights departing from Glasgow to Sumburgh

Dep Arr To Airline No. M T W T F S S Dates
07:30 09:00 LSI Loganair LM437 24/12/19-31/12/19
08:45 10:15 LSI Loganair LM437 28/12/19-04/01/20
08:50 10:20 LSI Loganair LM437 16/11/19-28/03/20
09:30 11:00 LSI Loganair LM439 04/04/20-24/10/20
10:30 12:00 LSI Loganair LM439 28/12/19-30/01/20
11:00 12:30 LSI Loganair LM439 30/03/20-23/10/20
11:00 12:30 LSI Loganair LM441 29/03/20-18/10/20
11:00 12:30 LSI Loganair LM437 22/12/19-22/03/20
12:00 13:30 LSI Loganair LM437 17/11/19-05/01/20
12:30 14:00 LSI Loganair LM437 02/01/20-02/01/20
13:00 14:30 LSI Loganair LM439 22/12/19-29/12/19
13:00 14:30 LSI Loganair LM437 11/11/19-27/03/20
13:10 14:40 LSI Loganair LM437 26/12/19-27/12/19
13:30 15:00 LSI Loganair LM439 21/12/19-21/12/19
13:40 15:10 LSI Loganair LM437 29/03/20-24/10/20
17:50 19:15 LSI Loganair LM441 29/12/19-29/12/19
18:00 19:30 LSI Loganair LM439 29/03/20-18/10/20

Flights departing from Sumburgh to Glasgow

Dep Arr From Airline No. M T W T F S S Dates
08:00 09:30 LSI Loganair LM436 04/04/20-24/10/20
08:45 10:15 LSI Loganair LM438 30/03/20-23/10/20
10:45 12:15 LSI Loganair LM436 28/12/19-04/01/20
10:50 12:20 LSI Loganair LM436 16/11/19-28/03/20
11:30 13:00 LSI Loganair LM438 04/04/20-24/10/20
12:30 14:00 LSI Loganair LM438 28/12/19-28/12/19
12:30 14:00 LSI Loganair LM436 30/01/20-30/01/20
13:00 14:30 LSI Loganair LM436 22/12/19-23/10/20
14:00 15:30 LSI Loganair LM436 17/11/19-05/01/20
14:05 15:30 LSI Loganair LM436 24/12/19-31/12/19
15:00 16:30 LSI Loganair LM438 11/11/19-27/03/20
15:10 16:40 LSI Loganair LM438 27/12/19-27/12/19
15:30 17:00 LSI Loganair LM440 21/12/19-21/12/19
16:00 17:30 LSI Loganair LM440 29/03/20-24/10/20
16:05 17:20 LSI Loganair LM438 29/12/19-29/12/19
18:00 19:30 LSI Loganair LM438 03/01/20-03/01/20
18:30 20:00 LSI Loganair LM436 26/12/19-26/12/19
18:40 20:10 LSI Loganair LM436 02/01/20-02/01/20
19:10 20:40 LSI Loganair LM438 22/12/19-22/12/19
19:10 20:40 LSI Loganair LM440 29/12/19-29/12/19

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