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Blazing a trail when it comes to music, sport and culture, Manchester brims with attitude and innovation. It’s long been at the forefront of social change – the suffragette movement has its roots in the city, parts of the communist manifesto were written here, and it’s even claimed that the world’s first computer was a Mancunian invention. Today’s bars, restaurants and arts venues help it draw comparison with big-name world cities, but it remains a place apart.

Making music

With a heritage that includes The Smiths, The Stone Roses, Oasis and New Order, Manchester has for decades stood as one of the UK’s most influential musical cities. Local operators Manchester Music Tours give visitors the chance to see landmarks relating to key bands and artists, from the Gallagher brothers’ rehearsal room to Morrissey’s old house. To check out the next big thing, call in at authentic live music venues such as Night & Day (26 Oldham Street).  

A sporting soul

With ManchesterCity now rivalling Manchester United as the city’s number one football team, the destination finds itself with two huge global sporting brands. Both clubs’ stadiums offer tours, but more rewarding still is a visit to the excellent NationalFootballMuseum (UrbisBuilding, CathedralGardens) – it’s free, too. On another sporting note, Manchester is also home to the National Cycling Centre (Stuart Street), where sessions on the Olympic-standard track can be pre-booked.  

Old and new

A city break to Manchester from Glasgow Airport shines a light on somewhere with a proud history and a confident present. Heritage sites like the Victorian Gothic masterpiece of the John Rylands Library (150 Deansgate) evoke the destination’s past, while attractions such as arts centre Cornerhouse (70 Oxford Street) are emblematic of Manchester’s ongoing creativity – part-gallery and part-cinema, its patrons include Danny Boyle. 

Activities in Manchester

Flight Schedule

Flights departing from Glasgow to Manchester

Dep Arr To Airline No. M T W T F S S Dates
06:35 07:40 MAN Flybe BE341 01/04/19-15/02/20
06:55 08:00 MAN Flybe BE341 11/02/19-26/03/19
08:10 09:15 MAN Flybe BE341 14/02/19-28/03/19
08:15 09:20 MAN Flybe BE341 15/02/19-29/03/19
08:20 09:25 MAN Flybe BE341 13/02/19-27/03/19
09:00 10:05 MAN Flybe BE343 16/02/19-30/03/19
10:40 11:45 MAN Flybe BE343 12/02/19-26/03/19
13:15 14:20 MAN Flybe BE343 25/05/19-21/09/19
14:40 15:45 MAN Flybe BE345 11/02/19-25/03/19
14:55 16:00 MAN Flybe BE345 31/03/19-16/02/20
19:00 20:05 MAN Flybe BE347 12/02/19-26/03/19
20:40 21:45 MAN Flybe BE345 13/02/19-29/03/19

Flights departing from Manchester to Glasgow

Dep Arr From Airline No. M T W T F S S Dates
06:35 07:45 MAN Flybe BE340 14/02/19-28/03/19
06:40 07:50 MAN Flybe BE340 15/02/19-29/03/19
06:45 07:55 MAN Flybe BE340 13/02/19-27/03/19
07:35 08:35 MAN Flybe BE342 16/02/19-30/03/19
09:05 10:10 MAN Flybe BE342 01/04/19-15/02/20
09:30 10:40 MAN Flybe BE342 11/02/19-26/03/19
11:40 12:50 MAN Flybe BE342 25/05/19-21/09/19
13:25 14:30 MAN Flybe BE344 26/05/19-22/09/19
16:35 17:45 MAN Flybe BE346 17/02/19-24/03/19
16:40 17:45 MAN Flybe BE346 12/02/19-26/03/19
17:05 18:10 MAN Flybe BE346 31/03/19-16/02/20
19:05 20:15 MAN Flybe BE344 13/02/19-29/03/19
20:45 21:50 MAN Flybe BE348 30/05/19-30/05/19
20:45 21:55 MAN Flybe BE348 11/02/19-25/03/19

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