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Travelling with Mobility Aids or Assistance Animals

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Information on Mobility Equipment

Where possible you should be permitted to remain within your own mobility aid until the last possible moment at the gate. If you wish to check in the mobility aid and use an airport wheelchair then please request this at check-in. On arrival at the airport, your mobility aid should be repatriated to the passenger at the gate. If your mobility equipment is damaged we will arrange for use of an airport mobility aid until such times as the damage can be resolved with your airline although any replacement might not be on a like for like basis. Please speak to an agent from our service provider should this be required.

Electric Mobility Aids (EMAs)

If you are traveling with an electric mobility aid it is important that you provide details on the make and model to your airline at the time of making the booking. This will be passed to the airport to allow them to make it safe before loading into the hold of the aircraft.

Where the PRM does not provide adequate information on how to make an electric mobility aid safe and it is not reasonably possible for the aircraft operator to obtain suitable instructions and pass these on to the airport operator, the airport operator is not under any further obligation to make the aid safe for transport.

For more information on making EMAs safe please click here.

Assistance dogs

You can bring your assistance dog into the UK without quarantine, if it meets the rules of the EU Assistance Dog scheme. It is the responsibility of the owner to ensure that their dog is fully compliant with the scheme. If your assistance dog doesn’t comply with the rules, it may not be able to enter Great Britain or may be licensed into quarantine on arrival.

The information required to carry an animal into Glasgow can be found on the UK government site following the link below.

Bringing your pet dog, cat or ferret to Great Britain: Guide and assistance dogs - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

The requirements include the following

  • The dog must be a ‘Recognised assistance dog’ which means guide and other assistance dogs, which are highly trained to assist a wide range of disabled persons with everyday tasks. Guide dogs which are trained primarily to provide mobility assistance to blind or partially sighted people are trained by an organisation that is accepted by and affiliated to the International Guide Dog Federation (IGDF). Assistance dogs are trained by an organisation that meets the full membership criteria of Assistance Dogs International (ADI).
  • You must be travelling with an approved Airline on an approved route into Glasgow (info can be found here)
  • Your assistance animal must have the correct valid Pet Passport or Health Certificate
  • Your assistance animal has received the approved and valid treatments required. This will include approved Rabies and Echinococcus treatments etc., and other additional requirements may vary by country of origin.

For details on the EU Assistance Dog scheme please click here.

The Guide Dogs Association website has advice about taking assistance dogs abroad. For details please click here.

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