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Almeria is one of Andalusia’s hidden coastal gems, with an unspoilt coastline, nature reserves, mountain views, and delicious culinary experiences. This enchanting city which is often over-looked offers a quieter, gastronomic, and culturally rich get-away in the Spanish sun.

Almeria Fortress

Almeria is home to the Moorish palace Alcazaba, one of the most magnificent and historic structures of the city. Alcazaba is the biggest of the citadels built by Arabs in Spain, and dramatically overlooks the city from a hilltop. This fortress and the surrounding area have been host to various famous films over the years such as Conan the Barbarian, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, and The Sindone. So if you are a movie buff, you can explore the citadel and the local vicinity.

Serene Seaside

Life by the sea in Almeria consists of lapping shores, warm breezes, and the trifecta of sunshine, sangria and seafood along the coast. Tranquillity, soft sands and ambient nature reserves will set the tone for your easy-going and restful holiday in sunny Spain.

Natural landscapes

Almeria is host to mountains reefs and Europe’s only desert, The Tabernas! Because of this, Almeria is one of the driest and warmest places in the whole of Europe, having an annual temperature that doesn’t dip below 19 degrees and just 200 milimetres of rainfall per year! Meaning you can enjoy the sunshine for longer.

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