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FlightPath Fund awards £2000 to community gym

FlightPath Fund awards £2000 to community gym

Glasgow Airport’s FlightPath Fund has awarded £2000 to a popular community gym in Paisley to ensure it can open for longer and help keep local residents in shape.

Volunteers from Fitness for Ferguslie gym based in Ferguslie Sports Centre can only open for up to six hours a day between 9:30am and 1:30pm and then again between 5:00pm and 8:00pm.

This is because at present only two of the gym’s volunteers are qualified to be able to complete safety inductions and check the equipment is in working order.

Thanks to the support of the FlightPath Fund, a further three volunteers at the gym are currently going through the process of completing their nationally recognised Level Three Diploma in Fitness Instruction. Once they have completed the course and received their accreditation, the gym will be able to extend its opening hours to full days from 9:30am to 9.30pm.

Charles Glen, one of Fitness for Ferguslie’s volunteers, said: “We are really grateful to the FlightPath Fund committee for agreeing to support our aim of expanding the gym’s opening hours.

“The gym is very popular with Ferguslie Park’s residents and plays a key role in supporting the wellbeing of our members and gives them access to a local gym at affordable prices at a time when everyone is struggling with the cost of living.”

Fitness for Ferguslie has been open since 2007 and has over 160 local members from various backgrounds, including those in addiction recovery or rehabilitation.  Membership for the gym costs £10 per year and £1 per visit.  

Over £90,000 has been made available in 2022 by the FlightPath Fund to help support groups and projects within the communities local to the airport.

Nearly 50 groups, clubs and charities from a diverse range of areas have benefitted so far this year to the tune of £61,000 and the FlightPath Fund’s committee is urging more to come forward to apply for support.

The FlightPath Fund’s committee, which includes elected representatives from each of the four local authorities bordering Glasgow Airport, meets regularly throughout the year to consider all applications made and to allocate any agreed financial support.

The FlightPath Fund’s Committee is keen to hear from and support sustainability-themed projects aimed at improving the environment in the communities local to the airport. The next meeting of the FlightPath Fund is on Friday 2 December.

To find out more about applying for funding support, visit: and download the application form and our funding guidelines.

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