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Top 'sweet' places in Paris for Crêpes, Macarons, and Pain au Chocolat

France has long been a culinary pioneer of the modern world and its pâtissiers have constantly been competing with one another, much to the delight of us, the consumers. For fans of the Crêpe, Macarons and Pain au Chcolate, this post is a must-read. 


Crêperies are everywhere in Paris, and with competition so high the general standard hovers somewhere between excellent and outstanding. If you’re after galettes (savoury buckwheat crêpes), then Krugen offers an authentic taste of France, though due to its popularity with locals it can be busy. If you’re looking to indulge your sweet tooth with a classic crêpe, then look no further than Crêperie Framboise; their specialty crêpes are varied and gloriously indulgent.


Macarons are a French institution and taken extremely seriously throughout the country. In fact, pastry chef Pierre Hermé, named best pastry chef in the world in 2016, was awarded Chevalier de la Légion d'honneur (French Knighthood) for his sweet creations. His namesake restaurant the Pierre Hermé Paris continues to produce macarons that have been internationally recognised as some of the best in the world. For those looking for a more classical taste, Ladurée has been creating sweet treats since 1862 and their macarons can be spotted in everything from royal weddings (Albert II Prince of Monaco) to television shows (Gossip Girls). 

Pain au Chocolat

In Paris, the sweeter cousin of the ever-popular croissant is a breakfast specialty and enjoyed all over the city. A good Pain au Chocolat must be light and buttery with bits of velvety chocolate oozing out to make it the crème de la crème. At Des Gâteaux et du Pain, they bake theirs with fresh butter, dark chocolate and a pinch of natural salt from Guérande in southern Brittany. Du Pain et des Idées is another lovely bakery and its buttery chocolate pastries have been winning fans from around the world.

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