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The Loch Lomond Bar

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Champagne PIAFF at the Loch Lomond Bar

With its prime location in the airport’s departures area, the Lomond Bar at Glasgow airport offers fantastic views of both the airfield and the stunning backdrop of the Campsie Fells. This new and luxurious facility provides a premium level of service and comfort to travellers passing through Glasgow Airport.

Reservation cost becomes bar credit with your table 

Did you know the value of your table reservation only will be converted into complimentary bar credit for you and your guests to enjoy? Book now.

Enjoy a refreshing flute of Champagne PIAFF while you wait, or if you prefer something more robust, we have more than half a millennia distilling experience between Glen Scotia, Loch Lomond and Littlemill (the oldest distillery in Scotland) Whiskies.

This airport bar features relaxed seating areas where passengers can unwind in comfort and enjoy a drink before their flight. Guests are offered a more private experience to relax with some champagne.

Passengers can also take in the wonderful views of the runway from the Lomond Bar.

The bar also offers a self-service barista area where guests can help themselves to a wide range of warm beverages including lattes, tea and espresso. Guests are also provided with a range of craft and premium bottled and draft beers, soft drinks, light bites, top-quality spirits, specialist cocktails and award-winning wines at the bar. 

Pre-Book Champagne or a Meat and Cheese Platter to be waiting for you on arrival

How to visit The Lomond Bar


Make A Booking

Click the button to make a reservation for a small fee. But don't worry! The value of your table reservation only will be converted into complimentary bar credit for you and your guests to enjoy.

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Where to Find Us

We are located on the 2nd floor of Glasgow International Airport, up the stairs next to the Rangers Store on the 1st floor.


Redeem Bar Credits

If you've booked to guarantee a table, your reservation fee will be redeemable for food and drink at the bar!


Relax Before Your Trip

Keep an eye on your flight with a view of the runway, and relax with free complimentary WiFi.

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