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Voice & Chat bot terms and conditions

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Using our voice product

If you use our voice product, Clyde, you acknowledge that Google Home or Alexa (depending on the device you use) will collect a limited amount of information pertaining to the live session that takes place.

As an example, when using Alexa, the system will, temporarily, remember all the information you shared with it in order to get the answers desired. Once the session is completed, the information will be securely deleted.

Alexa and Google Home will process Information in accordance with their privacy notices.

Alexa privacy notice can be read here

Google Home privacy notice can be read here 


Lost Property

On Alexa only, if you choose to use the lost property function, your name and contact details will be securely shared with Luggage Point* via email. This information will only be used for the purposes of reuniting you with your lost item.

(* Luggage Point act as our partner with respect to the management of lost property. Their privacy notice can be read here.)

Google Home does not offer the lost property function.  

Luggage Point Privacy Policy

Alexa, ask Glasgow Airport about lost property


Natural Language Processing

Glasgow Airport uses Microsoft LUIS to enable Natural Language Processing, which is used by the Voice & Chat bot system to derive the best answer to your question.

Glasgow Airport connects with a number of our partners to obtain the information requested.

This includes Azinq, for flight information and Xovis, to report on the live security wait times in the security hall. 


Chat bot

If you use one of our chat products, Facebook and Chatfuel will collect information pertaining to the live session. Both companies will process the information in line with their privacy policies.

Facebook privacy notice

Chatfuel privacy notice

If airport staff liaise with you via the chat service, the information will be stored within our customer relationship management system, SalesForce. For further information, see our privacy notice here.

Glasgow Airport