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GBP = 1065.00 EUR

Are you travelling with Flybe and looking to park while you are away? Book official Glasgow Airport Parking online today for the best parking rates.

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What parking options are available to me?

Fast track Parking

With Fast Track parking you can’t park any closer to the main terminal making this a popular parking option for many of our passengers. You can easily park your car on a selected floor and take the enclosed walkway from the car park directly into the main terminal where you will find yourself right at priority security. This parking selection offers you the quickest and easiest way to park and reach your gate in no time.

Why book Fast Track Parking?

  • Book Fast track parking and gain free priority security access to get to your gate as quick as possible.
  • Glasgow Airport Parking has 24 hour security
  • Roofed sheltered parking
  • Premium access to the airport terminal from car park
  • Closest parking option to Glasgow Airport’s main terminal
  • Pre-book online before arrival for a guaranteed Fast-Track space
  • On-site Airport parking cannot be purchased cheaper anywhere else
  • No credit/debit card fees
  • Purchases can be modified, cancelled and refunded up to 24-hours before you are due to arrive.

 Short Stay Parking

Whether you are travelling for quick business trip, a short getaway, waving farewell to your loved ones, or on collection duty as they return, short stay parking is perfect for a quick Airport visit. You can park your car in our undercover short stay car park and walk straight into the main terminal building, which is ideal for a rainy day.  Book online today for the best parking deals and short stay rates.

Why book Short Stay Parking?

  • You can’t get any closer to Glasgow Airport’s main terminal check-in desks
  • Staffed 24-hours a day you can be reassured your car is safe all day and night
  • With Short Stay parking you have the option of indoor multi-storey parking or external parking.

Long Stay Parking

Are you planning to be away for a longer period of time? Only a 5-minute courtesy bus journey from the airport’s main terminal the long stay car park is easy to access and fits all your parking needs if when away for a longer duration. With 24 hour security and open 24 hours a day this gives you peace of mind the whole time you are away.

Why book Long Stay Parking?

  • Brilliant parking rates - only £49.99 for 1-week Long Stay parking
  • Car Park Helpline 0345 050 7080
  • 24-hour security for guaranteed peace of mind
  • A short, less than 5 minute bus journey to the Airport’s main terminal

About Flybe 

Flybe offers the largest number of UK services than any other local airline consequently ranking impressively as the largest independent regional airline across Europe. This low-cost airline is very successful offering 149 services, flying to 62 destinations operating out of 9 different countries across Europe. Flying up to 7 million passengers a year, Flybe is a brilliant, reliable and low-cost airline helping to get you on your way whatever the destination.

Book online parking today and ensure your journey is smooth from start to finish.

Why Choose to Park at Glasgow Airport?


It's easy and convenient

You can't park closer to the airport terminal plus, it's a hassle-free experience when you arrive.


It's safe

Glasgow Airport's car parks are monitored by CCTV and have regular security patrols to ensure your vehicle remains safe and secure.


It's affordable

With the best rates online for parking next to Glasgow Airport, 8 days holiday parking starts from just £49.99 or 15 days from £69.99.  


Electric charging points

Car Park 1 has 6 electric charging points available for use. 


Flat battery or tyre when you get back to your car? We can fix it.

Parking Roll-up Prices


Long Stay

Long stay parking is the best option for holidays or longer trips. 

Running every 10-15 minutes, our courtesy bus will take you to the airport terminal in under 5 minutes. 

Duration Price
0 - 30 min FREE
1 day £27.00
2 days £39.00
3 days £44.00
4 days £50.00
5 days £55.00
Each day thereafter £10

Prices effective from 1st May 2018.


Short Stay

Perfect for jetting off on a short trip.

Duration  Car Park 1 Multi-Storey Car Park 2
Up to 20 min n/a £3.00
Up to 60 min £6.00 £6.00
Up to 90 min n/a £11.00
Up to 2 hours £12.50 £12.50
Up to 3 hours £15.00 £15.00
Up to 4 hours £21.00 £21.00
Up to 24 hours £36.00 £36.00
Up to 48 hours £57.00 £57.00
Every 24 hours thereafter  £26 per day or part thereof per day £26 per day or part thereof per day

Prices effective 6th July 2019.



The quickest way to get to your gate. Includes Fast Track Security.

Duration  Fast Track
1 day  £42.00
2 days  £75.00
3 days  £103.00
4 days  £133.00
Each day thereafter  £35.00

Prices effective 6th July 2019.

Pick up Drop Off.jpg

Pick Up and drop off

Ideal for very short stays to pick up a colleague, family or friends. If you need to wait longer than 10 minutes then use the Long Stay Car Park for 30 minutes free stay. 

Duration  Cost
Up to 10 minutes  £2.00
11 - 15 minutes  £4.00
16 - 20 minutes  £6.00
21 - 30 minutes  £10.00
31 - 60 minutes  £30.00

Prices effective 30th December 2017

No change of pricing in 2018.


If you pre-book, you are always guaranteed a space - our car parks can get busy during peak times. Pre-booking offers a seamless, paperless transactions; just turn up and park thanks to our automatic number plate recognition system.