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PRM Events 2020/21


25 February 2021

We took part in the Disability Equality Scotland (DES) access panel conference along with other transport providers and access panel user groups. This gave users to opportunity to meet with other access panels and service providers to enable them to raise any difficulties they are currently meeting and provides access to contacts to arrange for further forums. This enabled all parties to share objectives and identify common goals and priorities. In our break out section, it was evident that some users were still not fully aware of the services offered at Glasgow Airport and we discussed this further. It gave us wider access to user groups outside of our normal catchment area and allowed us to share further information. As with other meetings, one of the key focus points was on the ability to return to business as usual once lockdown eases and that we are able to adapt to any changes and challenges identified.


23 February 2021

We held an online meeting with Mobility Access Committee Scotland (MACS). We took the opportunity to discuss the impact Covid-19 and social distancing measure have had on both the work that MACS do in the community and on their users and members. We also discussed potential service improvements that we could put in place to facilitate travel once restrictions allow. We focussed on the impact of “Long Covid” and that people’s fitness will have been impacted and may have further put them off from attempting air travel. We also obtained details of further user groups that we may wish to engage with.


18 February 2021

We had another online catch up with Alzheimer Scotland and discussed wellbeing and mental health of the user group and what the impact would be when travel opens up. From this discussion we took an action to look further into mental health and awareness and any training available for our staff.


18 January 2021

We were able to have our first meeting with our local contact at Alzheimer Scotland due to current Covid measures, and whilst they are operating in some shape or form, their restrictions also limit direct contact with their users. We offered help where we could and agreed to keep checking in to see all is well.


9 & 10 December 2020

We took part in an Airport PRM Leadership Conference organised by one of the PRM solution providers. The online event gave some key stakeholders the opportunity to discuss some of the main difficulties and unique challenges in 2020 and look forward to the opportunities and improvements that can be made within the service in 2021.


27 & 28 October 2020

We took part in the IATA Global Accessibility Symposium. This was a global platform that brings together the collective voice of leading airlines, disabled passengers, organisations, regulators and providers to exchange and share views and experiences regarding ways and means of getting the best from working together for true disability inclusive aviation. This included sharing best practices in dealing with our COVID response and how we can exit from the lockdown and restrictions and move back to business as usual for our passengers with reduced mobility.


20 October 2020

We had our first catch up with Renfrew Shire Access Panel (RAP) since lockdown began as both parties have made use of the furlough scheme and RAP are still currently not operating in their full capacity due to restrictions. It was great just to check in and see that all were well and to ask if there was anything we could do to assist. We will keep checking in and try to return to our normal consultation and help when we are all able to.


8 October 2020

We took part in an online webinar run by Whizz Kidz. The purpose of the event was to share and discuss the impact that restriction and social distancing during the pandemic has had on their user group and those with similar needs. The aim was to discuss the challenges and look at how everyone can adapt their ways of working to create a new normal that is more inclusive, accessible and better meets the needs of younger disabled people. We had engaged with Whizz Kidz pre lock down and aim to pick this back up further when we are able to.


2 October 2020

Following our initial involvement with the European Commission study, we took part in a further meeting with the group along with our assistance provider, to discuss in detail, aspects of the airport response. The aim was to further evaluate progress in meeting the objectives of the regulation and to establish if the regulation had delivered the expected benefits. It was also to determine if the regulations had resulted in any unattended consequences and to establish if the regulation is still relevant. At this time, our PRM provider, OCS, were the only PRM service provider who had chosen to take participate in the study.


14 September 2020

We were invited to take part in consultations on behalf of the European Commission (Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport DG MOVE) with Steer Group who were carrying out an ex-post evaluation of Regulation EC1107/2006. The commission wanted to obtain an independent evidence-based assessment of the application of the regulation. As part of this we provided further information and submission of a detailed self-assessment questionnaire with supporting evidence.


Early 2020

Due to ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown restrictions, many of our local user groups and charities have closed down or have been unable to join or take part in any consultation etc. We have been operating essential only services for a considerable period and our PRM traffic remains significantly reduced as is all traffic. We will endeavour to keep reaching out until things improve.


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