Pick-up and drop-off

Glasgow Airport’s new dedicated quick pick-up and drop-off facility located directly opposite the main check-in hall is now open. All drivers dropping off or picking up passengers should use the new area and there will be a new road layout to access it. A fee is being introduced for dropping off (£2 for 10 minutes). This drop off fee is new. A fee to pick up has been in place since 2010.

You can view a map of our current road layout here. This includes the location of our long stay car park where customers can wait for free for up to 30 minutes. A free shuttle bus between the car park and the main terminal building operates every 10 – 15 minutes and takes approximately five minutes.

Frequently asked questions

We have put a list of questions and answers together on the new pick-up and drop-off facility.

Q) When is the new pick-up and drop-off facility being introduced? 

A) The new pick-up and drop-off facility will open at the end of April 2017.


Q) Why is the new system being introduced? 

A) The airport is busier than it’s ever been before and there simply isn’t enough room for all those who want to pick up and drop off passengers. The current drop off system was becoming dangerous and people were also abusing the drop off area by parking there.


Q) How will the new scheme be an improvement?

A) The new layout and dedicated quick pick-up/drop-off area will be safer as it’s been purpose built to handle the amount of traffic using the airport: more people will be able to pick up and drop off at the same time. The new area will be completely undercover and is directly opposite the main terminal.


Q) How much will I have to pay?

A) The pick-up/drop-off area is designed to be used quickly. Drivers should aim to be in and out within 10 minutes, which costs £2. It gets more expensive the longer drivers wait in the area to discourage drivers from using the area for extended periods and to free up the space for other people. The area is meant for drivers who can guarantee they will be finished using the area within 10 minutes.

The full charges to use the quick pick-up/drop-off area will be:

Up to 10 minutes: £2
11-15 minutes: £4
16-20 minutes: £6
21-30 minutes: £10
31-60 minutes: £40
61 minutes on: £30 for every 30 minutes thereafter

Q) What happens if I think I’ll need more than 10 minutes?

A) If drivers need more that 10 minutes they should use Car Park 2 (straight across from the terminal) which is £3 for 20 minutes and £6 for up to an hour.


Q) How will it work?

A) As cars enter the quick pick-up/drop-off area their number plates will be read automatically. When cars arrive at the exit barrier their number plates are read again and the charge is calculated. Drivers then pay at one of the three barriers using cash or credit/debit cards (chip & pin or contactless) without needing to get out of the car. The machines are programmed to use the old and new £1 coins. Drivers can also use Apple Pay and change machines will also be available.


Q) Is the Taxi Pick Up point changing?

A) No, taxis will continue to pick up in Car Park 2 in the same area they currently use.  They can drop off in either facility.


Q) Will taxis have to pay?

A) All vehicles have to pay to use the quick drop-off/pick-up area. Taxis may add the pick-up and drop-off charge onto fares depending on their Tariff Scale allowed by their Control Authority. 


Q) Is there a free option?

A) There is a free drop-off and pick-up area at the long-stay car park off Arran Avenue to the north west of the terminal. Customers can park for free for up to 30 minutes and there will be a shuttle bus which will run every 10 minutes and take about five minutes to get to and from the terminal. It’ll run 24 hours a day.


Q) Will disabled drivers have to pay to use the pick-up/drop-off area?

A) Drivers with a blue badge should use the short stay car park (Car Park 2) opposite the terminal building where they will continue to get up to 30 minutes free parking.


Q) If a flight is delayed will I have to pay the charge for picking up a passenger?

A) The area is meant for drivers who can guarantee that they’ll be ready to leave within 10 minutes. Customers should check the status of flights before leaving for the airport. If in doubt, it’s best to use the short stay car park rather than the pick-up/drop-off area. Our advice is to wait in the Free Waiting area until your passenger has left the arrival area.

Methods of payment

A range of payment methods have been introduced at the new facility for your convenience.

PUDO payment methods

Drivers using the new facility will make payment at the exit barriers using a number of methods including:

  • Coins ranging from 10p to £2, including the new £1 coin
  • Magstripe
  • Chip and pin
  • Contactless payment
  • Apple Pay

Change machines are also located in the pick-up and drop-off facility.  


Did you know?

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