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Celtic vs. Cluj

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Celtic Vs. Cluj Champions League Football Match

The countdown is on to the highly anticipated Celtic versus Cluj Champions League football match and if you are travelling for the game we have everything you need to ensure your journey is as quick, convenient and cost-effective as possible! The match is set to take place in Cluj on Wednesday 7th of August 2019 and there are multiple routes to reach Cluj when you fly from Glasgow Airport. 

Although there are no direct flights from Glasgow to Cluj there are multiple flight connection options available to you to ensure your travels from Glasgow Airport to Cluj-Napocca are fast, flexible and reliable. Check out some flights flying out of Glasgow Airport on Tuesday 6th August and returning on Thursday 8th August:

The fastest routes:

Fly Glasgow to London Stansted, London Luton to Cluj – Napocca this flight has two stops and is the shortest route available with a total journey time of 9 hours 5 mins at £520 return* and a travel time of 7 hours and 20 mins on its return (via London Southend) on Thursday 8th August. 

Followed by Glasgow to Brussels , Brussells to Cluj - Napocca this flight has two stops on the outbound flight lasting 7 hours and 15min and three stops on the way back, totalling 9 hours and 40 mins and costing just £706 return*.

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The cheapest routes:

Glasgow  to Birmingham, Birmingham to Cluj - Napocca  – this flight has one stop and is the cheapest route available at £286* but with a total journey duration of an eye-watering 14 hours and 25 mins out and 14 hours and 35 mins on the way back.

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Needing to find a hotel during your stay?

Glasgow Airport have partnered with who have everything covered to help you find the perfect hotel which suits all your needs during your stay in Cluj. Whether you are looking for accommodation that is budget-friendly and comfortable or lavish and luxurious, there are plenty of hotels available to accommodate you.

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*Prices and flights are subject to change and availability and are correct as of the time of issue on the 1st August 2019.