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The Naked Deli - Clean, Healthy, Nutritious

Ideal for passengers who prefer a healthier option and are eating at the airport, the Naked Deli at Glasgow Airport offers a delicious range of fresh juice smoothies, superfood salads, sandwiches and vegan cakes.

Located in the departures area of the airport, The Naked Deli will offer a fantastic range of grab-and-go options for customers. The menu caters for specialist diets including vegan options, vegetarian, dairy-free and gluten-free options.

They also offer an amazing range of clean treats which are gluten-free & refined sugar-free with a fantastic selection of Vegan & Protein treats available. There is something for everyone

All take-out meals are also packaged in recyclable materials so you can feel good about your food.

For passengers looking for refunds, please contact the store directly.


The Naked Deli at Glasgow Airport     The Naked Deli at Glasgow Airport     The Naked Deli at Glasgow Airport