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Delayed, Lost and Missing Checked In Baggage

What to do if your baggage is delayed, lost or missing

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Delayed, Lost and Missing Checked In Baggage

Your airline takes great pride in carrying your bags safely and speedily to your final destination but if something goes wrong please follow the advice and process below to report the issue.

Please be aware checked in baggage can be delayed for a number of reasons including tight connections, customs and excise processes, or security requirements, but sometimes baggage is simply delayed due to weather or infrastructure and resource challenges along the way.

There is a robust process for delivering your bag to its final destination. This process is tried and tested and although may not be fast and responsive as you might expect, this process does work and your baggage will be returned to you in time. The targeted time for airlines to repatriate you with your checked luggage is always asap, however there are so many variables that can impact these delivery times from Airline schedules to weather conditions.

Please allow up to 5 working days for your airline to return you baggage to you. Because your baggage is travelling on its own it subject to tighter flight restrictions and security processes.

What to do next?


Report the Problem

Please make sure that you complete a Property Irregularity Report (PIR) before leaving the airport, as without this document your airlines Customer Services team may not be able to process your claim. You will also need to keep a copy of the completed PIR.


How to report the problem

You will need to complete a Property Irregularity Report (PIR).

The fastest way to report your missing bag is to visit your airlines baggage page. Weblinks for each airline are included below. You will need your booking locator reference.

On completion of the form, most airlines provide a reference code which can be used to trace your baggage. Your PIR reference is a combination of 5 letters and 5 digits, example: GLAZZ12345.

Airline How to Report
British Airways Visit British Airways' Website
Jet2 Visit Jet2's Website or email GLABaggage@jet2.com
TUI Visit TUI's Website or contact 0333 577 0300
Loganair Visit Loganair's Website or contact 0344 800 2855
easyJet Visit easyJet's Website
Ryanair Visit Ryanair's Website
KLM Visit KLM's Website
Air France Visit Air France's Website
Air Transat Visit Air Transat's Website
WestJet Visit WestJet's Website
Aer Lingus Visit Aer Lingus' Website
Lufthansa Visit Lufthansa's Website
Icelandair Visit Icelandair's Website
Corendon Visit Corendon's Website
flybe Visit flybe's Website
BH Air Visit BH Airs Website

Tracking your Baggage

Please keep a note of your reference number provided upon completion of the PIR form. Many airlines allow you to track the status of your baggage here. You will require your PIR reference number in order to track the status of your baggage.

If your baggage has not been returned to you within 7 days from the date it was reported, we recommend that you contact your airlines handling agents. The contact numbers for your airlines handling agents are below.

Airline GHA Contact Number
British Airways Menzies 0208 819 2026
Jet2 Menzies 0208 819 2026
TUI Swissport 0141 848 4232 / 07548758412
Loganair Menzies 0208 819 2026
easyJet Swissport 0141 848 4232 / 07548758412
Ryanair Swissport 0141 848 4232 / 07548758412
KLM Swissport 0141 848 4232 / 07548758412
Air Transat Swissport 0141 848 4232 / 07548758412
Play Swissport 0141 848 4232 / 07548758412
Aer Lingus Swissport 0141 848 4232 / 07548758412
Lufthansa Menzies 0208 819 2026
Icelandair Menzies 0208 819 2026
Corendon Swissport 0141 848 4232 / 07548758412
Emirates Swissport 0141 848 4232 / 07548758412
KLM Swissport 0141 848 4232 / 07548758412



After you've reported the problem

You’ll still have to make a claim for compensation after you report the problem, unless the airline decides to pay you upfront, e.g. for expenses while your luggage is delayed.

You’ve already reported the problem if you filled in a ‘property irregularity report’ (PIR) at the airport - this is the form you get from customer services in the baggage claims hall.

If you didn’t report the problem at the airport, contact the airline or use their website to report the problem - and get the airline to confirm in writing that you reported it.

Keep a copy of your PIR for written confirmation to help with your claim.


Guidelines for Claiming

Most airlines follow the below guidelines but we recommend that you check this with your airline.

If your luggage is delayed or missing, the airline has 21 days to return it to you. If you get your luggage back within 21 days, you can still claim compensation for delayed luggage. If you don’t, you can claim for lost luggage.

What You're Claiming For Guideline for Claiming
Damaged Luggage 7 days after getting your luggage
Missing or Damaged Contents 7 days after getting your luggage
Delayed or Missing Luggage 21 days after the flight
Lost Luggage - it's officially lost after 21 days As soon as possible after it's officially lost
  • Your boarding card
  • Your luggage labels (these have a bar-code and number to identify your luggage)
  • Proof you reported the problem, e.g. your PIR form or email from the airline
  • Receipts for things you had to buy due to a delay
  • Proof of purchase for lost or damaged items, e.g. receipts or credit card statements
  • Photographs of any damage to your luggage or contents
  • Cost estimates for any repairs you're claiming for, e.g. from a luggage repair business

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