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Airport maps

Plan your trip using Glasgow Airport maps.

Ground floor (87KB PDF)

First floor (177KB PDF)

Second floor (20KB PDF)

Domestic arrivals (45KB PDF)

External (857 KB PDF)

All maps (1.17MB PDF)

Immigration and passports

Please follow the signs and make your way to baggage reclaim via passport-border control (UK Border Force). You cannot access the baggage reclaim area until your passport and any relevant documents have been inspected.

So please have your passport and any documents ready – this will help speed up the process and reduce the amount of time you have to stand in a queue.

UK Border Force uses scanners to ensure that your passports, visas and other official documents are genuine – this also helps speed up the process for passengers.

However, we advise you to check the validity of your passport because it must not expire during your visit to the United Kingdom. Please do this well in advance of your date of travel so you have time to renew it if the expiry date is while you are in the UK.

Full information is on the UK Border Force website.

UK Customs

Which exit should I use? This is easy. All you have to do is follow the signs:

If you have items to declare:

  • Please go to the Customs red point

If you have nothing to declare:

  • If your journey started in a European Union country, use the blue exit
  • If your journey began outside the European Union, use the green exit
Special assistance

If you require special assistance or are travelling with someone who requires help with their journey through Glasgow Airport the following information should help ensure that your experience is as speedy and enjoyable as possible. 

How to make your journey easy

Glasgow Airport is dedicated to providing accessibility for people with reduced mobility (PRMs) throughout its facilities at Glasgow Airport. Assistance for passengers with reduced mobility is available at both the Main Terminal building and T2. Our Terminal building is fully accessible including toilets and lifts, inductions loops are fitted to facilitate amplification of announcements for passengers with hearing difficulties and all are clearly signposted.

> Download our helpful guide Assistance for Passengers with Reduced Mobility (PDF 507KB)

We also have a simple guide to help plan your journey. 

> Download A simple guide for Travelling by Air (PDF 271KB) 

Requesting Assistance

If you require assistance you should inform your airline at least 48 hours before you travel, however our advice would be to give your airline as much notice as possible for both your departure and your arrival. This is best done at the time of booking your travel arrangements and will ensure that you receive the most appropriate assistance in a timely manner.

Assistance will be provided free of charge to and from all of the on airport arrival points up to the departure point at the gate and likewise for the return journey. This includes from Car Park 1 & 2 as well as car and taxi drop off/pick up points and bus stands.

On arrival at Glasgow Airport, passengers can use the Help Points detailed below to gain assistance or can go to the Special Assistance Host Desk in Main Terminal check-in area (adjacent to the escalators) or in the check-in area in T2 where there is another Help Point.

If a passenger wishes they can go directly to their Check-in desk and inform airline staff during their check-in that they have requested assistance. A representative from our service provider will arrive to provide assistance or you may directed to the host desk after checking in if you are able to walk this short distance.

If we do not receive advance notice of your requirements we promise to make all reasonable efforts to accommodate you but you may have to wait a little longer for assistance.

Please remember that even if you are fairly mobile, there can be long distances within airports and therefore assistance might still be required. So make your plans well in advance. You should arrive at the airport car parks at least 2 hours prior to departure if you require assistance from here. Should you require assistance from check-in then please arrive at least one hour prior to departure.

Help Point Locations

  • Drop off point (x3)
  • Coach drop off point (x2)
  • Within car parks 1,2 and 3
  • Central forecourt bus stands
  • Long stay car park 4 beside bus shelter

Walking Distances

Below are approximate walking distances to key areas within the airport:

  • Drop off/Car Park 1 to Main Terminal 300m
  • Drop off/Car Park 1 to T2 400m
  • Car Park 2 to Main Terminal 100m
  • Car Park 2 to T2 200m
  • T2 to Main Terminal Special Assistance Area 150m

Information on Mobility Equipment

Where possible you should be permitted to remain within your own mobility aid until the last possible moment at the gate. If you wish to check in the mobility aid and use an airport wheelchair then please request this at check-in. On arrival at the airport your mobility aid should be repatriated with the passenger at the gate. If your mobility equipment is damaged we will arrange for use of an airport mobility aid until such times as the damage can be resolved with your airline although any replacement might not be on a like for like basis. Please speak to an agent from our service provider should this be required.

Electric Mobility Aids (EMAs)

If you are traveling with an electric mobility aid it is important that you provide details on the make and model to your airline at the time of making the booking. This will be passed to the airport to allow them to make it safe before loading into the hold of the aircraft.

Where the PRM does not provide adequate information on how to make an electric mobility aid safe and it is not reasonably possible for the aircraft operator to obtain suitable instructions and pass these on to the airport operator, the airport operator is not under any further obligation to make the aid safe for transport.

For more information on making EMAs safe please click here

Assistance dogs

You can bring your assistance dog into the UK without quarantine as long as it meets the rules of the EU Assistance Dog scheme. It is the responsibility of the owner to ensure that their dog is fully compliant with the scheme. If your assistance dog doesn’t comply with the rules it may not be able to enter Great Britain, or may be licensed into quarantine on arrival.

Please contact our service provider to make enquiries.

Further info on the Assistance Dog scheme can be found here

Travelling with a Hidden Disability

We have been working with a number of different charities to improve our staff training and awareness of hidden disabilities and to improve the assistance we provide. If you or someone you are travelling with have a hidden disability we will be happy to provide you with a lanyard which will discreetly identify you to airport staff as requiring additional support.

Our front line Security staff have been trained to recognise these lanyards and offer special assistance to passengers passing through the Security Search process. To obtain one, kindly check in with the special assistance desk on the ground floor in our main check in area and they will also explain what we can do to help you on your journey.

Travelling with Autism

If you are travelling with Autism we realise that this can be particularly difficult in a busy airport and we have been working hard to make this as easy as possible.

You should always request assistance first with your airline or travel agent and ensure that you book as “DPNA assistance” when asked what help you need. You should also ask the airline or travel agent to add a comment including the word Autism. This will enable us to better understand your requirements once you have arrived at the airport and check in at the assistance desk.

We recommend that you contact us, even prior to your journey if we can help with picking quieter times if possible for your flight, and we can explain the options that are available when you travel through our airport and explain the help we can provide.

For those that that have not traveled before and are particularly concerned, we can also offer pre-visits when the airport is a little quieter and you can experience the journey and perhaps better prepare for your booked journey. To arrange this please contact our service provider on the contact details below.

Travelling with Allergies

If you are travelling by air with food allergies you may find the links below useful. If you require further info then it is best to consult with your airline.

Travelling abroad with a food allergy

Travelling abroad with a nut allergy

Contact our PRM service provider

For Reduced Mobility Assistance queries please contact:

0141 842 7700 (24 Hr)

or email

Getting to the Airport

By Bus, Train or Taxi

Travelling to Glasgow Airport by bus is easy as there are several services connecting with Glasgow city centre, other local destinations and beyond. Many have low floors and are easily accessible for wheelchair users. There are dedicated Help Points at the bus and coach stands and these are listed above.

If booking a Glasgow Airport taxi and you can get dropped off right outside the Main Terminal building and all of these cars are wheelchair accessible. The taxi rank is immediately outside of the terminal and the driver can arrange any assistance required.

More information on buses taxis and trains can be found here

By Car

Dropping off

We provide a dedicated FREE drop off area which is partially covered and easy to find – and just a short walk, around 300m from the main terminal doors. Just follow the signs for ‘drop off’ and you’ll find this area located next to Car Park 1. There are low kerb areas marked in Blue for accessible drop off and Help Points are located at these points should you require assistance from here.

Picking up

There is a dedicated pick up area in the ground floor of Car Park 2 and there are marked blue badge spaces within this area. For details of charges click here


Blue badge spaces are available within our car parks as detailed below

  • Car Park 2 has 10 spaces on ground floor plus a help point
  • All other floors have 12 spaces but no help points
  • All floors have access to 4 accessible lifts
  • Car Park 1 has 4 spaces on the ground floor of the multi-storey part. There is no call point. The nearest call point is in the area near the pelican crossing.

All blue badge holders are entitled to 30 minutes free parking by presenting their blue badge at the kiosk in any of our car parks.

For more information on car parking and charges click here

Security screening

Our security staff are required under government legislation to carry out a hand-search whenever a passenger activates the archway metal detector alarm. If you are a wheelchair user, that’s likely to be the case. We recognise that it may be more suitable to have this search carried out away from the main search area, so please don’t hesitate to request this. Private search areas are located within the Central Search Area. If you have any questions or queries throughout the Security process, please do not hesitate to ask for one of our Security Supervisors.

Regulation EC1107/2006

Since 26 July 2008, under Regulation EC 1107/2006, managing bodies of airports, such as Glasgow Airport, have a legal responsibility for the provision of assistance services to persons with reduced mobility when travelling by air. The aim of this legislation is to ensure that consistent high quality assistance is provided at airports throughout the European community.

For further information on Regulation EC1107/2006 the document can be viewed here

EU PRM Video

Video for passengers with reduced mobility

European regulations guarantee certain rights for both disabled people and those with reduced mobility when travelling by air. If this affects you and you want to find out more, please watch this EU video about the services and assistance you have the right to receive at all EU airports. 

Service levels

Glasgow Airport is committed to providing the highest level of service in a timely and courteous manner.  Quality Standards for the assistance services specified in Annex 1 of the Regulation which were established in consultation with air carriers and their agents and organisations representing persons with reduced mobility. View our standards below

Quality standards (PDF 52KB)

How we performed in 2014 (PDF 54KB)

How we performed from April '15 - September '15 (PDF)

How we performed from January '15 - December '15 (PDF)

How we performed from October '15 - March '16 (PDF)

How we performed from April '16 - September '16 (PDF)

How we performed from October '16 - March '17 (PDF)

How we performed from April'17 - September '17 (PDF)

If you would like to contact us or provide feedback please click here

The CAA is now consulting on a CAA PRM passenger satisfaction survey. To complete the survey, please click here

As part of our commitment to consult with local disability groups we hold a variety of events throughout the year. For more information, please click here.

Baggage reclaim

We have two baggage reclaim facilities at Glasgow Airport. If you are arriving from an International destination you will be able to retrieve your baggage from the carousels which are found immediately after you pass through passport control.

If you are arriving from within the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, Isle of Man or Channel Islands then you will retrieve your baggage from our reclaim facility which is easily found as you near the end of the arrivals route, please just follow the signs.

Once in the reclaim facility please check the information screens to find which carousel has been assigned to your flight. The information screens will also show the expected timings for your baggage to arrive and which handling agent is delivering them. If you have any problems or questions at all please call the agents telephone number which will also be displayed on the information screens.

Please bear in mind that there may be luggage from more than one flight on each carousel, so please be patient and wait until your flight details appear on the information screens, this will help free up space around the carousels.

We also provide baggage trolleys in the both reclaim facilities for your convenience, please take one if needed.

Can’t find your baggage?

We sincerely hope that your baggage arrives without any issues but sometimes passengers’ property does go astray.

Thankfully this is rare however if you find that your baggage has not arrived, please speak to a member of staff from the handling agent for your airline, they will be on hand to help you at the service desk in each facility.

Meanwhile, if you find that you have left the Airport and continued with your onward journey with a bag that isn’t yours please make contact with the handling agent that serviced your flight.

The contact details for the handling agents operating at Glasgow Airport are:

Menzies Handling

Tel: 0141 887 0298 (24hrs)



Tel: 07834 750 567 (6am-9pm)

Tel: 0141 848 4871 (9pm-6am)


Airlines handled by Menzies 

  • JET2.COM

Airlines handled by Swissport

  • KLM
  • TITAN 

Airlines handled by SmartHandling

Connecting passengers

If you are transferring between two international flights, you may be able to have your baggage tagged through to your final destination. You will need to clear customs and Immigration before connecting to your next flight

If you are connecting from an inbound international flight to a domestic flight ,you may be able to have your baggage tagged through to your final destination. You will need to clear Customs and Immigration before connecting to your next flight.

Passenger services

Services include left luggage, shop & collect, Wi-Fi and much more.

Airport Ambassadors

At Glasgow Airport, you’ll easily spot our great team of friendly, roving Ambassadors who are on hand to answer any questions you may have about any aspect of your visit. 

Meanwhile, you can get lots of useful information on public transport, accommodation, events and places of interest at the VisitScotland travel and visitor information hub on the ground floor at domestic arrivals, opposite WH Smith.


If you are arriving in to Glasgow on holiday you can exchange your foreign currency for UK pounds at Travelex or of course if you are arriving home you can exchange those left over Euros, Dollars, Dirhams and more. 

If you are arriving at Glasgow Airport on an international flight there are two Travelex bureaux de change available; 1 in the baggage reclaim hall with cash machines and a further bureau in the main arrivals area.

For passengers arriving on a domestic flight there is a Travelex bureau right beside domestic arrivals with cash machine facilities also. 

Machines dispense GBP, USD and Euros.

Left luggage

If you need to leave any bags, packages or suitcases at Glasgow Airport, we have a convenient left luggage service and facilities which allow you to leave items in a safe, secure storage area for periods ranging between 1 hour and 3 months.

Left luggage assistance at Glasgow Airport is handled by the Luggage-Point where the friendly staff will help and advise, and issue all passengers leaving luggage with a receipt – don’t lose this receipt as you will need it in order to retrieve your items.

Left luggage prices


Small items

  • £2 per day
  • £7.50 per week

Medium items

  • £2.50 per day
  • £10 per week

Large items

  • 0-4 hours – £4.50 per item
  • 4-8 hours – £8 per item
  • Daily – £10 per item
  • Weekly – £50 per item

You’ll find Luggage-Point on the ground floor of the terminal next to the British Airways check in desks.

Read more 

Lost property

From bracelets to books, wallets to glasses, Luggage-Point is committed to reuniting passengers with their sentimental or valued items thanks to our 24 hour online service.

You can search for your item on the database in real-time by using the online search facility here Searches are based on multiple criteria (date range, keyword (i.e. iPhone) and where the item was lost). Luggage-Point endeavours to respond to all enquiries within 24 hours.

You can also call our dedicated team on  0330 223 0893 between 4am and 9pm daily or send an email enquiry to


You can use our shipping service to deliver any time-sensitive, important shipments to countries and territories all over the world.

Our wide range of shipping services means there is a cost-effective option for all of your requirements, whatever it is you’re sending. We use internationally renowned delivery services such as City Link, FedEx and the Royal Mail for your peace of mind.

Items are shipped at approximately 4pm every day of the year! Simply complete our simple form at Luggage-Point in the main check in hall and arrange to have your goods shipped to your desired destination quickly and efficiently.

Call Luggage-Point on 0330 223 0893 for more details on shipping services from Glasgow Airport.

Click here for further information and to receive a quote

Shop & Collect

Purchases made using the Shop & Collect service when you departed from Glasgow Airport will be ready and waiting for you upon on arrival.  

Between the hours of 9am-8pm please collect from the Luggage-Point outlet in the main check in hall beside the British Airways ticket desks.

Outwith these hours please proceed to Tesco Express near the car rental desks where your purchases will be parcelled up and waiting. 

Please have your Shop & Collect receipt ready when you visit the store, this would have been issued to you by the store when you made your purchase. 

Read more

WiFi access at Glasgow Airport

We know how important it is to stay connected nowadays with your business but also family and friends. That’s why at Glasgow Airport, you can enjoy 1 hour of FREE high-speed wireless internet access via your laptop or handheld device.

SSID: Glasgow Airport


  • 1 hour                 FREE
  • 3 hours                £5
  • 24 hours              £9

Business use

If you are a regular business passenger or there are several people from your company who are frequent fliers and require internet access while passing through the airport, we can offer special rates for 6 or 12 months.

Please contact either the Glasgow Airport IT department at or Arqiva at for more details.

Internet and printing terminals

If you don’t have a laptop or tablet with you, we have handy internet desks, provided by Surfbox, located around the terminal building.

There are four stations and a printer located in domestic arrivals, and two stations and a printer in international arrivals. There are also two at the food court, upstairs in the main terminal before security.

Cost is 10p per minute and payment can be made using coins or online using a credit card or voucher.

Mobile phone charging

Internet desks provide mobile phone charging once you have paid for access and there are four stations and printer located in domestic arrivals, two stations plus a printer in international arrivals, two in check in and 4 in the main departure lounge airside.

In addition, there are two stations at the food court upstairs, before security.


Public telephones can be found throughout the main terminal at Glasgow Airport with payment using cash or cards.


  • Main check-in area
  • International Arrivals


  • Main shopping area by Travelex

Photo-Me booths

If you need to get a picture taken in a hurry, you’ll find coin-operated Photo-Me booths in ground floor domestic arrivals opposite WH Smith and on the first floor of the main terminal before security. There’s also one on the ground floor of Car Park 2.

Terminal facilities

Facilities inlcude baby changing, cash machines and prayer room.

Baby changing

If you are travelling with babies and very young children, you will need access to safe, clean baby changing areas. At Glasgow Airport there are plenty of facilities for your convenience; baby changing facilities can be found in these locations:

  • International arrivals near gate 29 
  • In the international baggage reclaim hall 
  • Beside the British Airways lounge 
  • Domestic baggage reclaim 
  • Main check in hall
  • At gates 1-3 and 10-11

Cash machines

If you are arriving in Glasgow on an international flight you will find cash machines located at our two Travelex bureaux de change; 1 located in international baggage reclaim and 1 located in the arrivals area.

Alternatively if you are arriving on a domestic flight there is a Travelex bureau de change on the left just after domestic baggage reclaim with cash machines. 

All machines issue cash in multiples of £20. 

Vending machines

Abercromby are Glasgow Airport’s professional vending operator and provide a vital part of the Airport retail experience.  You can get one of the 65 Abercromby vending machines throughout the airport and at most departure gates for some last minute refreshments before boarding all your flights. The machines stock a wide range of snacks, confectionery and soft drinks including local favourites such as Tunnocks and Irn Bru. So if you are departing or arriving you can get your local favourite brands at an instant. 

Post services

Forgot to post an important letter or need to purchase stamps? 

You’ll find a traditional red post box in the main terminal check in area. Details of collection times will be listed on the post box. 

Stamps are available to buy in shops around the airport including WH Smith & Boots.

Prayer room

The Glasgow Airport prayer room can be found on the first floor of our departures concourse in the Priority Security corridor. 

It provides a quiet, restful place for passengers of all faiths and denominations, and is open 24 hours a day.

Meanwhile, our Airport Chaplain, Commissioner Keith Banks, conducts services at various times during the week – these are announced over our public address system.

Smoking areas

If you smoke, you are permitted to do so only in our clearly signposted areas outside the terminal. Smoking is banned by law in enclosed public spaces in Scotland – this includes all terminal buildings at Glasgow Airport.

Individuals smoking outwith these areas are liable to receive a fixed penalty fine of £50.

Please note that electronic cigarettes cannot be used within the Glasgow Airport terminal buildings. 


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