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Project Servator

Working together to keep everyone safe

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Working together to keep everyone safe

Keeping our passengers and staff safe is at the heart of everything we do at Glasgow Airport.

In partnership with our colleagues at Police Scotland and aviation security partners ICTS, we work around the clock and use a wide range of security measures to keep everyone who works at or travels through our terminal safe at all times.

Some measures such as Project Servator are highly visible while there are others passengers won’t be able to see, but rest assured that we are always vigilant.

Measures in place to keep our passengers and staff safe and secure include:

  • Professional and visible aviation security staff
  • Live-monitored CCTV
  • Mobile and foot patrols of landside, airside and perimeter areas of airport
  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)
  • Vehicle checkpoints
  • Police Scotland canine units
  • The latest innovative threat-screening technology for bag searches and scanning

Our security staff are here to help and these measures are designed to ensure you have a safe and pleasant experience as you travel through the airport, so don’t be surprised if a member of the team says hello and asks if they can assist – they’re just looking out for you.

We also engage regularly with community groups to act as extra eyes and ears and help the police protect the airport from criminal and terrorist activity.

Project Servator

We work in close partnership with police to ensure your safety and security. You will see our Police Scotland colleagues carrying out Project Servator deployments within the airport.

These are highly visible, unpredictable deployments, designed to disrupt a range of criminality, including terrorism. They involve officers specially-trained to spot the tell-tale signs that someone may be planning or preparing to commit a crime.

On some deployments, police dogs, plain-clothes officers and armed officers will be used. The police officers involved liaise with our staff and they’ll happily talk to you about Project Servator, so feel free to chat with them. You can find out more about Project Servator on the Police Scotland website. You can also follow the Glasgow Airport policing team on social media - @polscotbpc

How you can help

You have a key role to play in reporting anything that doesn’t feel right. Help us keep the airport safe and secure for yourself and others. Don’t ever be concerned about reporting anything that doesn’t feel right, no matter how minor you think it is. Trust your instincts and we will do the rest.

To report suspicious activity, speak to a member of airport staff or a police officer. You can also visit or call 101. In an emergency, always dial 999.



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