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Glasgow Airport understands the importance of effectively managing our environmental and social impacts. We believe that the airport environment is similar to that of a small town and in our role as operator, we have a responsibility to provide leadership across the campus and encourage participation and progress in sustainability initiatives. Our sustainability strategy sets out the framework for reducing the carbon footprint of our operations.

Glasgow Airport 2020 sustainability policy  (185KB PDF)

We recognise that the forecast growth of the aviation sector has the potential to cause environmental impacts at both global and local levels.  Our Decade for Change plan describes these impacts in detail and sets targets across a number of key areas which will be important in meeting our sustainability strategy commitments; these include:

  • Carbon reduction and climate change
  • Water consumption and water quality
  • Waste minimisation and recycling
  • Air quality
  • Noise
  • Biodiversity

Through our Managing Responsibly System, we will identify and manage our environmental impacts.  We will maintain our independent certification to the environmental management standard ISO 14001 and aim to reduce the scale and nature of our environmental impacts wherever possible.


Glasgow Airport believes in transparency and openness in sustainability issues.  On an annual basis, we will produce a Carbon Footprint report which will provide a comprehensive breakdown of the carbon emissions associated with operations at the airport. Each year we will also publish an externally verified Sustainability report which will detail progress made towards the achievement of our targets.

2019 Carbon Footprint Report (235KB PDF)

Consumer Feedback

Glasgow Airport welcomes your feedback and suggestions on how we can improve our sustainability performance.

Please contact us at