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Black Friday Terms & Conditions

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GBP = 1065.00 EUR

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The Black Friday discount codes will provide a discount of 20% off Parking and Lounge only.


Sales Period

The discount code can be used for purchases between 08.00am on 24 Nov 2022 - 11.59 pm on 28 Nov 2022.


Arrival / Entry period

The discount code can be used for arrivals/entry from 24th November 2022 up to 30th April 2023.



Each discount code has 10,000 (Ten Thousand) redemptions and can be redeemed once per transaction. 

Once the redemptions have been fully consumed, the discount will cease and the price of the product will go back to its original price. 

Note, our products are yield managed meaning the prices vary based on demand and supply. 


Manage booking & Refunds

Amending bookings
Customers can amend their booking at any point during and after the campaign has been completed via the manage my booking portal. Amends to booking dates and times might impact the prices. If amended within the campaign duration, then the discount will be honoured. If amended outwith the campaign duration, then customers will be liable to pay the full value of the booking alteration, without discount. 

Cancelling bookings
Customers can cancel and obtain a full refund for their booking at any point during and after the campaign has been completed via the manage my booking portal so long as this is actioned before the date & time of entry/arrival.  

If you need to request a refund after your product date & time of entry/arrival then please consult our FAQs.

Manage my booking

Need to amend or cancel a booking? Head to the manage my booking portal to get started.

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Campaign terms

The discount code has no equivalent cash value and cannot be exchanged.

The discount code cannot be exchanged for any other version of the discount, and cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount offered by Glasgow Airport. 
The discount code is freely available to all via

Glasgow Airport Limited reserves the right to apply product exclusions where it deems appropriate at its sole discretion. 

Glasgow Airport Limited reserves the right to substitute the discount code(or any part of it) for an alternative discount code of equivalent or greater value if this is necessary for reasons beyond its reasonable control.

Glasgow Airport Limited takes no responsibility for discount redemptions that are delayed or lost due to technical reasons or otherwise.  

No marketing consent is required in order to fulfil communications pertaining to products purchased during the campaign the prize, and the data produced as part of the survey will only be used by AGS Airports Ltd.

This campaign is run by AGS Airports Limited, which owns, manages and runs Glasgow Airport Ltd. The promoter of the Glasgow Airport Black Friday campaign is AGS Airport Limited,  Airport Group. Registered company no.09201991. Registered office address: 1 Park Row, Leeds, LS1 5AB 

These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law and any disputes arising from these terms and conditions shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England and Wales.



The Black Friday campaign does not offer a discount on COVID Testing, Skyscanner Flights, Priority Security, Car Hire, Hotels or Attractions.

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