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PUDO - Electric Vehicle Terms and Conditions

Electric Vehicle Pre-register Privacy notice
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GBP = 1065.00 EUR

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Only fully electric vehicles benefit from any reduced tariff.*

Pre-registered Electric** Vehicles are entitled to the first 10 minutes of PUDO reduced from £4 to £0, however, for any duration above 10 minutes there will be a charge:

For example for a 15-minute duration, the normal charge would be £6. In the instance of a pre-registered Electric Vehicle, this will be discounted to £2. £6 - £4 (initial 10-minute charge).

Any discounts are administered at the sole discretion of our colleagues who operate the car park.

*Only applicable to non commercial vehicles.

**We use the DVLA website to confirm if a car is a fully electric vehicle. You can check your car here.

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